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  1. I use the hyperkin adapter for my DC and couldn't be happier with how good it looks.
  2. And after a teardown, cleaning and lubricating, there was a practically new trackball controller under 40 years of hand cheese.
  3. Personally, I think the best option is the Edladdin adapter and genesis controller of your choice.
  4. Be patient, you'll find a twin for well under 100 speed. You can expect any twin or stand alone disk drive to have a broken belt, unless specifically listed as being refurbished, which will up the price. Outside of the belt, there's really no other major known issues with either.
  5. Look into a sharp twin. One unit, less bs.
  6. Actually bought this several weeks ago, but installed today.
  7. Threw out a pretty low ball best offer for a "worked before going into storage" 5200 trackball and the seller accepted, surprisingly. Hopefully it still works. Best case, it's definitely going to need a teardown and cleaning.
  8. Yeah, I love the color. I bought the component cables new back in the day. I'm hoping i still have them stored somewhere. Outside of that, it's a pretty easy mod to add a region switch, so I'll be doing that.
  9. I find most games to be unplayable with the stock controllers. I could get used to using them, but I honestly have no desire to. I have a MP clone on order.
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