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  1. I was at a warehouse party in Chicago 10+ years ago where there were dozens of slightly damaged copies of this record in a crate, someone knew one of the guys behind it and gave me a copy https://www.discogs.com/8-Bit-Construction-Set-The-8-Bit-Construction-Set/release/7941 From this site: http://www.beigerecords.com/artists/8bitcs.html "the record: currently receiving play from an impressive array of tastemakers including matthew herbert, mixmaster mike, bodenstandig 2000, dj godfather, and luke vibert, The 8-Bit Construction Set seems poised to redefine the very limits of what one can put on a slab of wax. half dj battle record/half concept album, The 8-Bit Construction Set record is also the first ever use of the vinyl recording medium for software distribution - the inside tracks are audio data which can be dubbed to cassette tape and booted in your respective atari or commodore 8-bit computers (guinness world record for first-ever vinyl-to-software programming is currently pending). and, as if you still had doubts about these artists' chops, you should know that this record was entirely programmed in 6502 assembly language. beat that. " Looks like it's for Atari 800 though and not 2600 - though apparently you can play it in / load on an Atari 800xl. I never did try to load the C64 side into my actual 64 though I have the means. I never had a 800XL. Just thought it was somewhat relevant to share!
  2. That's pretty cool looking. Initial web searches are not pulling up anything. Does it work with a 2600? Can you walk around in Tunnel Runner with it?
  3. Is this the link to those? http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/CX40%20Suiper%20Handle%2027.htm Sometimes the site is kind of hard to figure out
  4. Lol, I wondered about that. Does a ROM of that exist anywhere? Just curious if we need to be on the lookout for anyone reporting having found a copy of it soon or something.
  5. That Birthday Mania (shell only) on eBay sold for nearly $350 a few days ago - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2600-Birthday-mania-Machine-shell-/113205296743?nordt=true&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l44720
  6. It looks like the outer boxes for these reconditioned ones are manufactured with the 'Factory Reconditioned" built in to the printing, is this correct? At first glance I kind of assumed they had some really large hand stamp that said FACTORY RECONDITIONED in that military font that they pressed on the original boxes or something, or some sort of screen printing or stencil. I've never come across one of these in person and kind of wondered about the printing of those letters on the box.
  7. There's currently a Birthday Mania cart (shell only) on ebay right now, not sure if it's the real deal or if it even counts if there isn't anything inside? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2600-Birthday-mania-Machine-shell/113205296743?hash=item1a5b8fbe67:g:esAAAOSw2sZbUI2V
  8. It seems like the QA on the Joust carts were not great, or somehow I just ended up getting every Joust cart with this issue. I own I think 12 copies of the cart from getting collections of carts at thrift stores and such over the years, and I noticed that almost every Joust cart was missing the end label. I had one last cart that was hanging on even though it looked bad, and it just fell off the other day. I mean yeah it happens to carts, but I've never had a cart with the end label being as fall-offy as Joust so consistently. Anyone else or am I just the lucky one? Also on topic, any other carts you've run into that seem to always have a bad label issue? The other one for me seems to be Popeye, well maybe just Parker Brothers labels in general.
  9. Nice - I started a forum thread over there asking for more support for 2600 games a few months ago, I didn't see any progress on anything as it looks like Chopper Command is the only new game added since last. Hopefully some more can be added there, it's fun to play and track achievements through RA.
  10. I could not get H.E.R.O. or Montezuma's Revenge to work on my RetroN 77, sadly those are two of my all time personal favs. Anyone else able to test those by chance, or were able to get them to work? They do work in my 2600 without issues. Also could not get Riddle of the Sphinx, Beamrider, Espial, Kaboom to work. I'm seeing some of those are showing PASS on the compatibility sheet though, I'll give mine another clean and test some more.
  11. This is cool, and thanks! Just to note, Excel Online does not allow checkboxes unfortunately it strips them out. For those of you on the go looking to update on your mobile device expecting the checkboxes to work. Also if you import this into Google Sheets online, it strips the checkboxes out. However, Google Sheets does allow you to select a region and insert checkboxes thankfully. I had to edit the formula for the 'Games owned' from =COUNTIF(L5:L21,TRUE) to =COUNTIF(B5:B21,TRUE) Just had to edit it to reflect column B rather than L. The whole sheet could be adjusted for Google Sheets online and shared too, maybe. Unless someone already has a solution for this and I'm missing it.
  12. Thanks! Yeah the dust part kind of sucks, I do have covers for the 64 and Amiga computers themselves (but never put them on?), and my loose floppies are in a case. I should put something over my 2600, I've seen some people made custom covers for the 2600 that I'd love to get I usually only dust when I have friends over and notice it's reeeeaaly dusty
  13. I second this approach. I do think this forum could use a bit less vitriol in its responses that come up from time to time... Despite all the shortcomings of the new VCS, I personally can't see any good reason for some to get this worked up about it. Maybe I'm in the minority on this, who knows.
  14. My current game room, C64 and Amiga 500 on the desk there, 2600 on the right wall, NES / N64 with Everdrive / Modded PS3 / Emulation PC on the left my the flat screen. I still love playing my 64 and Amiga games on the real machines (which is why I added this to the thread about de-fuzzing, I truly enjoy the original experience still). I do have JiffyDos on my 64 and drive to help with loading, and the HC508 expansion on the A500.
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