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  1. I too thought my TI setup was complete when i got my TIPI. Then along came the SAMS 1mb memory for the sideport (TIPI compatible, replaces the 32k). If you find yourself using RXB a lot, you are going to want one, as RXB can use it to its fullest extent. Also, "The Don't Mess With Texas" mega-demo has a version that can use the SAMS card.
  2. As i understand it, it works like this: TI Basic(or XB) statements >> gpl opcodes >> machine code (literal stream of 1's and 0's) Even if you code directly in gpl, it still gets turned into machine code at execution.
  3. Just pointing out that you seem to have misspelled the game name in the zip file name, the bin file inside is also misspelled (champiomask vs champiomax). Thank you though for this awesome game, and all the others you have done!
  4. I have a 25 us$ card for subway I don't want. I am willing to pm the card code and pin to whoever pm's me wanting it first. I would appreciate trading it for Google play points code.
  5. Could you also compile the first Alfie game? https://atariage.com/forums/topic/309491-new-ti-basic-game/
  6. Nice game you got here. 🙂
  7. Have you cleaned the cartridge port? http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/minimem/cart_fix.html Does the TI reset on 6,7,8,9,0 key presses when no cartridge is inserted as well? Do you have a true mechanical keyboard in your TI or the later membrane-style keyboard? The membrane is known to go bad over time, could cause the type of behavior you describe (letters and numbers not pressed by you appearing on screen), but i don't think this in itself could cause a reset. Maybe a bad trace or short on the keyboard's circuit board somewhere? It might also be a system ROM chip going bad.
  8. What about a side port splitter? Greg has one in his shop I believe.
  9. Well, the TIPI can't do this ☝️ that i know of, so that's a good selling point for me 🙂.
  10. I find the best way to detect the FinalGrom99 is the visual inspection method .
  11. I'm honestly surprised Nintendo has not tried to squash the Tilda project yet.
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