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  1. Seems there website retronics.eu has not been working for sometime.
  2. I would be interested in one if you still have any left. Thanks.
  3. Hi, What model is that Dell LCD? Does it work well as far as not distorting/stretching the image in any way? How do you have it connected to you Atari? S-video, Converter box to vga? or? Thanks
  4. What model Sony CRT do you have there? Is it a Broadcast quality one 17"? Thanks
  5. Id also like to see what you have left for sale and the prices.
  6. Picked up a working 820 printer a week ago off eBay for a decent price.
  7. Incredible this sold for over $800 USD on Ebay! Didnt know this was such a rare item in such demand. Tried to get it but was outbid fast.
  8. Hi, The images are all broken. Where can I find STL files so I can print shells for my r-time 8 carts?
  9. Please put me down for one Lynx II cart. Thanks
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