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  1. If you do decide to sell it PLEASE sell me a controller. I've been after one for a while. That said the consoles come up reasonably on ebay from time to time. Depending on your model there is a page for donor cd rom drives.
  2. Yeah this is the first time a shipment from the UK has taken this long. Not your fault I know but its a nail biter. Mine has been in LANGLEY HWDC since the 24th...BAH
  3. Same. Mine has also been trapped since the 25th.
  4. Yes they do. I have a 1944q, 8041q, and 20L2md. Thanks for all the replies. I'll post up when I get a cable in/make a decision.
  5. Yes I would also like a cd drive at some point even if the sd carts have support. I collect hardware more than games.
  6. Those of you that aren't getting in on the first batch. Maybe you'll get one that cd support is already installed.
  7. What is the best option for an RGB cable for a sony pvm? I live in the United States.
  8. Similar story here. I was getting ready for school to start(science teacher here) and saw the email drop.
  9. Mine said 14 when I started and 24 by the time I finished.
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