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  1. Im using a really old iPhone using safari. Well Im using an old beige adapter that was for a Atari pong system. I tested this on a 4 switcher and its normal. Its a 9v output and a 120v input. If thats not the problem... Could the Vader system be from over seas?
  2. Do you mean signature from my image? Im not sure what you mean and also I dont know how to delete the double post Im posting using an iPhone and theres no option to delete things.
  3. Oh I dont know why it is double posting?
  4. Hello Im not sure what youre talking about?
  5. Hello, I purchased a Vader system today. After playing with it for 10 minutes with pitfall the screen has slowly turned orange? And then 30 minutes has turned brown? When I turn off the system and turn it back on it is normal or green. Then itll repeat. Is there anyway I can fix this?
  6. i got a rom file with .A26 extension. is there a way i can convert this to BIN? cuz all my stuff is BIN thought i just make it BIN so it'll look cool in my collection. any help appreciated.
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  8. i want to get a perfect score on Kaboom!

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    2. xucaen
    3. DZ-Jay


      @CPUWIZ, what will you do with the guy? Keep him locked up in a tower and force him to reveal the secrets of electro-magnetism to you?

    4. Atarian7


      Good luck to you and me. I have been trying for 999,999 for a long time now.

  9. thank you, thank you, thank you, i never thought about reading the manual lelz. thank you so much!
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