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  1. Lets see how many here remember these: los luchadores https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUmWwXws9z4 mann and machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wtb-J89aUco viper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0gKYPxAw4o action man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0rPQkS34Ak Bonus points if you remember this from CBS story break: Ratha's creature https://youtu.be/div-aH50vzc?t=354
  2. For now, i'll skip the dsr update. I mainly use TIPI to load games into xb and a couple of EA5 games. As long as i can keep doing that, i'm happy. I may someday try to get a memory+tipi combo from arcadeshopper, as i could always use it on my second TI. By the time i purchase that, the newest dsr should ship with it. Thanks for your hard work and dedication @jedimatt42 .
  3. Honestly, if the only improvement to the new classic99 was better speech synth playback, i'd be perfectly happy. Admit it Tursi, the speech in classic99 stinks and you know it . Nothing against mame, but its just overkill for what i need/want. JS99'er is good, but i hate web apps of any kind to honest. I'm just to old school for my own good i guess. (Not to mention it runs choppy on my android phone, so i can't use it on the go. And if i'm in front of my pc, i may as well fire up classic99.) Win994a is/was pretty good, but since classic99 supports wav file tape playback, i don't use it hardly at all anymore. It IS still better at playing back speech then classic99 though without firing up mame / js99'er. Totally up to you, but i don't see why you keep the ti99 v2.2 emulation around? Does anyone really even use this part of classic99?
  4. To transfer the files, you copy them over to a SD card from a pc. Your card should be FAT16 (cards up to 2GB) or FAT32 (4GB+). I've had the memory expansion on my system for awhile now, so i tend to forget about it as a requirement on some things; it is just 'there' and works when needed. As far as i know, you'll need the memory expansion for both of the files i posted. If you need a memory expansion for your TI, i suggest getting one from ArcadeShopper.
  5. May i suggest the 'Don't Mess With Texas' mega-demo, and perhaps a copy of Flying Shark to "break it in" when it arrives? fshark8.bin Megadem8.bin
  6. Want to learn good coding etiquette and practices? Study python. Nothing like your program not working as expected due to improper indentation to make you pay more careful attention next time around.
  7. The deeper down the TI-99 hole you go, the more surprises you find.
  8. I have the 1mb SAMS sidecar, and was wondering what program i need to use it as a RAMDISK with XB / RXB / XB G.E.M. ?
  9. I don't get what these 512k versions of some games are? They work with the finalgrom, or some other cart hardware? I usually just download the *_8.bin versions and put it on my FG99.
  10. I've been using this .bin file on my FG99 without issue:
  11. @Omega-TI, yours is marked private by the way.
  12. I found a neat game for TI (and other platforms) on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/projectWormMaze/posts/1331868543652318
  13. @Tursi, @Omega-TI I tried the versions both of you posted. I still have to un-attach all my sidecar devices to play the game. Looks like i'll be kicking that game off my FG99 SD card, not worth the hassles.
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