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  1. So, i find myself watching Fight Club for the umpteenth time tonight. And i think to myself, what f****d up world... What a f****d up movie. All of a sudden i have a need to find a support group. For the love of Christ, please... If you somehow have never seen this movie, don't do it. Don't watch it. EVER. You have no idea the depravity it can lead too.
  2. If anything in the 4a world deserves to be forgotten and burned with fire, it has to be M.B.'s Yahtzee. Really, i have seen better dice games on the TI written in plain basic. All the designers of Yahtzee would have to have done is, wrote a random number generating routine, and wrap some graphics around it all. How this sold as good as it did in cartridge format is a mystery to me. Maybe its just my years of tinkering with old Basic machines and knowing that the numbers are pseudorandom not true-random, but i literally can not force myself to play a computerized dice game anymore.
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