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  1. Yea I know the feeling, especially when alot of the homebrews and fan made games are made in limited numbers
  2. Jan is a good guy and a man of his word. Hes hard at work putting these games together. As long as you make it known you want one you'll eventually get one and he will get back to you once he has the time. I know it's hard to be patient when something new and exciting comes out believe me I know
  3. Yea I'm not sure if it's the coleco that's the problem or the cart itself. I know this is a game where you have to explore so when the screen went black but still had the music playing in the background I thought I needed a candle or flashlight to light up the room but after watching YouTube gameplay footage this is not the case. Simply going to the right the next screen should load and mine isnt. Will try it on the Phoenix, if it happens on that system I know it's the cart. I have no other issues with any of my other games and my original Colecovision
  4. I've just started playing Suite Macabre on my original Colecovision with the super game module installed. Not sure if it's the game or if I'm doing something wrong but when I get to the 3rd screen, when going to the right from the home screen, I lose the picture as it completley goes to a black screen while the music continues to play in the background. This continued to happen no matter how many times I shut the game off and on again ior reinserted the cart. Haven't tried it on my PHOENIX yet to see if the problem continues but has anyone else experienced this? I thought I may need to find an item like a flashlight to continue but watching game play footage on YouTube all you need to do is walk to the right.
  5. Thanks for getting back to me Al I just got your email. I know you're super busy thanks for taking the time!
  6. I already received my Jaguar preorders and I love them. Any update on the 2600/5200/7800 preorders? Just curious to know when they'll be going out? Thanks
  7. Got my package today and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved at Collectorvision...you guys hit it out of the park with the 2 games. Exceeded my expectations by a mile and cannot wait to play them. I'm a member for life!!
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