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  1. oh no! that should not happen. I need to look into this and fix it. Thanks for the info!
  2. just type [CTRL] für "Ü" and CTRL A for Ä and CTRL O for Ö it says so directly above the line where you enter the destination.
  3. holybeejeezus! 14 minutes! OK, your strategy clearly works. At a certain point the time intervals don't get shorter, and I thought that is fast enough. Obviously not fast eneough for some gamers... 🙂 Or the Florida Flamingos in Miami are sturdier than other Flamingos elsewhere. Maybe they take something to stay awake longer Let's call Miami Vice to inquire. I wish I could do such cool music like the Miami Vice theme as title music. But my music knowledge is soooo limited, it even took me a while to copy the Brahms notes into something the ATARI could work with.
  4. - this is definitely not the right strategy 🙂. What is you highscore? -blinks: have to look into that. -Time/NTSC: probably not, as I did it in PAL. To be honest, no idea how to do that.
  5. Hi folks, here is my second entry to the 2020 ABBUC software contest. Have fun keeping the flamingos on their legs! Best, Florian PS I am curious how long you can keep the flamingos on their feet. Please post your highscores. FLAMINGO.atr
  6. such a BEAUTIFUL design! PCBs are usually rectangular, with perpendicular lines. And now, ladies and gentlemen, bow deep down and see this beautyful MultiJoy HUB! Applause to the designer! It is even more astonishing, as he only started to learn PCB-CAD (which is difficult enough). Keep on the good work!
  7. Here is the download for Agent B.R.D. for all those who didnt recieve it as ABBUC members on the quarterly disk. The competition is over, Agent B.R.D. made it rank 3! Thank you to all voters supporting my game. for a translation of the text on the screens visible in the game, please look above in entry #9. AGENTBRD.atr
  8. More news. Here is the Reference Card for the game. (finally I found a perfect use for this fanfold postcard paper 🙂)
  9. …and I wondered why I have soooo many copies of the game "LEFT CARTRIDGE"
  10. Hello Yautja, the translation to Spanish is already done, thank you for your offer. Update: DE, NL, FR, ES, IT, RU, PL, CZ: all done and completed. Final layout of the booklet:
  11. very very very addictive game! OK, just one more try...
  12. an absolute beautyful piece of software! the background picture is epic! and to hear it was written in (FAST) BASIC astonishes me even more. Yeeez, what power this 40+ year old machine has!
  13. "Agent BRD" was written in Action!, too. As well as "Flagging Flamingos". And my last year entry "Full House Poker".
  14. Update! Secret service intelligence reports state that I now have support for the following languages (besides the completed DE, NL, PL, FR): Czech/CZ (complete) Russian/RU (complete) Italian/IT (in the making) Spanish/ES (in the making) Any other volunteers/languages? There are still some pages left in the booklet!
  15. for all those English speaking folks who can't wait: here's the TELEX in English. Please bear in mind I cannot publish the game to wider public before the end of the ABBUC software contest (mid November). All the ABBUC members should receive (or already have received) a copy of all the contest entries (including mine) with the quarterly magazine. All the others have to wait. But look at it in a positive way 🙂! It isn't vaporware, it does exist, and the publishing date is fixed(!). Agent BRD Telex EN.pdf
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