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  1. I can't confirm as I'm not sure if one of the images I have is from a LFB2 Deluxe. It might work if the partitions are exactly the same as the non-deluxe version. 2), this can be done, but with my knowledge it's only possible to add the 'hooks' to kick startup.sh; the original "slots" based on extension on this version are all being used; .cv & .a26 -> I used both for the CFW in the LFB 2018 and .a26 in the CFW for LFB 2019. It took me almost one hour to recall why there is no "CFW" for this vesion 3) doesn't have any apparent improvement, same retroplayer, retromenu and cores. I think it's supposed to fix some games - Donald Duck, Jungle Book and the Super Star Wars; those games were moved to the emulator partition and encrypted. The Super Star Wars games are still working and those 2 Disney Games don't work in my 'test box' (a broken Genesis FB 2018) 4) and 6) might be found in one of the threads in GBATemp
  2. I messed the files while working on them and the resource partition from the other post didn't have the overclock setting applied. This one is the right one. arcade_update_fb8660_oc_only.zip
  3. I might have created the update file wrong. I applied the file using a different method and confirmed it worked with dmesg output. I will test it again.
  4. I confirmed the LFB 2019 was overclocked to 1008MHz - I mentioned this in the readme file shared to draxxon at the time but I think it this file was lost. This update file has only the resource partition and it should set the CPU speed to 1200MHz. These devices support the CPU running up to 1416MHz, but I don't have the voltage value for this speed (the 1200MHz was a guess based on a Thinkerboard running a RK3288) and there must be a reason why Atgames released the devices running at 816MHz. arcade_update.zip
  5. The original clock speed for these devices is 816MHz. I recall overclocking the LFB2 to 1008MHz but I don't remember the reason why I didn't set like the LFB. I might have done that because I was not confident testing the LFB2 firmware in my LFB device (I don't have the LFB2). My LFB is boxed in the attic for more than 1 year but I might try to flash it with the LFB2 firmware again (you need to change a few things to make it work) and test a resource partition with 1200MHz...
  6. Is your Legends Flashback the 2018 (50 games) or 2019 (100 games) version? You can't flash the firmware from the 2018 version in the 2019 FB. The only way to fix a soft-brick is reflashing the device using the Rockchip tools and a good backup. Are you familiar with soldering? You will need to short a couple of points to enable USB data transfer mode. I managed to do that with clear tape, but soldering the jumpers would be easier. If your Flashback is the 2018 model, I can help with the files to recover the device.
  7. Search for imgRePackerRK in xda-developers, it can be used to extract the img file. This devices doesn't run Android, it runs a very optimized Linux build (14MB rootfs partition if I recall correctly)
  8. This is not feasible in both hardware and software levels. HW: there is no analog output, at least easily available. SW: OS is hardcoded to output audio to HDMI. If you want this level of customization you need to start looking for a Raspberry Pi running Retropie.
  9. It's technically possible, the device is almost the same as the Legends FB 2018. Problem is time and interest, I've worked in the Legends FB 2018 because I have the device. I don't have the Legends FB 2019 and I don't think it's fair to clone it to another device to work on the CFW. While the mods are somewhat safe, I don't like the idea to mod without any test. Also, the latest update removed the shortcut to add coins from the "console" cores, I've used this "hidden feature" to map arcade cores to console cores that were not available in the device.
  10. The 2018 never got the SNES core. It has the entry in the menu but no core inside. I added it in the last cfw (based on v2.8.4)
  11. MAME/Arcade games don't work with the official firmware. And there is no CFW for the Legends 2019 (the one with 100/110 games). Sega CD might work (I don't have a device to test) but you need the bios files in the same folder (bios_CD_U.BIN for US games)
  12. It's broken, and don't expect it to be addressed by AtGames as it's not broken on 'their side'; That's the way the hack works, I'm using one of the unused cores and adding the custom core there. The new retroplayer doesn't have the shortcut to add coins anymore for console cores, I used the cores 'reserved' for Atari 2600 and Colecovision to replace with MAME2000 and FBA. The workaround is to use a Genesis controller (the Mode button works as coin when you press it twice) or use the Menu button on the device. Other solutions would be use the old retroplayer (downgrade to v2.6) or replace the emulator. I've tried to build RetroArch for this device a couple of times but the mali drivers are crappy and I couldn't run it - it built fine thought.
  13. The new firmware for the FB2018 (v.2.8.4) is basically a copy of the 2019 FW, same menu and and same player, that's why you can see .fig and .a26 files but you can't load them, the additional cores were not added to the console. To make it 'worse', something was changed on the player and the not only some controller mapping were disabled but the shortcut to 'add coins' to non-arcade cores was also removed. This partially 'broke' the MAME 2000 core in my CFW, and the only way to 'add coins' in the MAME 2000 core now is pressing the Menu button in the console twice, or pressing "Mode" twice with a Genesis controller. The FB2019 is what is is, the reason I created a 'custom firmware' for the FB2018 was to enable additional extensions to the existing cores. Atari 2600 games (a26) won't load because there is not Atari core inside. For ColecoVision, try running the games with the extension .cv, I've seen some references to this extension inside the menu binary. And answering your other questions. The Mode button in the Genesis controller cannot be mapped. It's always mapped as the "Menu" button.
  14. Add coins on the arcade games, I suppose... If you are using the CFW based on version 2.8.4, Use the shortcut start+down or try to access the menu twice. I use a Genesis controller to test the CFW and the mode button works as "menu", pressing mode twice add coins. I need to confirm how it works with the original controller.
  15. This is for the Legends Flashback 2019 only, and it doesn't have the games. You can search for a tool called ImgRePackerRk to manipulate the .img files.
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