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  1. Hello, please add me to the list for a cases cartridge for LynxII, thanks a lot!
  2. No I´m not the guy in the photos. I like to have one of these cases, and I placed an order on kickstarter. But the campaign needs more support. I know it´s very special and of the first view it looks weird, but I think there are some people like this.
  3. What do you think to play your favourite games like Red Dead Redemption for Xbox One in a train, cafe or hotel room? This device works with PS4 and Xbox One!
  4. some pics playing in a train and hotel room.
  5. I reserved a game case for me, but the campaign needs more power. So please share this campaign or better support and reserve a game case. I have some new pictures from the manufacturer who also lives in germany like me.
  6. There is a very cool project on kickstarter at the moment for a game case to take your playstation4 with you on travel.
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