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  1. Thanks. That's the intention and I am in talks with brands that I'm sure you'll like The trouble is it's very expensive to get a single model of this detail off the ground so I really need this one to do well enough that I can start the next one, and the next one etc.
  2. Thought you all might be interested in what I’ve been working on for 18 months. I managed to secure an official license and release the first in a collection of games console and home computer miniatures. This first one is the SEGA Mega Drive with more to follow if it proves popular enough. It’s 1:2.3 scale and I’ve made sure that it’s as accurate as possible. Even the cartridge slot is spring loaded and will fit the supplied miniature Sonic cartridge. I know some would prefer that it actually plays games but given how easy it is to play them on other systems I wanted to concentrate on paying homage to the aesthetic and getting it just right (without HDMI and USB ports getting in the way). I also liked the idea of having 15-20 miniatures all on display such as this Mega Drive, the Dreamcast, Vectrex, Amiga, PC Engine* etc without the large space requirement and in some cases the cost of buying rarer systems. The hope is to be the Funko of games consoles and home computers! Anyway, I’m really proud (and exhausted) so just wanted to share. This one is only available in Europe at the moment I’m afraid but I am working on fixing that. More images are here: https://retroelectromodels.com/product/retro-electro-sega-mega-drive-12-3-scale-model/ People have really loved them so far as you can see here: https://twitter.com/Malchedael_67/status/1102598365328691201 *Confirmation of the systems planned are under wraps for legal reasons but I am speaking to some of the largest (and smallest) games console manufacturers, past and present.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'll keep an eye out and maybe try a few car boots.
  4. Last time I looked (a few years back) people were virtually giving away even Trinitron 14" TVs. Now the Sony's are going for over a £100! Anyone know of ones of a similar quality (with RGB Scart) that aren't stupid money?
  5. Yeah, would be great if you could post the results @TheCoolDave. Especially on a gloss finish like the fat PS3! I was reading some reviews on plastic polish type products and a few people posted to say you can get the exact same thing for 80p by just using kitchen cream cleaner so I might give it a go. Think I'll look from some broken Mega Drives on eBay to test it out on.
  6. Anyone know what the best way of making a case look like brand new is? Obviously you can retrobright it to get rid of yellowing and WD40 will polish up the case nicely but I'm look for a way of removing the really fine scratches that show the consoles age? I've heard that using a cream cleaner like cif/jif works as it has micro-particles so acts as a very light abrasive.
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