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  1. Every time I play Seaquest or River Raid I get hand cramps 😫 holding down the fire button is a real challenge. I think I’m forming a muscle on my hand 😂 

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    2. ErkTheJerk


      @Rogerpoco hehe I never heard of that before I think Im about to have a permanent “Atari Claw” haha I just bought skyjinks 🥺

    3. Rogerpoco


      OK, was gonna PM, but here ya go, now anyone interested can "know", haha!

      It's tough to do, but you have to let the plane level out for a split second between pylons-

      Don't "just" zigzag left and right on the controller-go right, let the stick settle a split second and go left.

      It's a tough trick to get the hang of, but your Seversky goes just a tad faster if you angle the plane that way.

      There's also a "toe trick" to start the game that can save you a few split seconds, lol, but "get good" first, then I'll explain that one!


      (Using the reset button very efficiently).

      Yeah, being more serious-

      It(Sky Jinks)was one of the first Atari games I "took seriously", and was "new" to the Atari as an Adult-pushed pretty hard to (then) second-place scores at another scoring site, gapped third place on most tracks, but nowhere near the GOAT(OldManG), and it HURT!!!

      Fun, frustrating game tho, underrated, have fun!!!

    4. ErkTheJerk


      @Rogerpoco thanks for the tip! Imma try it out tonight I’m a stay up just playin this game!

  2. Took me 5 hours to reach 1 million on Laser Blast dood it was so tidious I sweated sooo much too omg I was like a fountain.

    1. retrorussell


      That's a game I was able to marathon as well, but boy is it Activision's nadir.  Repetitive, dull and boring.

    2. ErkTheJerk


      @retrorussell this is actually my 3rd time but first time I’ve done it on the Atari 2600 console the other one being the PS2 Activision Anthology. Yes it’s a game of endurance I totally forgot how long it took I don’t think I wanna do this ever again 😂 

    3. Rogerpoco



      That's one I know I CAN do, but haven't.

      My beer helmet is on order, may give it a go then.


  3. Ok so it doesn’t need a switch box there just something wrong with my console thanks for the replies. I probably sell it for parts. 😩
  4. NA I don’t think it’s that. The channel is found. I tried using the channel changer to channel 2 it’s still the same. Here’s a video of it. I was just wondering if it just needed a switch box cuz it didn’t come with one. IMG_4490.MOV
  5. Yes it’s a newer TV. There’s a picture it’s just a loud buzzing sound. But once in awhile it gets staticky.
  6. I’m not sure what you mean. Really a noob here sorry. Well I turned it on again and the picture is ok but there is a really loud buzzing sound.
  7. I’m using the adapter but the picture and sound is static. Could it be something wrong with my console? Or does it just need a switch box?
  8. Does the Atari 5200 2 controller port need a switch box? Can you plug it to your TV using a RF adaptor?
  9. I got the perfect score on Keystone Kapers it took about 3 grinding hours to achieve. When you hit a million the score turns into hats.

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    2. ErkTheJerk


      @Atarian7 you did it by accident hehe congrats

    3. Atarian7


      Thanks.  Congratulations to you too.


    4. Rogerpoco


      I'm impressed, and as is often the case, "confused about my own skills".

      Dolphin was an absolute piece of cake, I learned "how" to do it, then just did it, very possibly my first "educated try".

      I'm Friends/an observer to some of the most skilled players around, and I KNOW Keystone Kapers, tho not a pushover, is perfectly "doable".

      Not me. Nope.

      Usually it's games where I have to shoot at stuff over my head(Space Invaders), and I'm actually decent at "old platformers", and also, a HUGE Activision fan.

      But nope.

      Very Congrats, it gets really quick, personally I think the difficulty of this game is underrated.

  10. (Picture inside) I beat Dolphin! I achieve the maximum points of 300000 which ends in a kill screen text message ending typical of an 80’s style video game. It’s 3am and I was bored.


    1. OldSchoolRetroGamer
    2. Rogerpoco



      Congrats, Man!

  11. Used my 7 dollar eBay bucks and got Popeye for the Atari 2600 for free! (Picture inside)


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    2. Rogerpoco


      Lol, you would know, CVGA-I'm almost sure I got my copy from you!!!


    3. atari2600land


      How did the guy you bought it from get his $7 if you didn't pay him it? Does eBay pay people instead?

    4. ErkTheJerk


      @atari2600land ya I think eBay use their own money if you use eBay bucks

  12. Morning high score... Dolphin: 274420 almost a perfect score! Gettin there!!!

    (picture inside)


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    2. ErkTheJerk


      @Atarian7 yeah it’s odd it has to do with the sound just like a real dolphin. But in the later rounds you’re just jumping over everything.

    3. WhataKowinkydink


      Whoa...!  Nice...!   I had totally forgotten about this game and as it turns out, it was one of my siblings cart - we all got one one year: I got Video Olympics, one sister got River Raid, and the other got Dolphin.  It was up there as one of my favorites too.... can't believe I forgot it.  Thanks for sharing and the reminder of one of the best 2600 games.

    4. Rogerpoco


      Do it, Man!!!

      I know the game well, if you got that high you are obviously playing it "right", jumping the waves-

      If you can get that score, you CAN Max it out, go get it!!!

  13. Quick question is there any difference in difficulty switch A and B on Donkey Kong on the Atari 2600?

    1. D.Yancey


      I don't think the difficulty switch does anything on Donkey Kong. I've never noticed a difference. And it isn't mentioned in the manual either.

    2. ErkTheJerk


      @D.Yancey thanks cuz I notice on highscore.com they have two settings one for A and B for Donkey Kong on the Atari 2600 lulz so I’m confused right now. 

  14. Took me about 50 minutes to achieve the perfect score kill screen on Megamania I haven’t done this in a long time. Yay for me.

    (picture of the screen inside)


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    2. thanatos


      Wow.  I was really good back in the day, but not that good!  I think my record was the 6th or 7th space dice.   Now I can barely get past the first set of diamonds.



    3. ErkTheJerk





      if you can master the horizontal enemies and never die on those levels the best you can you can always gain an extra life. Those levels are easy than the vertical enemies. It takes time and practice. Thanks for the comments!

    4. D.Yancey


      Great Score!! Love Activision Games! https://www.ActivisionPatches.com 


  15. I’m glad orange day is over 😅

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    2. Kiwi


      Orange you glad it isn't a banana.

    3. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Mars orange is gone but smoke-a-lot it is still.

    4. ErkTheJerk


      California wildfire making people stay inside 

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