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  1. Too many restrictions / compromises, so I'm out. This type of thing has been a Holy Grail for me, all these long decades. It would indescribably wonderful to have all this information in a beautiful, finely printed hardcover compendium. It would be a highlight of my library. But, not 6 volumes, with crazy restrictions (300 pages ??!!). I'd settle for 2 hardcover volumes, 8 1/2 x 11 format, 800 pages per book, glossy acid-free paper, high quality 40 or 50 GPM stock. I will never pay ~350 for these six volumes, with all those compromises. Sorry, and I truly do wish you the best. I can see how you've been forced, financially into this current situation, bittersweet it is.
  2. Rightfully, since the super secret game was a part of the 2019 club, we should get the ROM of that game as part of this year's club membership price, since we've paid for it. At least that's my fair understanding.
  3. Wow, that is the very definition of a nightmare experience! Especially since others in Germany received their units without customs inspection. Seems rather unfair, to have waited all that time in anticipation, then to be slapped in the face like that. And, I can't imagine that you want to risk importing another Phoenix into Germany for the fear of same thing happening. Hope this will all be made right, it is not your fault at all.
  4. I'm super disappointed in that decision.
  5. I received mine today, and I must say I am COMPLETELY surprised, in a very good way. I'm very happy with the profesionalism and the membership card as well. As I love Popeye, this will make a great companion! The only thing better would have been Vanguard or ... Dino Eggs! As I do not have an actual Colecovision console in front of me right now, I shall have to wait to buy a Phoenix or play the .ROM version. When will the .rom be downloadable for club members?
  6. A positive suggestion for your pictures showing off the book: please use uncompressed .PNG format, as there are bad compression artifacts in your JPEG pictures. People, including myself, may be unsure if these fringing artifacts are a part of the printed book or not. Especially when zooming in, the print quality doesn't look good, probably due to the compression artifacts introduced by the lossy compression of your pictures, and not due to the color offset printing press. At least, that's the hope.
  7. Wow! $2500 for an untested Altair. Sure wish I'd been able to foresee in 1975 / 76 that an untested Altair would fetch that much in 2019. I'd have stockpiled Altair 8800s and also bought 5 or 6 Apple I computer kits as well! Better investment than real estate or the stock market!
  8. Two games: DINO EGGS CRISIS MOUNTAIN They'd play wonderfully on Colecovision! And you'd be fulfilling two vaporware releases planned back in the day.
  9. Unfortunately, I believe he indicated earlier on that he wasn't going to be producing a book on post-crash games, since he couldn't play or have access to a very large number of them. No .roms available and / or sold out, and he couldn't afford current Ebay prices, etc. Such a shame, but perhaps he could write a book on those homebrews that he is able to play / have access to!
  10. My point was that the Colecovision won't look any better output at 1080p or 720p, but many displays have problems upscaling 480p to their native 1080p or 4k resolution. I guess that is not a fault of the Phoenix or the FPGA, but of the algorithms that the HDTV vendors choose to use for upscaling. I just thought a native 1080p image means not having to use any upscaling in the TV side of things, so no processing of the image would be required by the TV, which can introduce its share of artefacts and problems with the image. Colors can be off / jaggies / aspect ratio problems can be introduced, etc. I'm not saying most HDTVs have this problem, but some do.
  11. Thank you, I am very glad. I was just sharing my thoughts in a constructive fashion.
  12. The Phoenix looks perfect in every way except one: it outputs only 480p. My TV like others is a native 1080p display and looks its best in that resolution. Everything else about the new console is a dream come true, and this system is a de facto modern replacement for the aging 37-year-old one we have loved for all those many years. That it is FPGA will make it vastly superior to any emulator. I just can hold out a little longer for a 1080p HDMI native rendering of the image. This is not meant as a criticism, I'm not a 'hater' (I'm happy and grateful that this has been released!), I just feel like saying that I'm comfortable waiting to purchase until it outputs a full 1920x1080 pillar boxed to the 4:3 aspect ratio of the Colecovision.
  13. $25 for a digital release is super expensive. Bring it down to $15 and it's reasonable.
  14. Thank you, Kevin, for seperating the wheat from the chaff! One might say "You've been Pwned!" to Richy and others who continue to post misinformation about the type of protection (yes, copy protection) that Risky Rick used. As you said on your blog, this was a "one-off" protection scheme, so it's all rather academic now. The cat's out of the bag, thanks to you and your genuine and appreciated effort to crack this puzzle. I understand protecting one's IP, but the method used here doesn't bode well in this small community; it's incongrous and disingenious, it might end up alienating some people. Once bitten, twice shy. But, on the other hand, who am I to critize or discourage active software development in the CV community? Since all copies have been sold, I sadly won't get the chance to play this excellent game, even on emulation, as the decision to not make a .ROM available has been stated. That's a sad state of affairs.
  15. I read, with very keen interest, the entire kevtris article (before it was unreasonably and inexplicably deleted from the post on this page). I found it to be a highly objective exposure of the fibs and obfuscation which the author of the Risky Rick homebew game put this community through. Although the game seems quite excellent, I certainly do not think it was a fair move, and was very underhanded. I shall not be purchasing any games from that author, either Risky Rick, or any future releases because of this little stint. This is the type of obfuscation that this small community does not need. I congratulate kevtris on his excellent sleuthing efforts and am glad the truth came out.
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