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  1. Lefty1430

    Cartoon Pilot Screencaps

    This is where all of the screenshots are gonna be placed. But why did I do this? I like looking at several frames to study for references when drawing. That, and I have way too much time on my hands. I have no life. So enjoy all of the 500-ish something frames on here. 😅 (I'll probably have to make more galleries to continue uploading since the maxium upload for a gallery is 50MB.)
  2. Managed to dig up some more ads from Mega Machine Sega. I merged the first two ads together. (The second one had an advertisment between the pages.) They also seemed to have made art for the cartoon pilot, which is cool... Speaking about the pilot, I've decided to upload the photos to a gallery. Trying to put them in seperate blog posts just feels dumb. 😂 And lastly, I might be uploading more art on here soon. I ordered a digital pen from Ebay, and it'll arrive in a few days. I'm longing to start making some digital art.
  3. Could be, could be not. I'm not sure.
  4. I was browsing on google a few weeks back, and I managed to snag a few gems. I'm not sure who uploaded the images, but I do know that Ken Macklin was the one who came up with these sketches. I'm sure that the BB fan blog will love these. I believe that this was one of the first sketches that Ken Macklin drew up. Bubsy seemed to be considered to be a dog at one point. This one is a little more well known, actually being published in a GamePro Magazine. It's a bit more simplistic, wearing hover shoes. Now this one is the most unique out of the three. He was also considered to be a girl at one point, according to this sketch. Fun Fact: This drawing actually inspired the character Oblivia, according to a source I've read. I'll post the link later... Now this last picture isn't a sketch, but a Bubsy 2 ad, according to the url. I'm not certain where or when this was uploaded, but the colors are pretty to look at... Keep in mind that I am not profiting nor claiming these images as my own. All material shown here belongs to their respectful owner(s).
  5. After hours of drawing and erasing last night, I completed my second drawing. This time it's one of the level cutscenes from Bubsy 3D. Actually had a lot of fun doing this one. But by the time I was doing the audience of woolies, I got a little lazy. XD I need to learn how to properly scan and color digitally. It'd look so much better...
  6. Yeah. This was my first time ever drawing the bobcat. Can't remember if I used a reference or not... Looking back at it, at least for me, it's kinda hard to look at, because after two years of practice, and a couple of design changes, I can finally draw without using a reference. But seeing how I drew this while I was at least 14, and it was a first attempt, that's a little impressive. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, which means I will redo completely finished drawings if I'm not satisfied. I'll post my more recent drawings later...
  7. Just like the title says. I managed to capture a lot more screenshots than the first time, but I can't put them between the ones I already posted and update the entries. So I might have to start them over. Here's what I'll do: I'll copy and paste the original drafts (the text) and update it with the more screenshots I managed to get. Man, this might take a while. I'm sorry. XD
  8. Here's an interesting ad of Bubsy II from an old magazine called Sega Visions. Sorry if it's a little hard to see... ^^; I don't know where the other ad is from, but it looked cool... XD
  9. Granted, I had to use an emulator on my phone, but it still technically counts. XD Now where to find the second game...?
  10. Like I promised, here are more shots I managed to capture. I must admit, because of that recording's better quality, it actually makes the animation nicer. They actually fixed the lip synching too. Would you think of that? XD Some, if not most, of these are kind of in between frames, so the characters' expressions might look a little weird...
  11. (This entry might have to be split into several parts because of the sheer amount of frames. XD) While I was searching around Youtube today, one lucky youtuber managed to have the original recording of the pilot when it aired, along with the commercials between the cartoon. It was actually in better quality (480p instead of 240p) than the re-uploads and much cleaner, not feeling as over saturated to look at. The music and voice acting is also less static-y and is easier to hear. The best part? There are no popping pixels to distract you. So the picture is much nicer. While I was watching, I noticed that some stuff from the original airing were either different or cut from the cartoon found in Super Bubsy, most likely due to time constraints, which is the better known version of the two and is the one more people familiar with. Here is a short list of the differences I found: .Certain moments have been cut for unknown reasons. They're small and only last 1 to 2 seconds, but they're noticable none ales. (Ex~ The scene where the twins are bowling has been removed.) Kind of makes the cartoon a little faster to watch. .The number of times where Bubsy says his infamous catchphrase " What could possibly go wrong?" has been somewhat shortened, going from 11 to 12 times to probably around 7 to 9. ·Whenever the commercial break messages play, Bubsy actually has alternative sayings that were absent in the original creation... ·If you listen closely, some of the background music in certain scenes has either been mixed up or replaced. The same goes for the voice acting... Now, I will be posting some of the screenshots I managed to capture. Managed to get some in between frames too... I actually recommend to watch both versions of the cartoon to fully understand this. Both links will be posted below.
  12. I was digging around in an old site where you can read old videogame magazines. While looking around I managed to stumble upon some of these.(Sorry if they're not in the best quality...) Cool, huh? If you want me to upload more, just ask.
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