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  1. Hey all, I'm getting back into Intellivision after a lot of years. I had great fondness for Miner 2049er on the Apple //e, so I ordered @nanochess's version from Elektronite in the 2049er/Old School/Boulder Dash bundle. Those carts (along with Hover Bovver) got sent out with alacrity, so now I've got a pile of them here. Unfortunately, I'm between consoles right now; until 2–3 of them arrive in the next week or so (I'm having difficulty with some eBay purchases, whose sellers may have died or something since creating their auctions), I can't play with them directly. However, today an Atarimax Maxflash arrived with the Intellivision dumping adapter—h/t Steve Tucker—so I thought I would simply dump the cartridge ROMs and start playing them on jzIntv. Unfortunately, the ROM images I'm creating with the Maxflash are sending jzIntv off into the weeds. The software and Maxflash firmware are all updated, so their senescence isn't the problem. My question: Is this a design feature of the Elektronite carts? I would like to have the Elektronite carts as ROMs for my (also recently arrived) LTO Flash! and jzIntv, but I get it if they're somehow purposely mangling the dump. I don't have old carts at the moment to test the Maxflash on, so I also want to make sure that it's working correctly. Do y'all have any thoughts on the matter? A few years ago I gave my old Intellivision 2609 to my sister for her kids, with about 60 carts. (She and I used to play with it as kids, with the initial outlay generously provided by our parents.) I think I want to get all of it back, at least the carts, so I'll try to distract my nephews with the Flashback while I steal my old boxes from them. Also, I have a fair amount of (low- and high-level) programming experience, and I'm hoping to join the developers here in making interesting new games for the Intellivision. Cheers.
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