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  1. Guess since this was bumped, I should post some new pictures... Unfortunately, I never did get the basement finished. With the recent hike in lumber and supplies, it wasn't doable. Hopefully I'll get on it over the winter now that prices are dropping.
  2. Yeah, misread your post the first time around.
  3. Yeah, a buddy of mine is running his Series X through a CX and he talked me into going this route. So far, I'm loving the C1. I almost went with a QLED and am glad I didn't.
  4. So far, it does. Colors and black levels are pretty amazing. I haven't hooked the Series X up yet. That'll be the real test.
  5. Probably be my last post in here for a while, since I blew my wad on this thing...
  6. In guessing because that led is annoyingly bright
  7. That shit annoys me to no end. The post office will even give you a free box
  8. So far, everything seems to work after a good cleaning. Those batteries are spot welded to the connectors. I have no idea what they would've done to these carts to actually break them loose.
  9. Not only dirty, but abused to the point that the button cell battery in several of these came loose and was rattling around inside the carts
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