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  1. Lee, never thought about what you are asking, to be honest. Storing the longest known correct calculation of PI in a file and accessing it from the main program as a external data file seems to make a decent amount of sense to me. I suppose 1mb+ SAMS card users could calculate a fairly large( or not?) amount of PI though. I really have/had nothing in mind. This was just to hopefully create a spark in somebody's mind that may or may not lead to something useful.
  2. I have a interesting question for you here: I want to take PI, and allow the user to select a range, for instance from digit 50 to digit 200, and search for the number of times a certain digit appears in that range of PI's digits. If the number searched for is not found in the range requested, error message, else display number of occurrences. For instance, i should be able to tell the program to look at the range of 1st to 10th digits of PI, and have it look for 1, which should return the result of 2: 3.141592653 = 2 occurrences of 1 within range of 1-10 Ideally i would like to see this in BASIC / XB , but feel free to try this in any language you can run on the TI (Geneve users welcome to try also)
  3. Nobody has anything they use from Editor Assembler option #3 to share? Wow. I actually thought this thread would lead to some interesting posts.
  4. A little off topic perhaps, but judging by the sprites in the picture, is this planned to be a stage based beat 'em up (i.e. streets of rage), or more of a 1 vs 1 fighting game (i.e. mortal kombat)?
  5. Anyone have any "must have" programs that can only be used from Editor Assembler option #3? As of right now, i myself only have some occasional use of Super Save, which i have used to convert a few games i found in EA #3 to EA #5 format, and i have yet to try the web browser (which is in EA #3). So, is there any games or programs that you people use on a regular basis that needs EA #3?
  6. May not hurt to double check that the "cleaning pad" is actually not present in the cartridge port. I know you said it is a new system, but this can be a step that is overlooked by some people doing refurb jobs on TI's. Here are links to how to open the TI up enough to remove the pad: http://mainbyte.com/ti99/console/console_dis.html http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/minimem/cart_fix.html
  7. I never even thought of that actually. Wow, suppose that would be a bit silly now that i think of it.
  8. This is probably slightly off topic, but would it be possible to produce a single pcb with 32k+TIPI, thus only needing one PEBox slot? Ditto for sidecar, a single unit with 32k and TIPI built into one pcb?
  9. I have no idea why your TI froze running the game, but here is some advice for real tape use: You will need your tablet and speaker setup, plus a real tape player. Use a simple, short program for this if possible, until you find the right settings for your player. OLD CS1 the program into the TI, but do not run it. Swap out your tablet for the tape player. Ensure you get it hooked up correctly, and type SAVE CS1. There is fiddling to be done with the volume and tone controls on the tape player, but try first with mid-high (6-8 most players) volume, and middle (50%) tone. When finished saving, the TI should ask if you would like to check saved data. Rewind your tape do so. As long as the TI does not give error, you should be able to reload the program from that tape. Individual tape type can effect things also, but you generally want tape with a running time under 60 minutes and normal bias.
  10. Yes! I have been waiting for a version of this that will work with normal XB!
  11. Have you ever wondered why the "dang" in danger is pronounced differently then dang? In danger, it is said more like "dane"(like the dog)+"ger" ... Either danger should really be pronounced more like "DANG"+"er", or the word dang should really be pronounced as "Dan" , with a hard G at the end.
  12. The best purpose: $$$ , stick them on ebay.
  13. I hear that loud and clear. I started off with a stock console, loading anything and everything over cassette/wav file. Then i got a 32k card, and that opened up a few more possibilities. Then i got TIPI, because i figured finding a working PEB and disk drive would be too much hassle. I am considering getting a Finalgrom99, but i have to wonder about "the ship of Theseus" i may be in for if i keep upgrading my system... At what point does a system become so upgraded that it is no longer the original system? So far, i can safely remove everything i have done to my ti and go back to a true stock console. I feel upgrades like the F18A may be beneficial but not really needed, as long as the "upgrades" they offer can be properly emulated by software on modern emulation solutions; no need to ruin perfectly good antique hardware for a handful of games that can be played without issue in a emulator.
  14. That was the whole idea behind emoticons, no? Maybe try using them to better express yourself ? Just saying !
  15. Wico's the boss is OK, but prefer the ball tops myself. I keep one as a spare, for use in 2 player games and to take to my C64 when i don't feel like unplugging the ball top from the TI.
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