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  1. By background noise you mean the humming i can hear sometimes when typing, feeding back through my tv speakers? I also hear a similar noise when playing the game "Who's Behind The Mexican UFO's?", while it draws the screens.
  2. That manual is for a different game(ti99-opoly), as it talks about being able to save your game, and player name entry, both features that don't appear to be in the game you uploaded. The game you supplied in the zip file appears to be called tinopoly. I did figure out the answer i was looking for though: fctn+9(back) to cancel an action and return to the menu to pick something else to do this turn. Also, you can cycle through your properties owned with the arrow keys(e&x).
  3. This looks like a really good game! Is there a manual for it? How do i cancel a selection, say for selling a property or building, and go back to the main turn-menu?
  4. The /4 has 256 bytes more RAM, due to not having a built in lower case character set.
  5. @FarmerPotato Curious about that template on your 4a keyboard.
  6. And again, i'd still say the bee from Honey Hunt 🙂
  7. Team Honey Hunt! lol ... Yes i realize i have no chance.
  8. Thats my point exactly though. I don't want to sift through that huge collection. There was, until recently, a collection called "The Classids" but i never got around to downloading it, and it has since been removed from itch.io ...
  9. Can anyone tell me if there is a collection of classical music in .sid format? Please note, i am not talking about premade .d64 or .d71/.d81 images, i just want the loose .sid files, then i can copy them over to my mmc-replay and use its sid player to play them right off the card.
  10. Me, when working on Honey-Do list items left by the Mrs...
  11. I thought someone here had suggested that there should be a maintained list of pages for Stuart's web browser, and updated as new pages were found. I can't seem to find that list. I did find some links mentioned here, but i thought there were a few more recent pages found/created since then that also work on the browser. Since i'm here in this subject, i'd also like to run this idea past the users here: Would anyone be interested in interactive fiction, delivered by a <99ml> webpage, episodically? (Think like the old Fighting Fantasy books from years ago.) Various links could be interacted with to lead you down a selected path. The idea being that the game/story would be delivered chapter by chapter, as it is ready. As demonstrated by various <99ml> webpages like "the valley" page, we could even spruce up the story with custom graphics.
  12. Did not feel like starting a thread for this, so asking here hoping someone can help: I used the ignore feature on a thread i was tired of awhile back. Now, i have no idea how to "un-ignore" it. Where can you see a list of topics you've chose to ignore? I can only find a similar setting for ignored members. I sent a message to @Albert but have not heard anything back.
  13. I intended this thread as a catch all for all different versions. Since you say your version can definitely have a switch installed, that is the one i would do, if i ever did it.
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