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  1. My guess is about 1 out of 110 or so.
  2. Those screens look ridiculously small, designed for midgets in fact. Make the screen twice as large, and the product would be viable.
  3. Dino Eggs, Dino Eggs, Dino Eggs.
  4. I was talking about 10 to 20 years into future, but of course for now emulation provides much more configurability, user base, and programmers (!) at vastly reduced cost compared to FPGA. What costs $35,000 now in FPGA might cost $35 twenty years from now.
  5. No, phase 4 wil be the age of cheap FPGA "systems on a chip" with 100% compatibility at the hardware level. Emulators will become completely obsolete when this happens.
  6. That was exactly the spot where I got stuck, but I finally made it through after many tries. Had to time the jumps absolutely perfectly.
  7. Thanks so much for making the game! It is HARD. Timing those jumps properly is an exercise in frustration, but in a GOOD way. I also got stuck in the water, unable to jump back up, after missing a couple platforms where jumps had to be critically jumped! Gameplay is hard perhaps because it plays fast, but that's good in a way because most Colecovision games are slow by comparison. Perhaps as others suggested, give us 3 or so options for game speed, like "Normal" (20% reduced from what it is in this your released version above), Slow (30-35% reduction) and "Fast" (where it is now). Love these types of platform games, and the graphics and scrolling are top-notch in your game. Congrats.
  8. Can't edit my post above, but attached is a zipped version, with no-delay BIOS and current Docs from v. 4.8 converted to ASCII text format for DOS friendliness. All options including cheats work except video effects scale 2x, TV (scanline) effects. I think it has to do with 640x480 and higher VESA modes not being correct or complete in the original DOS source code from version 2.6. ColEmv48_MS-DOS.zip
  9. I was able to compile ColEm v. 4.8 for MS-DOS, using the Watcom C Compiler. It is great to be able to run SGM games under DOS now! This is massive upgrade, since the last official DOS version was v. 2.6. I couldn't get the additional effects to work, like 2x, 4x, and mono, sepia / amber modes, because I was using a kludge of the last DOS source code (libmsdos.c and msdos.c from v. 2.6) and the Linux source from v. 4.8. Also, I wanted to set as default the options to enable SGM, all sprites on, and autofire on for buttons A and B, but couldn't figure out how to do it. I did succeed in making all frames displayed by default (uperiod is changed from 75 to 100 in coleco.c). Anyone can help on how to set these flags to ON, instead of OFF by default, so that I don't need to manually enable them every time? Seems like it should be easy to do this. COLEM48.EXE
  10. I also have yet to receive the ROM file. Will it be sent to the same e-mail address as other club mailings? I would assume so.
  11. Great news! Can't wait for this game on the CV.
  12. Yes, thanks for converting the Excel document into a pdf. Truly appreciated!
  13. For those who do not have Excel and / or prefer PDF, may you possibly release a PDF version of the database as well, formatted as 8.5 x 11 inch? If this is too much work, forgive the intrusion, but I think many would find PDF a valuable alternate to the spreadsheet format. The amount of work you've put into creating this resource is fantastic, and a big THANK YOU for the time spent gathering all of this together in one convenient place.
  14. After careful consideration, I'm also going to say Donkey Kong 3. It would fit well into 128k. My MOST desired port on the CV was not an original arcade game: Dino Eggs. In fact all of the games by David Schroeder: Dino Eggs Crisis Mountain Short Circuit were all great, I remember playing them all for hours and hours 30+ years ago on my Apple II. They competed heavily with my CV console back in the good old days.
  15. Said pretty much tongue-in-cheek, yes. I'm not trying to tar-and-feather anyone, particularly one of good reputation. However we shall agree that it was against the spirit of the club? Surely there are others in this community who would benefit more than Ebay and its minions. All the same, I didn't mean to start a negative discussion, but my dislike for Ebay (and what 99% of its sellers are after -- greed) is such that this Ebay sale of the secret game set off a diatribe. Even though it's an Intelivision game and not part of the CV community. Apologies for ruffling any feathers. Now, onto the 2020 club and another awesome year!
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