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  1. That makes you wonder just how much stuff like this gets tossed to the curb.
  2. Halo 5 Gears Ultimate Edition
  3. Ordered a filthy, non working spice orange GBA.
  4. Decided to grab a group photo of my tabletop games while rearranging some things. These have become one of my favorite things to collect recently I've started picking them up whenever I see them for a decent price.
  5. 9 times out of 10, there's nothing, or if there is, it's obscenely priced. Their auction cherry pickers have been slacking lately.
  6. I'd pretty much written off ever finding anything again at goodwill, since they seem to cherry pick video games for their auction site. Since finding Gauntlet for the GameCube a few weeks back for 2 bucks, I figured I should hit them every now and then. Nothing major here, other than actually finding cartridge games, which i haven't seen there in years. Prices were 2-3 bucks per game.
  7. I tried it today. Very Tetris 99. I like it
  8. I went full 850 degrees and only held it on for a few seconds. The cable seems pretty resistant to heat
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