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  1. I like the ninja balls from ball baron. Balls.
  2. I did the same. Had mine in about a week. And it was only a few bucks more that the US pre-order
  3. So, the wife and I moved into a bigger house late last year. The whole quarantine thing has given me some time to work on finishing the basement. The gaming/home theater section is done, minus the flooring, which we'll do at the end. The pins and arcade section is getting drywall this week.
  4. Anyone ever put one of these in some kind of enclosure?
  5. I've found the FDS to be rock solid ONCE you replace the belt and get it calibrated. It's the cheap rubber belt and the cumbersome calibration process that give the system a bad name.
  6. I received mine today. Works beautifully. Thanks for making these.
  7. Ordered a few gamecube replacement analog sticks. Ditching that stupid yellow nub is a huge improvement, especially for fps.
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