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  1. Would you consider adding to the web-interface, the option of performing a tipi update? This way i could update without needing to power on my TI setup.
  2. Necroposting for the win! (You said it, not me Ksarul) Nowadays, the TIPI approach is the way to go. Just use the web interface front-end from your PC to transfer your file from PC to TIPI, where you can then load it on your TI. If you know where you saved a file on your Raspberry pi SD card, it is easy enough to find it on the TIPI network share and transfer it to the PC.
  3. I don't mind them usually, until they chew a hole the plastic trash lid and eat half a bag of feed.
  4. Oh boy that looks good! Gotta go to work, i'll be sure to play with this asap! For some reason, this picture reminds me of the mountains from Legend of Zelda. 🙂
  5. Finalgrom99, TIPI, SDD99, Dragons Lair (Hey, it was a hardware release, can't deny that 😉)
  6. Good old time; The universal currency everyone never seems to have enough of.
  7. Back when i still loaded everything from CS1, i used CASSLOAD (part of funnelweb) and CASS24K2 by senior_falcon a ton.
  8. Sometimes i wonder, if the zombie apocalypse happens, should i just hang out at my work place? Surely does not seem to be any brains there.
  9. Interesting. Looking forward to seeing some XB/RXB games with TIPI Mouse support.
  10. Put in god mode, BUT, make it so that a user needs to private message/email the author to get the unlock code. Unlock code needs to be something complex, not something a keyboard-pecking kid could accidentally turn on.
  11. Someone can probably explain it better, but the disk system uses some memory. Classic99 is able to do a illegal value of 0 for CALL FILES(). CALL FILES() allocates memory for the disk system. Normally, setting it to 1 reserves the least amount of memory. I forget what CALL FILES(2) does, but i know CALL FILES(3) causes XB to write programs in Int/Var format. Someone else, please feel free to explain this better?
  12. In classic99, select XB as the cart. Do: CALL FILES(0) then, OLD DSK1.CC3 Then, CALL FILES(3) SAVE DSK1.CC3-IV [or use whatever filename you want] This will save the program in XB Int/Var format, which can be loaded from DSK or TiPi from XB. Here is the converted Int/Var file of your program Please keep in mind that CALL FILES(0) will not work on a real TI! CC3-IV
  13. Yay, it works! 10 OPEN #1:"PI.PIO" 20 PRINT #1:"HELLO, PRINTER!" 30 CLOSE #1 RUN
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