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  1. No bungeoppang (fish shaped pockets with sweet red bean paste)?
  2. I have around 20 cartridges for the 99, and the only one i ever use is XB. The rest are stored in a old box, along with a tape player and a tape containing a custom word list for M.B. Hangman on side A, and the TI Basic game Morphy on side B. If/when i ever get a FinalGrom99, the XB cartridge will get tossed in with the others.
  3. Kinda off topic, but i can't see starting a thread for it: Was a Skipbo game ever made for the 99? While i'm at it: How about DOS, the "sequel" to UNO?
  4. pretty sure those exist, for some models at least? http://wabbitemu.org/
  5. How this is supposed to be politically incorrect is beyond me, but Omega does present a interesting idea.
  6. How about the TI Magic Wand?
  7. July is here which means i'll have that old familiar tune stuck in my mind all month, "the star spangled banner" ... i mean, "To Anacreon in Heaven". Cheers, patriots!🍻 https://youtu.be/2MVYl8iy2Ic
  8. I just realized the new forum design does not seem to mark threads with attachments. I got used to clicking the attachment symbol beside a thread and scanning the list of files for any new goodies, without actually entering the thread.
  9. Yup, i know this feeling. The sole reason i finally had to install a newer linux was to keep using a few sites that just quit working. For the longest time, i ran Ubuntu 11.04 Natty until about 2 years ago, and had so many custom PPA's and compiled by hand hacks gluing Natty all together, it was basically just a digital house of cards. I brought in stuff from 12.04, a few things from 11.10, even some older 10.04 things... What ever it took to meet dependencies to install or compile things i needed. As long as you did not breath on it the wrong way, it worked for 99.9% of what i needed on a day to day basis. But, as i can no longer log into important stuff like bills, it was time to let it go... Partially at least. I now dual boot this extremely customized 11.04, along side Ubuntu 16.04 Mate. Maybe someday i will finally totally get rid of 11.04, but i just know it too good, used it for too long. As 16.04 is a LTS release, i plan on using it up to (and well past) the official "end of life", only upgrading from this when i can again no longer do day to day tasks. Even if it means using Windows from a VM and installing the latest browser in it, and using the internet from there, i'll do it, what ever it takes to keep from doing a system wide upgrade/reinstall for another year or two.
  10. So, i find myself watching Fight Club for the umpteenth time tonight. And i think to myself, what f****d up world... What a f****d up movie. All of a sudden i have a need to find a support group. For the love of Christ, please... If you somehow have never seen this movie, don't do it. Don't watch it. EVER. You have no idea the depravity it can lead too.
  11. If anything in the 4a world deserves to be forgotten and burned with fire, it has to be M.B.'s Yahtzee. Really, i have seen better dice games on the TI written in plain basic. All the designers of Yahtzee would have to have done is, wrote a random number generating routine, and wrap some graphics around it all. How this sold as good as it did in cartridge format is a mystery to me. Maybe its just my years of tinkering with old Basic machines and knowing that the numbers are pseudorandom not true-random, but i literally can not force myself to play a computerized dice game anymore.
  12. Completely off the top of my mind, but hey, what is this thread for, right? So there is a Deadpool 3 supposedly in the works. You know who i personally think needs their own dedicated movie? Qwenpool. Seriously, would a Qwenpool movie adaptation of the comics not totally kick a$$? At the least, give this character a cameo in Deadpool 3, just saying. It's either Qwenpool gets her own movie, or Hollywood can finally make the much anticipated movie adaption of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy. If was between those two, which would you rather pay to see?
  13. Lee, never thought about what you are asking, to be honest. Storing the longest known correct calculation of PI in a file and accessing it from the main program as a external data file seems to make a decent amount of sense to me. I suppose 1mb+ SAMS card users could calculate a fairly large( or not?) amount of PI though. I really have/had nothing in mind. This was just to hopefully create a spark in somebody's mind that may or may not lead to something useful.
  14. I have a interesting question for you here: I want to take PI, and allow the user to select a range, for instance from digit 50 to digit 200, and search for the number of times a certain digit appears in that range of PI's digits. If the number searched for is not found in the range requested, error message, else display number of occurrences. For instance, i should be able to tell the program to look at the range of 1st to 10th digits of PI, and have it look for 1, which should return the result of 2: 3.141592653 = 2 occurrences of 1 within range of 1-10 Ideally i would like to see this in BASIC / XB , but feel free to try this in any language you can run on the TI (Geneve users welcome to try also)
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