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  1. Most impressive! Great music, and super gameplay. This is an asset to our Coleco library, indeed!
  2. Congratulations, it looks and no doubt plays wonderfully! This is a "new thing" / new ideal for Coleco, and it's most welcome. Please keep us abreast of your progress. Looking forward to it.
  3. Wow! Congratulations. If only I *had* a basement.... Living in god-damned Calif there are NO basements, so we can't accumulate all this awesomeness. Basements are the perfect, perfect place to have a museum. And you've put all that wonderful space to great use!
  4. There are secret messages embedded in the roms of many Collectorvision releases. I always go through ROMs with a hex-editor just for this reason. Often interesting things are there in human-readable text.
  5. Hey, the $5k paid for this EPROM would have gotten Mr. Scratchy at least 1/8th of a Tesla!
  6. That's it. This is the holy grail of all rom images. The hype has been overwheming. I'd just like to play the .rom, see if it's actually fun to play, imagine what it would have been like back in '84, etc. Then, life would be complete, and we'd go back to boring normalicy! Proto roms and rarest of the rare have this allure, in spite of the quality of the game, or its playability. That goes in spades for the He-Man rom, even though I never like He-Man as a kid or even now.
  7. Thank you! Love these little puzzle games, and appreciate your releasing the rom for all to play!
  8. Wow, I'm flabbergasted! At least 7 seconds of a video is progress! At this rate, in another 35 years, we just might have a one-minute video showing the actual gameplay at length! The actual rom will be locked away for centuries!
  9. Cool, and would provide some new blood and new concepts for the console!
  10. Hey, how about some type of port or more interactive version of DOPE WARS? That would be cool, you'd be an '80s mobster selling drugs, interacting with various people (good and nefarious) in your quest to retire in 30 days with a million bucks in cash from your dope dealings. Could be an excellent game on the CV!
  11. The only "solution" for him now, after all of this rubbish? He should privately sell the .ROM to retroillucid, as we now know publicly that our own most respected Mr. retroillucid had bid $4300. And we also know that retroillucid's intents are good and honorable with what he would do with the ROM, eventually sharing it with the community for all to enjoy. So, if the guy wants to cut his losses and all the ridiculous drama, he could offer to sell the rom for $4000, say, to our own retroillucid, and most people would be happy.
  12. Sad, very, very sad. I think we lost something good for the platform, but supporting those who gloat, brag, and seem to be spiteful simply isn't permissable of course. I'm half and half on this guy. Obviously he was very talented, but his ego and his narcissism seem to have alienated all, creating strife and childish antics. I regret that he is so fragile a person. I have known others like him. It usually doesn't turn out well. In the long run, I think the community has lost a few great games... but has been spared a LOT of drama. Simply disappointed at this terrible turn of events.
  13. Fair enough. And I totally agree with you about "getting out of the mold" and creating some novel and unique NEW games on the Coleco, not just ports. I'll totally support you on that idea and wish you the height of success. Contests are sometimes neat, sometimes not, and I respect that you're trying to do something a little fun and interesting. Some may be better received than others. He-Man seems to be a current point of contention with many, so like you said, perhaps it's best to defer that "contest" and focus on another one. Your idea of RPGs and / or quests sounds fantastic; I certainly would buy and support such games, as there is a dearth of them on the platform. I think a killer D&D and / or RPG on Coleco would be fantastic!
  14. Got it -- "An Easter Egg frees all the souls" Neat.
  15. I don't see any easter egg, unless you mean getting burned at the stake being it?!
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