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  1. The irony of your post isn't lost on me!!
  2. Happier than I was as a kid at Christmas in 1982! I love one game very much; the other, to me is not my cup of tea (but I *loved* its "prequel"). I played that first special game for dozens, probably hundreds of hours on my Atari 2600! I couldn't be happier with it! How would I go about selling the special game I'm not that fond of to another member here who didn't get in on the 2021 club? Still unopened, of course. Is it permitted?
  3. Great! Love your games, and thank you most genuinely for them. It is a bit difficult using this game with Std. controller. Next up: Why not make a Columns or SameGame clone in addition to this Tetris clone? (Clear columns of 3 or more of same color, without rotation necessary).
  4. Looks fabulous. I say the game should be called "Pouch"
  5. Holy moly, thanks NIAD. Missed that huge post before... Now, I've got a lot of revisiting of games to do!
  6. Give us an Easter Egg as to how to unlock Game 4 before it is lost for all time in the sands of your memory! Or, is there already posted how to do this somewhere?
  7. Thanks so much for all of your games... These gifts are so very much appreciated! This game is like a mixture of Lode Runner and Boulder Dash, with Digger thrown into the mix. Fabulous!
  8. What a novelty!! We'll all be "bragging" about how we're 'mining' bitcoin on our 40-year-old CV! Merely for 'fun' and a nice laugh. Looking forward to a .rom release (end of May?).
  9. Amazing, someone posts a FB post selling 20 CV power supplies, and they're ALL gone within 18 hours! Absolutely unbelievable how demand can be so high on nearly 40-year-old components.
  10. Since the C64 uses the MOS 6502 CPU, while the CV uses the Z80, a direct port of TP84 from the C64 to Coleco seem to be impossible. Programming it from scratch would seem to be no more effort, unless the sprites from the C64 version could be used, which I doubt.
  11. Well, let me say I'd pay even more handsomely for a Dino Eggs port. As in $100 or more.
  12. Yes, Time Pilot has always been on of my favorite games on the console, mainly for its sheer simplicity and addictiveness. I'd absolutely love to see a version with the UFO level. Even more so, I'd pay handsomely for a TP84 port. Just the idea makes my mouth water, as playing TP84 in the arcade was even more fun than Time Pilot.
  13. Thanks for something a bit different. Although I'm not a solitaire fan, it's great to see a card game for CV. I'm not sure I ever learned the rules of solitaire, but now's a good time in order to play your game...
  14. Yeah.. this was an ultimate time-waster back in the early '90s on PC. Now, we have a great port of it for Coleco. Thanks for all of the ports you've been releasing of late. You're quite prolific, and talented.
  15. Doesn't Donkey Kong have a timer bug problem, where after 20+ levels, the timer overflows, and renders the 21st or 22nd level unclearable because only 600 points are on the timer? Something like a kill-screen, like Burgertime.
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