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  1. Thanks for getting back to me, I already have a copy of fireworks factory and love it. Dont see any reason to get fireman as its an early version of a superior game. I had a gunch they were related
  2. Recently saw "Fireman" being advertised on Collectorvisions website as an upcoming game. Couldn't find much info on it anywhere but it looks very similar to the previously released Fireworks Factory. Is this the same game or just similar games? Thanks
  3. With all the homebrewing going on hopefully we'll be lucky enough to have someone pick this up and finish one day...
  4. Too bad I would have taken it...thanks for the reply
  5. I actually have a loose copy of bounty bob and that's fine with me. Still looking for Bristles. I have the other 4 first star games but I've yet to get my hands on this one
  6. Looking for Bristles if you have it?...
  7. Yea I agree with you 100%. I love playing it in the arcades as well and it's one game that gets overlooked. Never played the apple version, but always loved the colecovision version. At least that port had 3 of the 4 screens where as most of the others only had two. Hopefully someone can find a way to get that 4th screen put in and tweak the graphics a bit and I'd be down for a copy
  8. Would love to see a arcade faithful conversion of Congo Bongo with all 4 screens. The Colecovision version is the best home port despite missing one screen but it would be nice to play it on the coleco complete.
  9. The Gorf artwork is sick, really nice work. Even more importantly cant wait to play the game, I'm sure the galaxian level thats missing from every other home version will be present which would make it the best home port of an all time classic. Keep up the awesome work !
  10. Sounds good. Enjoy the holidays!
  11. Ok great let me know when and where to make payment. Ty!
  12. I'll take 2 paddle controllers if you have any left
  13. Neogeoman

    Venture 5200

    I'm down for a 5200 copy of Venture if and when it comes out. If its anything like the A800 version it'll be one of the best home ports and will bury the colecovision port
  14. Ok sounds good I received the initial email friday and replied immediately so hopefully I'll get the one with the payment info soon. Thanks
  15. Should I send the money for the 2 games to your paypal account with your name on it?
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