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  1. Decided I didn't like the woodgrain as much as I thought I did...
  2. Have that same switcher. Does a great job.
  3. How's the quality on the insecticons? I've actually got them on the way here from China.
  4. I've bought a couple of these knockoffs and they're all very decent and look great displayed. I wouldn't mind picking up that black OP at some point.
  5. Not a game, but picked up a Chinese "reissue" off of ebay.
  6. He'll send it. He's not known for quick turn around or being responsive to email, but he always sends what you ordered, usually later than the timeframe he gives.
  7. Picked this up for 6 bucks today. Sold as untested, but actually works perfectly.
  8. Saw someone mention rescue mission above. That is a good one. Kind of like an unofficial sequel to choplifter.
  9. Try testing the cord for continuity. One end of the mm at the solder points inside the controller, the other at the plug.
  10. Try testing the cord with a mm if you have one.
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