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  1. The Vs. mode is fantastic. The best sports game on the 7800, by a fairly wide margin, and also one of the most underrated titles overall on the ProSystem.
  2. Just wanted to second this. I have two NES style controllers, as well as the Robotron controller, and they are all amazingly responsive. Both are huge gamechangers in regards to the 7800 gaming experience.
  3. Wow! What a huge improvement this game would be over Sirius in the 7800 library. It'd be the definitive horizontal shooter, no doubt.
  4. So, I have come across a couple of good looking homebrew games for the Lynx, "Lynx Quest" and an isometric RPG "Lacim's Legacy". Are either of these commercially available, and are there any other games along these lines available for purchase anywhere? I know "Wyvern's Tales" will soon be releasing more copies, but that is more of a traditional JRPG. Is there anything out there that is available for the Lynx that is more in the vein of "Landstalkers" or "Legend of Zelda"?
  5. Loving the feel of this game so far. The main character moves at a perfect speed from one side of the screen to another, nothing feels laborious, and the mechanics are all very intuitive. I personally like the sword mechanic, though I'm sure some will prefer the sword being "swung" once per button push to attack. But I like the idea that he can run around with the sword extended, and ram into enemies, joust style! It's a bit more unique and is in sync with the other "Knight Guy" games. Gameplay wise, one of the first things I noticed is that the Knight Guy runs into most object to "activate" them. One of the first instances of this is the lever early on: For certain interactions - such as this one and "opening the chest" - it may provide a more interactive player experience to have to push a button to "open" or "activate". I am not sure if the 7800's 2nd button is going to be used for other "objects" later, but if not, perhaps Button 2 can be an "interact" button, where the main character can open/activate/talk to other characters. And if Button 2 is going to be used for something else, the sword button can just be used to activate special objects/items. Just had to say - love this guy. ^^^ Once the player gets the sword, this flying enemy ^^^ can be taken down with one hit, which makes sense. He's one of the first enemies you encounter, and you can see what your new weapon can do. But then when you get back to this Snake guy, what if he's the first enemy that takes multiple blows to kill? It wasn't immediately clear to me when other enemies later that took multiple hits to kill could be killed at all. This Snake character is perfect because he's acting as a sort of wall, so the player would intuitively try to keep moving forward until voilà - he's done. Then when you run into the more advanced blue version of this dude ^^^, you know it's going to take a few hits. After defeating Hothead, this ladder pops up that was "beneath" him, but it might make more sense to appear somewhere else on the screen? Or have a activation button beneath Hothead that "reveals" the ladder somewhere else on the screen? It is a bit disorienting as to what just happened when you defeat this mini-boss, then immediately go down a ladder taking you to a new area. Lastly, this spikey enemy is clipping through the bottom boundary. ^^^ And that's about all the feedback I have so far! Really incredible work so, I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that this is one of the most exciting homebrew concepts/titles I've seen in a really long time on the 7800. Looking forward to the next demo. Great stuff! 🤘
  6. No apologies necessary! Yes, the original post was absolutely open ended (regarding what's "missing" in the 7800 library). Someone had mentioned light gun games and racing games, and just in my reply (to that post specifically), I had mentioned wanting to see a showcase game in the action/adventure category. Sorry for the confusion!🙏
  7. I feel like the takeaway from this subject is that it is more of a development issue rather than a technical one when it comes to the possibility of the 7800 being able to run more advanced games like this.
  8. Rikki & Vikki is OUTSTANDING, and is the gold standard when it comes to showing what the 7800 is capable of for ANY genre, yes, I agree! Graphics, animation, sound effects, music....top notch. I was talking specifically about a "showcase" game in the action/adventure or action RPG category. Midnight Mutants - for all its good and bad traits - isn't exactly that. The lack of a save feature also hurts this particular type of game, and would be a welcome addition for any homebrew to take a stab at filling this category.
  9. More is always better! Although Alien Brigade is awesome as well as a few other light gun games. And there are definitely a handful of decent to solid racing titles. I just would love to see a "showcase" game in the action/adventure genre - just one! - to show what the 7800 is capable of in that category. Graphics/sound/control/gameplay - I am convinced the 7800 could produce a great 8-bit title that could more than hold its own against its NES and SMS counterparts. The only other glaring hole in the ProSystem library I can think of is a RPG.
  10. I actually sort of love this idea. A game that is - as you said - a 7800 hybrid in terms of complexity between 'Adventure' and 'Zelda'. Still would be super ambitious, but it seems to place the bar at a reasonable level.
  11. It's looking awesome Jaden! Congrats! I think the red pump stands out more against the background.
  12. Couldn't agree more about puzzle games! And I completely agree about Midnight Mutants as well. It is the closest thing, but it doesn't quite hit the mark in terms of representing what the 7800 can do with the genre. It's not a bad game, it just feels like it's doing its own quirky thing. The controls and gameplay aren't up to par with games like Zelda and Golden Axe Warrior, the visuals are a bit muddy, and the story and dialogue are campy with a sort of tongue-in-cheek B-movie vibe. To each their own, but a more heroic main character, vibrant color palette, and an engaging fantasy world - using that game's engine - may have gone some ways in increasing its appeal and overall player experience. Regardless, the 7800 deserves better!
  13. Sirius is so goddamn hard. You're right, it is nearly unplayable. Not for fun anyway. Plutos would be helped A LOT by music, agreed. I think Plutos and Dark Chambers would get my vote for titles that would benefit the MOST from some background music!
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