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  1. LOL.... Rare timing that I was on the computer and will be in the Denver area this weekend.
  2. The Post was Flagged for some reason and is no longer there.
  3. I have sold 2 PEB's in the last year and a half and shipped them both via FedEx Ground. My shipping costs through them averaged close to $60 each time due to the weight and size.
  4. Holy Moly!!! Are you kidding me? LOL Cant you still get these from Arcadeshopper for like $30? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ti-99-4A-AtariSoft-Games-Collection/164083168602?hash=item26341e755a:g:-sEAAOSwT6leSAlf
  5. There are a lot of these with the different color keyboard that pop up on ebay regularly. I personally think they look terrible. I think they do it when the original keyboard goes bad and they have the beige as a spare. They usually swap out the complete keyboard and not just the keys.
  6. Without the Disk Controller I also think it's pretty pricey. I think there are better alternatives out there.
  7. Good Point! Unfortunately you will still have 3 cables coming out which looks tacky instead of 1 with the DIN.
  8. I prefer the All In One RCA Composite Cable that plugs directly in the TI for a 3rd of the Price. No additional cables are required. With the box style on ebay it sticks out of the back and then you have to plug in seperate RCA cables that makes it stick out even further.
  9. I know that they charge you a 10% fee of your total selling price and they also charge a 10% fee of your shipping price. It's gotten ridiculous! On top of that, PayPal charges you around 3% of the total transaction.
  10. LOL.... Definitely No hoarding going on here
  11. I have to agree with you 100% in regards to the "Direct Downloadable Stuff." Because of that reason I downloaded the complete http://ftp.whtech.com/ site for the TI-99 stuff just in case something ever happenned. I think at the time I downloaded it, it was like 40GB+ It's probably bigger now.
  12. Good eye.... I didnt see that one. Still wouldnt pay $250 plus shipping but I did overlook the CorComp
  13. I sure dont but the price is in the Eye of the Beholder Red Baron - $50 Desktop Publisher - $25 Wordwriter - $25 Mini memory - $20 Multiplication - $20 The others are all $3 - $5 carts Wordwriter Extra would be worth more if it had the label but with it missing its not worth much
  14. Not at the price that he is asking. A couple of those carts have some value such as the Red Baron and etc. but nothing close to the $250 price tag that he has.
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