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  1. What books are you looking to sell?
  2. What about the sio2bt (Bluetooth) or sio2pi (raspberry pi)? Those are the two that I have been looking into in the last week since my first Atari 8bit arrived from eBay.
  3. Well that didn't take very long....I still need to work on the top half and decide how I will integrate the raspberry pi and oled screen. I will also need to print out the prototype and make any adjustments after fitting everything.
  4. I mentioned this project a long time ago and I finally got around to working on it this weekend! I have attached an image to tease you with... Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to what it is for?
  5. I just received my copy yesterday. Overall, I think is is a pretty good book and a great introduction to the C128. It is interesting to read the original 1980s vs 2019 take on many of the topics. There are some things that I think could be improved (like an appendix listing the websites and forums available today), but I would still recommend the book as a good reference. You can download a free sample of the Kindle version that includes the table of contents and about the first 30 pages of the book.
  6. Inquiring minds want to know if there is any progress in the last few months?
  7. I spotted this PEB on Craigslist in St. Paul, MN. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/ele/d/saint-paul-ti-99-4-peripheral-expansion/6770418547.html
  8. I used an Arduino pro micro to do the same thing with a commodore plus 4. I am planning to also put a raspberry pi inside the console along with an Xbox 360 wireless controller board to make a great little retropie setup
  9. PM incoming. I have a spare console and loaded PEB. Where are you located? Shipping will be expensive for the PEB.
  10. The game is looking awesome!!! I will have to get a SAMS solution for my T.I.
  11. I am interested in the all in one case, but I will be designing and printing it myself. Perhaps I will print it in orange ABS. I have a couple spools of it laying around.
  12. I can guarantee one will be made. I am designing and printing it myself! If it turns out well, I will share it.
  13. Yeah. Not super useful. It would need to support native disks to be useful. I will need to ponder this a bit further.
  14. I have been toying with the idea of getting a 3.5 inch floppy working via usb on a raspberry pi. Then maybe try mapping a drive on the TIPI to the physical drive. I am also a fan of the beige(non qi) console.
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