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  1. Found a game that crashes in Altirra. Tusker (Mirage) crashes when you press START (F2). Could be a bad crack with protection check missed. If it does not crash on first game start, it will 100% crash after a few goes. TUSKER - UNPROTECTED.zip Tusker.xex
  2. All the carts in the Gamebase were taken from the usual FREE online sources. ;) Limited run HomeBrew carts are harder to find, as the are bought by serious collectors. Some of whom, will never open the box to keep it in mint condition. Stay tuned for v15 of XL GameBase (328 carts). Even the most advanced carts are now cracked into single 'XEX' files for 128k. coming very soon!!!
  3. A 64bit version is available here. https://sourceforge.net/projects/steemsse/files/Steem SSE 4.1/v4.1.1/ readme says "initial release full of bugs" i think being sarcastic.
  4. The data on vectroinx 283 "FOOTBALL.PRG "is TV Sports Football (american football). not Football Simulation. Other group released exact same disk in their compilation. SuperGAU Compilation 870 = Vectronix 283 (TV-Sports Football) TOSEC name fails with compilations like this, as it can't rename same disk with two filenames. unless group adds intro or boot block to disk to make a difference. SuperGAU Compilation 870 -Vectronix 283 (TV-Sports Football).st
  5. Many thanks, I totally forgot about that key combo! i did remember add extra lives and skip levels though. ;) ctrl F ctrl U
  6. Please can someone share knowledge on this compacted version of LodeRunner. the resulting XEX is running way too fast to be playable. What i would like to know... Is the speed problem due to the emulator and unpack code used. *Altirra running in hidden warp mode. or has it been re-compiled with special tools. Is it possible to do a simple byte patch so it runs at the correct speed. *as there are many games packed in this way which run too fast. or maybe what Windows tools to use to unpack and reverse the compile. ... and i don't mean turn down the emulator speed to 60%. here are two versions to compare Correct slow speed & enhanced but running way too fast thanks! Lode Runner.xex Lode Runner (fast).xex
  7. Thanks Paul, The OS version was the problem. When running Altirra it ALWAYS defaulted and selected REV03, no matter what i had chosen. maybe garbage left in the reg from a previous install or the command-line just chooses first or latest rom found. :P changed the script to edit the INI to the path and rom file i want instead. all good now!
  8. I guess a couple of weeks. Just happen to be upto "H". That's why i am here. 😜 Here's a game that i also think has problems with Altirra beta test 400:32. Only the Bit Cruncher version works with OSB. Latest HomeSoft crack for XL and all other disk versions hang on a black screen. Can anyone tell me if it really is an Altirra emulator problem, or correct settings to use??? thanks! Highway_Duel.zip
  9. Just pointing out the same as you really. It will still crash when he finds the correct BASIC ROM. ;) At least the game code is written in BASIC, so it should be fixable. And yes, the game code is very buggy, due to the randomness of items. *see picture i fell out of the screen after a ghost appeared and left a hole in the wall. :P Hi Paul, nice to see you still surfing the forums. doing a GameBase update for XL, so re-testing everything.
  10. The game also breaks at game over screen.
  11. Asteraxis with source code. game only works on Atari800Win v2.aster2k(source).zip8
  12. Thanks for updates, they are aways welcome! As for testing games to completion. Arcade style games with trainer modes should be easy to run through. I guess most can be completed in 1-2 hours. Any major faults should appear quite quickly. stategy /RPG games can take months to complete. so like you said, it would take years to test all those without a cheat mode and walkthough. Emulator save states are handy when trainer modes are unavailable. However emulators need to catch up with adapated code in a few games. Atomic RoboKid can sometimes bug without player movement on loosing a life. so using a trainer would miss that kind of problem. This seems to happen more frequenty with Hatari. Steem passed the same point when retesting, but maybe i was just lucky?.
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