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  1. Will definitely keep you in mind. Unit should be here Wed/Thur next week.
  2. Not sure. Listing only had pictures from above. Are you going to be doing another run Jedimatt42's TI-USB-99 Keys anytime soon? May have to consider one if its a membrane keyboard.
  3. This picture is of the unit i just purchased from ebay. Looking between the key caps, i see white. Any ideas what type this one could be?
  4. So, i am the soon to be proud owner of a second TI, this one to be precise: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Texas-Instruments-TI-99-4A-Battleship-Gray-/264521171122?nma=true&si=alDoCeGGIh1nZhCuU%2B1AbreBAJ0%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Getting this one as a backup. I have a spare 32k, (not Jedimatt42 though, one of those slim-design ones without TIPI connector) will slap that in place on it once i give the console a good testing. Hopefully i have not purchased a lemon, but i doubt it.
  5. I'm pretty sure it needs Basic with T.E. II inserted.
  6. I (sadly) know at least one person who would get off on this type of pic.
  7. Is that your round TI disc to hold your beer/coffee? I like it 🙂
  8. I still have some carts, but mostly just use FG99. Not planning on getting rid of the carts though anytime soon.
  9. I know too well. I was "experimenting" as a youngen, totally unaware that i was being watched. Then my dad made his presence known, and yes, it changed the results of my experiment. What i was experimenting with will be left as a exercise in creative thought for the reader to ponder, and such thoughts are guaranteed to be random 🙂 .
  10. Is this the final version of the game?
  11. Need? I don't. Want? Yup. Why? Why not. May be fun to hack around with too.
  12. Wow. Great progress! I am SO looking forward to this 🙂
  13. That would be ideal for someone like me. Very interested in such a project. Was also wanting RS232, and almost decided on the Nano-PEB at first, but ultimately decided to go TIPI. If someone could make a board that sandwiches in-between the 32K (or future SAMS board) and TIPI to provide RS232 that would be great. Memory board > RS232 board > TIPI
  14. Someone should make a Gamebook / Pick-a-path book version of Oregon Trail. Title it "Decisions & Dysentery".
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