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  1. I send a nicely-worded message to the above e-mail two days ago, but have not yet had a response. Checked spam, etc and no reply yet.
  2. No, not member of any Opcode "club", and perhaps that's why I couldn't order the roms directly. So, based upon your experience, e-maling them directly via published address here at AA should be enough to join their "club" and thereby be permitted to order the two ROMs?
  3. I'd like to purchase the .ROMs and support Opcode, but their running of things and "secrecy" and only using Facebook is very offputting. I and many others just don't support or use Facebook. If they don't want my money, that's fine, but I would think they would set up a website, and make it easy to pay them for the .ROMs, and not limit their availability for (paying) customers. Make it as easy as possible. "Paypal $X per ROM to this e-mail address, and we'll dispatch the .ROMs digitally to you immediately" would work well! For example, DKA looks like a wonderful, top-notch game which I'd like very much to play, even in an emulator as a .ROM. But, at this point, I'm completely confused on how I can even make the purchase, what hoops I need to go through, etc. The situation seems quite obfuscated, needlessly so.
  4. There are a few for the original games, but they're mostly bugs which can be exploited and/or hidden messages: https://www.consoledatabase.com/cheats/colecovision/
  5. It's great ... brings me right back to 1972. The CPU / AI is very good. Great for a quick 5-minute game. Thanks so much for posting your work and the .rom. Using ColEm for DOS it works well.
  6. So sad... another Adam bites the dust due to complete and utter stupidity, and so needlessly. I imagine that when the box was opened, you had such a feeling of such *violation*, seeing a classic and irreplaceable item like an Adam computer ruined. Is it totally unsalvageable? At the very least you should get your complete refund (tax, shipping, and item price, included) and get to keep the Adam and attempt to salvage what you can, if anything. I suggest there be a special place in hell for people who package items like the above.
  7. Thanks for the additional info, TPR!
  8. Sure wish *my* Goodwills (expensive Southern Calif.) had prices like those of members on this forum. $20 huge monitors, $15 laserjet printers with full toners, etc. Around me, these items would be vastly overpriced, at least $75 and $100, repectively. Even Goodwill is a ripooff in "rich" Southern Calif!
  9. Right, not even a screenshot or a description? People who intentionally create a private Facebook group and try to sell their products are really missing out on sales, exposure, and good word-of-mouth advertising by doing so. I also do not do Facebook, don't believe in it or its harvesting of my private information. Why people run businessess in this way boggles my mind.
  10. Yes, and also for posterity, at least for as long as this forum shall be extant! I am enjoying greatly seeing your progress on this. Thanks for sharing. Fabulous work so far. Haunted House is one of my favorites on the 2600. With these scrolling techniques, a version of ET should be "easy" to get ported to CV. Won't that be a hoot? 40 years on, CV would finally get its version of ET!
  11. Graphically, this DRACULA game will be the best ever for the CV platform. It is also hard for me to believe these are real screenshots! I can't commend your work enough. I'm very much anticipating and looking forward to the release. But, please take your time to get it as "perfect" as possible! We will all be very grateful for your efforts.
  12. Absolutely astounding! A couple of suggestions, if I may 1. Make shooting grunts be worth 100 pts each. Progs 500 pts, etc (x10 your current point levels). 2. Collecting humans should be worth 1000, 2000, etc up to a max of 5000 for 5 or more 3. Reduce number of "zeroes" in the score display. Start with a score "00" and expand from there. Having too many zeroes isn't flattering to the game. You keep looking at all those "zeroes" and they distract from playing the game! Else, everything looks perfect! I simply can't wait for this game. You've accomplished the impossible, a great ROBOTRON port on the CV!
  13. Spectacular score. My guess is the score rolls at 16,777,216 and there's a killscreen at round 256.
  14. Really appreciate the tips; they are great. I'll expand the search. As to defective units, I see many XL listings where one screen is broken. I assume this renders your emulators unuseable, but can either the top screen only, or the bottom screen only be used to play the games? In other words, is it possible in emulator settings to turn one screen off and / or swap the top and bottom screens to a "good" functioning screen? One might also want to do this to, for example, greatly improve battery life. Why run two screens all the time if you don't need to?
  15. The trouble is now the cheapest "good" condition or complete DSI XL costs more than $100 on the highway robbery site also known as Ebay. I think a couple of years ago, one could find a plethora and an excess of the DSI handhelds for $20 every day of the week. There must be other less expensive options available. I'd really, really like to try ColecoDS but am not willing to fork over $100+ for a working, unscratched, non-defective system, so I guess I'm stuck with PC Emulation of Coleco-on-the-go for now and the future.
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