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  1. I also have yet to receive the ROM file. Will it be sent to the same e-mail address as other club mailings? I would assume so.
  2. Great news! Can't wait for this game on the CV.
  3. Yes, thanks for converting the Excel document into a pdf. Truly appreciated!
  4. For those who do not have Excel and / or prefer PDF, may you possibly release a PDF version of the database as well, formatted as 8.5 x 11 inch? If this is too much work, forgive the intrusion, but I think many would find PDF a valuable alternate to the spreadsheet format. The amount of work you've put into creating this resource is fantastic, and a big THANK YOU for the time spent gathering all of this together in one convenient place.
  5. After careful consideration, I'm also going to say Donkey Kong 3. It would fit well into 128k. My MOST desired port on the CV was not an original arcade game: Dino Eggs. In fact all of the games by David Schroeder: Dino Eggs Crisis Mountain Short Circuit were all great, I remember playing them all for hours and hours 30+ years ago on my Apple II. They competed heavily with my CV console back in the good old days.
  6. Said pretty much tongue-in-cheek, yes. I'm not trying to tar-and-feather anyone, particularly one of good reputation. However we shall agree that it was against the spirit of the club? Surely there are others in this community who would benefit more than Ebay and its minions. All the same, I didn't mean to start a negative discussion, but my dislike for Ebay (and what 99% of its sellers are after -- greed) is such that this Ebay sale of the secret game set off a diatribe. Even though it's an Intelivision game and not part of the CV community. Apologies for ruffling any feathers. Now, onto the 2020 club and another awesome year!
  7. Yes, there are two things you can do for this shameful action by a member of this community: 1. Publicly expose his name in shame, encouraging others to not trade, or have any dealings with him. 2. Contact E-bay about banning the sale, due to any number of "reasons", eg, copyright infringement or breach of contract / privacy. That's an awful thing, good luck in making sure that person "gets his" for greed and not playing fair with this (small) community.
  8. Thanks very much for releasing the ROM!! This is super generous of you, and I shall enjoy playing the game immensely! Any hints on what specific Easter Eggs we should be looking for, or (GASP!) any cheats worth knowing about!? I agree, the sequel should start with the pretense of happiness, but reveal some Dark Force (tm) at work, which should unfold as the gameplay progresses toward the end of eliminating that darkness. That's an immortal theme which works.
  9. Interesting idea, but I'd rather purchase other Coleco hobby-releated items for $150+. The very concept of this controller is limiting to only a handful of games. I'm not sure if the time spent on this could otherwise be spent to greater avail on other projects with more overall utility. Just IMO. If this works for you, go full steam ahead, though...
  10. Many thanks for the Christmas goodies, should keep me busy for awhile. You're fabulous and very generous! May you have a merry Xmas and happy 2020!
  11. Too many restrictions / compromises, so I'm out. This type of thing has been a Holy Grail for me, all these long decades. It would indescribably wonderful to have all this information in a beautiful, finely printed hardcover compendium. It would be a highlight of my library. But, not 6 volumes, with crazy restrictions (300 pages ??!!). I'd settle for 2 hardcover volumes, 8 1/2 x 11 format, 800 pages per book, glossy acid-free paper, high quality 40 or 50 GPM stock. I will never pay ~350 for these six volumes, with all those compromises. Sorry, and I truly do wish you the best. I can see how you've been forced, financially into this current situation, bittersweet it is.
  12. Rightfully, since the super secret game was a part of the 2019 club, we should get the ROM of that game as part of this year's club membership price, since we've paid for it. At least that's my fair understanding.
  13. Wow, that is the very definition of a nightmare experience! Especially since others in Germany received their units without customs inspection. Seems rather unfair, to have waited all that time in anticipation, then to be slapped in the face like that. And, I can't imagine that you want to risk importing another Phoenix into Germany for the fear of same thing happening. Hope this will all be made right, it is not your fault at all.
  14. I'm super disappointed in that decision.
  15. I received mine today, and I must say I am COMPLETELY surprised, in a very good way. I'm very happy with the profesionalism and the membership card as well. As I love Popeye, this will make a great companion! The only thing better would have been Vanguard or ... Dino Eggs! As I do not have an actual Colecovision console in front of me right now, I shall have to wait to buy a Phoenix or play the .ROM version. When will the .rom be downloadable for club members?
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