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  1. Is it a an SGM game, or is it complete in 32k of code?
  2. Thanks very much for the new version. I'm going to try (again) to compile for MS-DOS, and hope I can get a working binary that will support all the new features.
  3. ^ Thanks. The Tomlin ROM is indeed optimized, as it takes nearly 1k less space than the original. He's obviously very talented to accomplish such a feat.
  4. Is the Bruce Tomlin optimised BIOS available in a compiled version anywhere to download? I'd like to try it out in my favorite emulators. What are the differences in this optimized version? Very little information aside from the commented .asm code itself is available.
  5. It's very interesting, and also a little worrisome to learn that the delay is wrong in CoolCV and ColEm. It could be hardcoded into the emulators, but that's doubtful. Let us know if you make any progress or if sensible explanations are offered regarding the discrepancy. Also, I take it the range of the byte only goes up to 0x1F, as you didn't post values above. My guess is the delay increases by 0.55 sec up to 0x7F?
  6. This looks really neat! Can't wait to try it out in the flesh...
  7. Thanks for these gifts! I've tested them, and they all work very well on ColEm and CoolCV; have not tried BlueMSX. I love Skiing, what fun. Your efforts of many years are appeciated!
  8. Yes, my tongue was firmly in cheek when I said that, Software without bugs is an "impossibility"! I know that, fortunately because you're doing it for the love of the work and the community, and not like the makers of the Retron 77, for profit, that you've no need to rush the work to an imaginary deadline. We can wait, and I'm super-excited to see the usability and the functionality of the Retron will be properly utilitized with your latest work. I am in awe of folks who push the limits, shatter artificial limitations imposed, either by greed or design, as the makers of the Retron were too lazy to make a honed and proper product to begin with. I'll support your work with a generous donation, of course!
  9. Agreed! And I'm so incredibly grateful that modern Stella support is coming. Thanks again to all the very talented folks for making this a reality. I can wait, be sure to get all the bugs worked out!
  10. ^ I'll join the chorus and state that Dino Eggs is one of the very platform games ever released. I'm shocked that it has never had a homebrew release for CV as well. It would be easy to fit into 32k, and a talented CV programmer could make an outstanding conversion of the game for CV -- there are no technical hurdles and / or insurmountable challenges. The fact that it is mostly static -- no side scrolling or screen scrolling makes it an excellent match. Ditto for CRISIS MOUNTAIN and SHORT CIRCUIT as well, both written by the same author as DINO EGGS.
  11. Yes, thanks for not kowtowing to the abominable Facebook. I've never used it, and never shall.
  12. Too bad it's not Dino Eggs, as that would have been the find of the century. That game is a PERFECT one for Coleco. I still play the Apple II version to this day, it's incredibly fun and has a perfect combination of action and strategy. Ditto for Crisis Mountain. It's such a shame these never saw the light of day back in the day.
  13. OK, thanks for that perfectly reasonable explanation, I certainly didn't know this agreement had been years ago. Well, at least you are upfront about offering your roms to the community "one day." Can't see why many will be happy when you leave the scene, as that will be a sad day for me. Coleco programmers aren;t growing on trees, after all.
  14. Why? Once you have been paid for your work, the Intellectual Property becomes the property of Collectorvision, the company. They should be able to release it in any way they see fit, UNLESS you had signed something beforehand not relinquishing your rights to the code. They had promised us a ROM vault of their titles which had sold out. Your request to exclude your titles smacks of a short-shrift, with no explanation provided. I personally wanted to check out several, if not all of your titles, and not will not get the chance to. Will you please reconsider, or provide us a reasonable explanation. Thanks kindly.
  15. Not that this becoming a request thread, but one game that I'd absolutely LOVE to see ported over is DINO EGGS (Microfun, 1983). A release was planned back in the day, I believe it even had a catalog number, but nothing ever materialized. Probably the crash came before any work could get started on the project. I believe CRISIS MOUNTAIN was also planned.
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