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  1. That seller is out of his mind, I'd like to have some of whatever he's smoking
  2. I have an original run copy of Switchblade, what bug are you talking about that will be taken out of the next run?
  3. Like I said I guess I hit a nerve sorry to hurt your feelings. Other people should know what they're getting into
  4. Yea repos are from the repo man glad you figured that out on your own. Most REPRODUCTIONS for most systems do use original boards from donor carts but some cheaply made one use new boards that can damage your system and spread the consoles connector terminals. I seem to hit a nerve so sorry if I criticized your handy work. Just looking out for other gamers so they know there is a possibility a reproduction cartridge can damage your system
  5. Its hit or miss in regards to repos being safe or not for your system. With the NES//SNES and Genesis you should always use a pass through such as a game genie when playing repos as that's what I do. Without a pass through you can spread your consoles connectors as some repo boards have different witdhs and some do have different voltage which will give a slow death to your console. I dont think there is any pass thru for the jaguar so proceed with caution. I tend to steer clear of jaguar repos because of this. Hope this helps
  6. Still the smoothest one to date Gaz and regardless they're always worth the wait!
  7. I sold mine a while back for 150. I wasn't crazy about it because I always thought the dip switches were a pain. Once I got my hands on the menu driven multicart it pretty much sealed the fate for this one. It's easier to pick games and has more of them. This cart was an earlier one, probably made by Sean kelly. I wouldn't take less than 100
  8. Black Widow would be killer on the 5200...here's to hoping!
  9. Yea the turbo grafx 16 game and atari st version look dramatically different, it seems the 16 version got a facelift and makeover. I believe the gameplay is somewhat different but the turbo version has its shares of control problems and erratic collision detection. The ST version plays much better
  10. You would be correct, it's just Robotron and Space Dungeon...it was made to better mimic the control of the arcade machines
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