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  1. Has anyone recreated the special graphic characters of C64 PETSCII for the TI as either a loadable font of some sort or CALL CHAR hex codes?
  2. 1 MEM=MEM+8 2 GOSUB 1 Run this. It will report "* MEMORY FULL IN 1" after a bit. When that happens, enter PRINT MEM to see number of bytes of free memory. By using different line numbers you could add this to a program you are writing. When your program gets to this section, it will run out of memory, and PRINTing the MEM variable will tell you roughly how much more memory you have to work with. Be sure to remove the memory check lines from your program when done, or add a REM to them like this: 1 REM MEM=MEM+8 2 REM GOSUB 1 Please note this will test only the consoles built in memory. You can not use or test a external memory card like the 32k or 1MB SAMS card from Basic.
  3. Kinda reminds me of how you could pick a new palette on GBC for monochrome GB games by holding a D-pad direction + A/B at boot to get a different palette.
  4. A little off topic, but have you ever considered just how strange the concept of color really is?
  5. Has anyone tried to use cats to generate random numbers?
  6. I would like to see this implemented in a future TIPI update.
  7. If it fits when the FG99 is in place i'm sold.
  8. It would be fun to have something like Swords and Serpents for the NES on the TI.
  9. Do you have a way to capture a dump of it?
  10. I voted yes to 1., did not enter anything on option 2. I use github for downloading stuff that is hosted there, when needed. Not sure just downloading stuff counts as "using it" like the poll is asking, but too late to take back my vote now .
  11. As long as The Legend of Tilda gets released, 2021 should be a good year.
  12. Picked this up at a yard sale. Everything was marked "make a offer", rental property being cleaned out by land lord. I got it, a 4-ft. hdmi cable, and a few old power outlet strips all for $2 total. He really did not care how much he made on this stuff, just looking to get the place emptied asap. I am tempted to paint it with some sort of black and silver paint job, affix a TMS9900 ceramic cpu to it, & hang it by my TI desk.
  13. All i have to say is, "Holy 💩!"
  14. Just remembered, there is also Billy Ball Resurrection.
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