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  1. The crew at the Antic podcast says these work very well. https://www.retrotink.com/product-page/2x-mini https://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-episode-74-name-wars
  2. I refactored the program to take advantage of FastBasic's built in PMGraphics functions. I didn't have to do the special test on row 21 for the collision test. And using MSET and MOVE are very fast at making vertical changes. Negating the need for the machine language routine. Thanks again for the help.
  3. Thanks. It's mostly working now. Collision detection is a little weird. Watching the value displayed once P0 collides with the playfield's text, changes to 1 instead of 4. So changed the repeat to check 53252 = 1. But it stops when y=21 because it changes to 1 there. So changed the repeat to 53252=1 and y>21. And it works fine. Don't understand why it is set to 1 after the first loop. But is 0 for all the rest. I know FastBasic offers PM support. But, I'm trying to learn two languages at the same time. Assembly from an old assembly book which has examples in Atari Basic. And FastBasic by converting Atari Basic programs to FastBasic. I chose to not use the PM features in FastBasic because they won't be available in Assembly.
  4. SKR, I was reading the hex values in memory using Altira's debugger. TGB1718, thanks for the help. I added the PLA back to the beginning. Your Data statements are the same as what's in the book. But it still hangs. I've attached my FastBasic program. I ported it from Atari basic. Tried the program in Atari Basic as it is in the book, and it works. Not sure what I've done wrong. collision.atr
  5. I'm trying an example program testing PM Collisions. The program has a machine language routine it calls to speed up moving the player vertically. But it isn't working for me. And I still don't have a good grasp of assembly to under stand why. One thing I noticed is the book had two PLA statements at the start of the routine. That caused the program to hang. Removing one of them stops it from hanging. But the player doesn't appear to move. In fact I don't see the player at all. The line it is called on is st=usr(adr(dli),pb+512+y) DLI HEX: 68,68,85,cc,68,85,85,cb,a0,14,b1,cb,c8,91,cb,88,88,c0,ff,d0,f5,60
  6. Well, it worked fine this time for both FB and FBI. Thought maybe TD Line being on caused the problem the yesterday. But it works as well. At this point, I don't know what I did wrong yesterday. But it works now. Thanks.
  7. Hmmmm. I did try it before posting. It went crazy for me when I loaded FastBasic. And the editor was all wrong. But I was running it in Altirra. And it was running the integer only version. I'll try again.
  8. Does anyone know if there is an option in FastBasic to make it work with the SDX con64 display driver?
  9. Sorry. Didn't take time to research what you meant by relocatable. Just wanted to test the program.
  10. Thanks. That got it to work. By the way, the new handler appears to cause a conflict which stops FastBasic from loading.
  11. I just tried both programs in Atari Basic. The second gives error 136. The first just a black screen. I booted from the n-handler disk from irattaonline. FujiNet is running the latest firmware. The disk’s DumbTerm basic program worked. Are you two using something that hasn’t been released yet?
  12. Thanks. I found out why it was flickering. It only occurs if I have SpartaDOS X with TD ON. I turn it off and it works fine.
  13. Some more information. This is running on latest Altirra using xl/Xe os and Basic roms. And Rambo 256k to simulate my real hardware. I rewrote the program with Atari basic. Same results. Except reset resulted in losing the program. I noticed the exercise mentions it is more for the 400/800 and basic rev a which lacked an antic mode 14 graphics object. Changed Altirra to mimic an 800 with the Atari rev cart. Loaded the basic program and get a black screen without flickering. But Altirra crashed when I reset to exit the program.
  14. Atari Assembly Language Programmer's Guide by Allan Moose and Marian Lorenz Publisher is Weber.
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