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  1. I am looking for any games made for the TI in the following languages: Forth Fortran Logo I know there is a game called Darkstar written in forth, would love to know if games written in Fortran and Logo for the TI are out there.
  2. Now we need some health and ammo packs Looking awesome. Never would have envisioned something like this on the TI, major props to you @Asmusr!
  3. How is using CALL RUN() different then XB's RUN"device.filename" for extended basic programs?
  4. Went to purchase a second speech synthesizer for my other TI, could not believe the price. No way am paying $100+ for it. Of coarse though, it was a NOS one, with box and manual. All the other synthesizers I found were bundled with $120+ consoles.
  5. Yes, tipi + sidecar sams + disk based megademo = sams version worked. Did not let the whole thing run, but it booted. Watched the first minute or so before i killed it and went back to XB.
  6. OK, now it shows sams detected 🙂
  7. Just tried the disk version of the megademo and picked 512k version, its working. Where did you get the v1.5 memtest? The one on https://www.jedimatt42.com/downloads/32kexptest.zip Only seems to be v1.3
  8. Hmmm. Took the speech off, took off the sams and tipi sidecar, opened it up, nothing looks out of place there. Put it all back together. CALL TIPI from RXB works ok now. So does RUN TIPI"..." and OLD TIPI. Loose connection i guess. (?) The memtest definitely does not say anything about sams detected. From RXB, i can do CALL AMSINIT and SIZE, it shows the expected results. Have not tried running anything sams specific like "in the dark" yet though.
  9. Going to re-open up the tipi & memory enclosure, have a look around....
  10. Downloaded it from matts download page, going to try it now. It says its v 1.3 , i am not running the burn in test. So far so good. ... " Pass >0001" ... "all 32k passed"
  11. Isn't that only testing the 32k, not sams? I have dsk of AMSTEST4 too.
  12. I am having a issue using RXB 2015E + Sidecar SAMS + TIPI. This did not start happening until i opened up my 32k and tipi case and swapped the 32k card for the sams card: First time i try to load something from tipi in RXB, like OLD TIPI.MYSTUFF.TEST1 results in a error (i o error 3 i think? Don't remember but it does not load like it should. TEST1 is just a program image XB program.) Trying the same command immediately again in RXB after the error, the program loads. I can go into TI Extended Basic from a fresh boot and use the same OLD TIPI.MYSTUFF.TEST1 command, and it works fine. Same thing for CALL TIPI: from a fresh boot of RXB, the first CALL TIPI fails. The next CALL TIPI works. Likewise, RUN "TIPI. (whatever) ..." fails the first time. Second time it works. I have console, speech, 1mb sidecar sams (arcadeshopper) + micro-usb to barrel adapter with old 32k sidecar power supply, tipi (fresh copy of latest sd image, updated to 2.6), RXB 2015E from finalgrom. Not sure if this is a tipi issue or a RXB issue. May be something on the TIPI side, timing on startup? TI XB may be just enough slower on the initial pull that it always works, while RXB may be just enough faster that it fails on the first try--but succeeds on subsequent attempts? As i have not started using RXB day-in and day-out yet, just testing it out every now and then, i will stick to using TI Extended BASIC for now; But i do hope to figure out what is causing this issue.
  13. I actually have a cuecat laying around in one of my boxes of old pc stuff. Don't have the keyboard mod on my TI yet though. Makes me want to create a simple game in TI BASIC, and sell it as a deck of barcode cards. One side of the cards would have barcodes and a identifier on the top border ("#0001" , "#0002" etc). The reverse sides, when put together in a square layout like a puzzle, would display the BASIC listing that you could type in. The deck box would be fashioned to look like a miniaturized TI Solid State Software module box. (Or in this case, "Card State Software")
  14. Just got my sidecar SAMS in the mail today. @tdididit, excellent work on designing this. Can't wait to try it out.
  15. Thanks @sparkdrummer, will check it out after work.
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