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  1. is very easily amused.

  2. is very easily amused.

  3. Would you please add a Xonox Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris double-ender to the list? Feel free to PM me for pictures or more info.
  4. Purchased an Atari game from Crazy Climber. It arrived fast and in perfect condition. You can't go wrong dealing with him. Highly recommended!
  5. I'll be there. The last gaming event (okay, only gaming event) I attended was CGE 2002, so I figure I'm due for another.
  6. All items under my name have now been claimed. Would you please update the list?
  7. This one is still available. All others under my name have been claimed. Would you please update the list? Atari 7800 game: Ballblazer
  8. Please add the following to the list (feel free to PM me for pictures or more info): Atari 7800 game: Ballblazer ColecoVision game: Pepper II Front load NES including the following: 2 controllers 1 zapper Nintendo RF switch RC adapter NES Controller: U-Force Atari 2600 game boxes (varying conditions): Big Bird's Egg Catch Burgertime (M Network) Cookie Monster Munch Crossbow Crystal Castles (silver) Dark Chambers Demon Attack (Imagic - picture) Dolphin Frostbite (Activision - standard) Gravitar (red) Joust (silver) Laser Blast Midnight Magic Pitfall! (Activision - blue) Q*bert (Parker Brothers) Quest for Quintana Roo (Telegames) Reactor River Raid II (Activision - special) Road Runner Solaris Space Jockey (U.S. Games) Spider Fighter (Activision - standard) Video Olympics
  9. I know I already posted that my package arrived, but after finally being able to open it, I had to post here again. My SS experience is something I will never forget. Imagine a box the size of a large suitcase. Inside lie a cardboard Long John Silver's hat, mood music to play, a list of instructions, and an unbelievable amount of styrofoam peanuts. What the instructions said is not important here, but they were followed and consequently I was given the gift of fun and laughter. It was the happiest I have been in a very long time. I don't engage in conversations very much here, so I never really felt that much a part of the community. I participated in this event to try and brighten up someone else's holiday. I wish I could do more, but all I can say is Thank You.
  10. I heard that my package from Santa arrived today and am looking forward to opening it when I return home. A big thank you to my Secret Santa. Happy Holidays!
  11. The article is 18 pages long. The images have been sent to wgungfu, so hopefully he can find a place for them.
  12. Scanning the article is no problem, but I have nowhere to post it. Its too long to post here. If someone has a place for it, please let me know and I'll send it to you.
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