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  1. Hello, I am looking for a cartridge port adapter to be able to play interton vc 4000 games on a radofin 1292 console. Can the adapter you propose -I didn't understand everything sorry- do it please? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I would like to install and use a C programming environment for ColecoVision on windows 10. I found a website that tries to explain it: http://www.colecovision.eu/ColecoVision/development/tutorial0.shtml And here... pffff. I installed a tool called SDCC. I get a folder with several other folders (bin, lib...): ok. Then the site talks about an archive to download for the Colecovision library. But it contains everything too, some folders are different : libcv... Which folder should we keep? Do we need both? : ah well no. The Make command is not recognized by the windows command interpreter. I don't know how to correct this problem. If only programmers were so good at teaching, it would be so much more appreciable. Surely many of them must have installed this kit. But I can't do it. Thanks
  3. Hello, My answer is very late and will probably not be very useful... The trimpot (potentiometer) on the SECAM video card of the French colecovision is used to adjust the colors (saturation and luminosity). It is sometimes necessary to adjust it because it seems to go out of adjustment with time. On my coleco, I had a blue background instead of black and the colors were quite bland. It is corrected with this manipulation.
  4. Okay. I bought a new DIN - USB 5V cable and it works fine. The atari does not seem to have suffered... Thanks for your help.
  5. Hello, It's a pity that the pictures and the explanations are so unclear... I don't understand much, but the MOD board has only 3 components. Would it be possible to have a summary electrical diagram with the exact connections to be made on the console please? The schematic proposed above has many more components and the connections to the console are not all explained (for example, what is the light blue wire on the picture of the assembly?)
  6. Ok, it's true 💣 Which new atari-compatible power supply do you advise me to buy please?
  7. Hello, I just found an official atari 800 power supply (the same type) that I had somewhere. I first tested the outputs with a multimeter to make sure it provides 5V... When I turned on the atari with it, well, it works in front of my amazed eyes ! I could not believe it. Well, I think like you that some components have probably been weakened. I just bought some rams in anticipation to change them if necessary. Thanks. Atari will survive! 🤩
  8. Hello, Thanks for your all replies. So I measured the output voltages of the power supply plug. I get a measurement of 7V, which seems too much. According to what I understood, I should have 5V. So, my atari is probably dead. I'll try to find another power supply to test it, but I don't believe it at all 😪 Thanks for your help.
  9. here is a photo of the power supply... (it is the original one delivered with the computer) Do you think it could come from power supply ?
  10. Hello I have a problem with my atari 800 xl (NTSC Revision A2 version) with a UAV card installed on it for 3 years. Everything was working fine ... until yesterday. I wanted to start it (without having touched anything in the cables or anything else ...) and I no longer have an image on the screen (same TV as before), just a variable signal of color bars with constant audio noise. I have the impression that a component may have failed. I have no cartridge or some peripheral component connected. I opened the machine, the card is clean, no visible burnt or broken component. Do you think it would be one of the chemical capacitors in the video part that died? Thanks for your interest. 20210313_142544.mp4
  11. ppj34

    Super famicom sheme

    Okay, I'm answering to myself. I found only the SNES plans, which differs a bit.
  12. Hello, I recently purchased a hanimex pencil 2. Unfortunately, for this computer, information is scarce, except that it would be a colecovision with an added keyboard and a different bios (to simplify what I found on the web). Not having the coleco adapter, I would like to install a second coleco bios on this machine, either in a single eprom (including the two pencil bios - coleco), or by adding a second eprom connected to the machine's motherboard. A switch switch would allow you to choose the bios before turning on the computer. Does anyone have any advice / information for me please?
  13. Hello, I am looking for the electrical diagram of the motherboard of the super famicom SHVC-CPU-01 (Nintendo 1990) but without success. Does anyone have this diagram please? Thank you. Regards
  14. ppj34

    Saba videoplay MOD

    Hi! Thank you very much for your answer. It helped me. After researching DigiKey and other sites, it would appear that the equivalent transistors are the BC549B for the BC848B and the BC559B for the BC858B. For the diode, I have some in reserve of this model.
  15. Hello! I recently bought an old saba videoplay console (equivalent to a fairchild channel I think). As I no longer have an antenna socket, I decided to make a composite video card to connect and test this console. On the web, I found the following electronic diagram. Looking for the right components, I understood that SMD components are used, but they are too small and not suitable for simple mounting on a test mounting plate. So I would like to know what to replace them with. For the resistors and the capacitors, I think it's not complicated, but for the 3 transistors as well as the diode D1, I don't know what to choose. Could someone please let me know?
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