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  1. Thanks for the update!
  2. Time to break out my Krok Cart. This should work on it right?
  3. Can someone seed? Ive got a Fiber connection and can help..
  4. Hi, I use a krokodile cart for my games. I have been using it a bunch lately, and i have a question about replacing/modding the unit. Ive already upgraded the video card & simulated stereo sound with svideo and stereo rca, that was an easy mod. Looks and plays great on my plasma. My main concern is that i am worried that my on/off switch will go bad. Has anyone bypassed the on/off witch with a softer toggle/ momentary switch. The original switches are soo 'hard' for the lack of better term. TIA
  5. If anyone needs help with getting the adapter to work, look under about this mac. Should get this under the usb section: Keyspan USA-19H : Product ID: 0x0121 Vendor ID: 0x06cd Version: 1.00 Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Keyspan, a division of InnoSys Inc. Location ID: 0xfd530000 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 100
  6. Works great! Created a multicart 4k no issue. 11/12/09 7:01:51 PM [0x0-0x1fd1fd].com.yourcompany.KrokCom[4849] Setting NTSC multicart menu type. 11/12/09 7:01:51 PM [0x0-0x1fd1fd].com.yourcompany.KrokCom[4849] Multicart has 17 menu entries. 11/12/09 7:01:51 PM [0x0-0x1fd1fd].com.yourcompany.KrokCom[4849] Writing to file: '/Users/joe/MC4K.a26' ... wrote out 73728 bytes 11/12/09 7:01:51 PM [0x0-0x1fd1fd].com.yourcompany.KrokCom[4849] Reading from file: '/Users/joe/MC4K.a26' ... read in 73728 bytes 11/12/09 7:01:51 PM [0x0-0x1fd1fd].com.yourcompany.KrokCom[4849] Bankswitch type: MC4K (auto-detected) 11/12/09 7:01:51 PM [0x0-0x1fd1fd].com.yourcompany.KrokCom[4849] Cartridge is valid. 11/12/09 7:02:13 PM [0x0-0x1fd1fd].com.yourcompany.KrokCom[4849] Normal download mode, 288 / 288 sectors are changed. This was the console log.. Thanks Stephana!
  7. Do an 'about this mac' and save it to txt file. Send me a pm to email it to me. Oh, make sure it's plugged in first.
  8. Sorry Stephana, My powersupply for my Atari appears bad, so I cant get my krok cart to work. Anxiously waiting delivery of my replacement. Ill get back asap..
  9. Wow. Looks great on OS X! IS that running the same unix code? This is truly great news to hear... (and congrats on the 27 incher. i envy you)
  10. If you need more testers, let me know. Love to test stuff!
  11. I'll take that icon & did a GUI version come out?
  12. Stephana, Looks great!
  13. Stephana, Most definitely. I will contact you over on Sourceforge project site to see if I can help you.
  14. I had always wanted to add a gui front end wrapper to Darrell's (Aka Spiceware) KrokCom for the Mac. Maybe Ill get enough time since the summer is over. Especially if we get a Universal or Intel binary
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