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  1. I like the feel of the micro switched stick. Can't say I'm a fan of the side mounted button
  2. Is Ikonsgr not making his adapter anymore? That's the go to solution imo.
  3. Or just use the what's-his-face adapter to use a genesis controller.
  4. Wonder if he ever bought one??? The only thing I have to add to this old thread is find another option for the controller. No matter how well the original controller has been refurbished, it's still a steaming pile of dogshit.
  5. Knocked out a couple 360 games this week. Left 4 Dead Gears of War 2
  6. I'd love a zeppelin pin. Unfortunately, I can't see dropping 8-9k on what looks like an unremarkable machine.
  7. It's a great, underrated game. Plays faster than the average widebody
  8. I agree, it doesn't suck. It works quite well, actually. Their customer service however, is garbage.
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