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  1. Combat for sure. So much potential there for something like Battlezone meets Metal Slug. Mine: 5. Crystal Castles 6. Checkered Flag 7. Yar's Revenge (Imagine a POV scrolling 3D shooter through barriers)
  2. Thanks, that makes sense. Did the Flashbacks really sell more than that? Like by a lot? I'd have guessed 50-75K, but maybe that's a crazy number. I'd like to think they can bring those games over somehow, someday.
  3. This came up in another thread but it would seem like Atari could easily launch something like Stella onto the VCS as a download/update that would allow for games to be processed via USB or other input, similar to the Flashbacks. On licensing, I have no idea how that works but I will say they should prioritize getting as many Activision games on the VCS as possible. It's a huge hole in the content library right now, given the mass appeal many of those games had.
  4. I received mine in June, as a birthday gift. By way of background, I am old school gamer raised on Atari, arcade, and NES, as well as Sega Genesis and computer games. I have drifted in and out of using various consoles and gaming over the years. So heading into this, I had very low expectations. Part of that was born from the lead up and negative PR it got (mostly in hot take YouTube reviews), part of it was comments on this and other forums about lack of development, delays, inept or nonexistent support, Atari as a concept and company, etc. Ultimately, I am very happy with it. I enjoy the retro feel, modability, and performance so far. I have two kids under ten who I am slowly introducing to games and this was a great match. I had a series of Flashback machines and the like but those don't compare at all, in my opinion. My kids have fallen in love with games like Unsung Warriors and the classic controller, which takes me back to 1985 or whatever. It's a simple system that I plan to add emulators and other things (Batocera, etc) to over time. And I will freely admit I was not interested in buying a new console until I saw the combo of things here tied to Atari and retro/indie gaming. That has currency to me, and I know 99.9994% of the games are available on other platforms and that this current Atari isn't old Atari and all of that. Right now I use it for what I'll call casual daily or at least 3-4x a week gaming, not really active up on the Sandbox mode/PC mode side yet but plan to get to that soon. I enjoy knowing I can tweak that if I want to. To close, I am excited for the new games that may be on the horizon for the VCS and am enjoying going back in time with my kids on games I loved via the Vaults or Antstream, and hope more people will make their way to the platform over time so new content, hopefully, will keep coming. I know that there are other consoles, like the Amico, coming along that could fill many of my same asks but none of those games did anything for me and Intellivision was never a love of mine; Atari and Nintendo were. I look forward to playing the VCS more and while it will likely never capture the imagination of the gaming world it does all I could ask, and looks pretty good doing it.
  5. Good to know, thanks. Hopefully they announce it once it drops via an eventual system update or whatever.
  6. Good catch, I hadn't seen that. Makes me wonder if some of the flash drives I have with old 2600 ports (and a couple with NES games) would work. Those needed Stella but given that it is one of the most common emulation platforms, it would surprise me if it didn't work. May try that tonight.
  7. Off the top of my head: Combat (i could see a grown up version of the mobile game that came loaded free being a nice addition) Crystal Castles (optimized for the classic controller would be ideal, also a possible free game) Berzerk as a 3D shooter A killer racing game, like Pole Position VCS Yars Revenge
  8. Yeah this was both unsurprising an disappointing, as it seems like if there was one landing to "stick" here it would be the classic controller. That said, while I was sharing the YouTuber's view after his first video this one seemed a bit....sensationalized. I get it, it's missing the metal rod that appeared on the Medium site. But that was never codified as THE solution they went with, and I haven't seen dozens of reports of sticks snapping off (did his even break? I can't actually pin that down). Bottom line: they rushed it. That was evident from about mid-November on, when the Medium posts got more breathless and random orders started shipping. I also think, however, they have done the testing that they claim in his 2nd video to improve the initial quality. That said- they still need to QC the hell out of this thing because having classic controllers claimed as "new and improved" snap within days of purchase would be a tough meme to shake. Side note: watching random YouTube takes of the VCS has been one of the hidden perks of this thing. Can't get over how many people who pre-ordered this, and ostensibly knew of it's capabilities, are "pleasantly surprised the classic controller doubles as a paddle- cool feature!"
  9. I guess my fascination with this stems more from the fact that someone active in THIS community, who is active in the gaming conversation and who has an opinion on various systems, etc., would not have a PC. That is a new one for me. Richard, as you say, I totally get that people rely on smartphones now- who would NEED a PC, as a rule, anymore, at home? Not essential. But I kind of find it shocking that a person who is an active gamer of his age would not have owned one. No judgment, just surprising. And I am happy to help the guy.
  10. This is great. Also, they really, really need to get the Activision games on there. Stat. Maybe like a $9.99 Vault in the store for about 50-75 titles across arcade/2600/5200 releases. I don't remember any epic 7800 releases from Activision but I may be overlooking that. To my memory I only remember Double Dragon and Rampage.
  11. I would love to see this too. I am getting more active into gaming again after a spell away and there are several I'd love to play. There are some stellar ones out there. What is that Indie Game streaming service on the VCS? Maybe make it a channel there?
  12. Completely, also he says: "I've never had a PC before." Um. Wut? How can anyone born after say 1950 have never owned a PC? Ludicrous. Surely he's USED one. I mean that statement alone should lead one to presume his account was either hacked or he is doing some kind of prank.
  13. I'm stumped. What is this?
  14. Very reasonable review and well detailed. It confirms most of my suspicions (and hesitations) about it: slow frame rate for modern games, clunky hardware built in (meaning it would start showing its age after about a year, if not immediately), noticeable controller lag and cheap materials undercut their utility. I consider myself an aspiring hobbyist and a collector of sorts, thus why this thing appeals to me. I suspect any purchase of a VCS will have to be done simultaneously with adding RAM though. I have no idea how this thing will last as they continue adding more advanced games to the Atari store with that tiny amount of base memory.
  15. He's one of strangest reviewers out there for me. I often find his stuff hilarious, but I can't reconcile the fact that half the time, I feel like I'm back in high school and he's some guy trying to sound cool while saying next to nothing. 1/3 of that review is him just talking about how the controller feels hollow. We take the long route to that assessment.
  16. I've wondered about this too and got about 3 ideas. 1.) Increase the RAM and improve the processor. It would bump it up a level and make it more competitive with what's on the market now. 2.) Significantly increase the available games and Atari IPs. Maybe offer discounts or incentives to support Indie titles. I'm not paying $24.99 for Guntech, say. But if Atari gave an incentive for my 3rd purchase, like 25%, as a sign up bonus? Maybe. 3.) Find a way to optimize the classic controller for a modern title that comes included with the console. In another thread we've lamented how Atari never had a mascot or sort of signature icon character they owned. A Mario, Sonic, Zelda, etc. While we can't make up for lost history, if they took a gander at a killer Yar's Revenge title for the VCS, or a modern twist on Crystal Castles that played up the Bentley character, it could cultivate a whole new generation in a new way. Finally, bonus suggestion, already mentioned: the price. $389 is a lot for a console with unknown capabilities, no games, and a company with a mixed reputation (or a total unknown to consumers under 25). If they bumped the RAM or processor but kept the price under $400, with more games, I think they'd find a lot more takers. There is an audience for this, they just need to make some tweaks and rebuild their reputation with consumers, invest in games, and forge a more lasting relationship with developers and the mod community. Modest asks.
  17. That sucks. Should I get one I think I'll pull a page from Super Nicktendo and use a virtual credit card (probably from Privacy.com) for the transactions. Won't fix all the security woes but gives me minor solace at least.
  18. Great review, and you are the first person to rightly point out accessibility issues. Atari has to fix that immediately. Completely unacceptable. A loud fan, 4k, glitchy connection, maybe a software update can address that. But no console should go to market without accessibility options.
  19. This is great, thanks. Just throwing it out there, and defer to you, but maybe there's an icon (like an asterisk or plus or something) we can use to denote titles that are exclusive to the VCS? I'm all for consolidating threads to relieve forum space.
  20. Updated as of 1/7; Sir Lovelot (exclusive to VCS until March 2021) Thrustlander (exclusive to VCS until July 2021) Chaos Chassis (coming in 2021) Missile Command Recharged (VCS version supposedly now optimized for classic controller and features new artwork and modified gameplay) The Sandbox (blockchain-based virtual world that has partnered with Atari with some limited character cameos and licensing, possibly to include a virtual hotel and bitcoin; likely not exclusive to VCS but sounds like a special edition of some kind; coming in 2021) Boulder Dash Deluxe (New version of classic port optimized for VCS; expected Q2 of 2021) Guntech (VCS version includes multiplayer option, additional levels, enhanced graphics, and gameplay options for VCS classic controller)
  21. Totally agree on these points. Atari needs to "stick the landing" with backers and pre-orders before they think they have some kind of a success to build from (the fact they could think this is a success, in itself, is mildly baffling). To your point about the Ouya, it is absolutely clear that they need to eat, sleep, and breathe in that discord with backers before they even dream of sending a second batch of consoles. If failed expectations and a perception that the juice wasn't worth the squeeze doomed the Ouya, Atari is rapidly careening towards that fate. But they have a slight chance to rebound. Not a sure chance, and the odds are frankly against them. But they have a slight chance of turning this into something if they take heed of the criticism and launch a better console at a competitive price with more games by mid 2021 and curry favor with existing backers. There is a path. And the tattoo...well. Yikes. I feel like I heard a saying once: "No ideas are better than bad ideas sometimes". There ya go.
  22. I dig the idea of selling the OS as a standalone around $100. Not sure what the market would be, but a totally low-risk move for Atari. The inclusion of an 8 core processor in the VCS, along with additional corresponding RAM and two controllers, at around $499, would probably win over a lot of the skeptics, if the company could get their act together, get some games that fit such a system, and really nailed development and delivery. Big "ifs", but it would essentially be doing what they kind of already tried to do; a baseline system at X price, then a spec'd out version for a bit more. If a "simple" or economy VCS like the one on sale today went to retail with a single controller at around $275, then the spec'd out full package was available for like $475-499, I think they'd hit two markets in different ways, provided (again) they have the games or access to games that would be expected. The next thing people criticize after the abysmal launch and somewhat underwhelming specs is the bare storefront. They need to address that ASAP.
  23. How did you land a free year? That's awesome. Everything I've seen placed the trial at 30 days. Glad you're enjoying!
  24. God great article. I forgot about half of those, especially the Atari comic guys. I was just trying to think, I cant think of a singular Atari character that appears across more platforms than Yar. Maybe that would seal his lore a bit. Though my nostalgia for the roller ball and skating rink where I played Crystal Castles is pulling me towards Bentley.
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