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  1. I keep getting this error message. Is there a more recent build of this editor that is stable? It repeatedly happened on the v 33 as well.
  2. I see. So is this placement just temporary? Are the colors temporary? Because the house is floating in the air right now. Can we get the house looking more like this, and not so flat? Let me know what I can do on my end to give you what you need to make it work....
  3. Why are the colors so limited? Don't we have 25 to work with? Also the house is squished vertically. How can I help to fix that?
  4. Ok. So it's at 72dpi. You want it at 144dpi, 48x32, correct? And then if you have a palette to work from that'd be helpful. I believe we are keeping it to 25 colors, yes? On a 256 color palette?
  5. Here is a more simplified version, using less colors, with a screenshot to show it at 1600%. Let me know if any of this works for what you need, and I can make more houses, bushes, backgrounds, etc....
  6. Ok, I am starting to see how this works a little more. Attached is my original drawing at 48"x32", and then the reduced version at 48x32 pixels.
  7. I was wondering this myself. Is it possible to obtain this?
  8. Ok great. So then what is the overall "canvas" size, so that I can understand the character or background element relationship to the overall screen size? Is that the 160x240 size? Also, which 25 colors should I use?
  9. I don't understand what "tiles" means. Do you mean like if I want an image, just build everything in 8 px by 16 px tiles? For example, if I wanted the happy face attached, break it up into multiple images?
  10. Which dimension spec is it? 160 x 240 or 320 x 240? Do you have a color palette to send me so I can know which 25 colors to use? I'm guessing this is for the houses trees, bushes, etc.. Is the total screen size the 160x240? So anything I draw within that size will be relative to the screen size?
  11. 8x16 px? Really tiny. 72 dpi? RGB? Then these are are fused together? Forgive me, this is all 100% new for me.
  12. I am eager to help create I'd love to help create some graphics for this game. I can help with creating pixel (raster) or vector based assets, backgrounds, etc....however I've never done any work on a homebrew before. What format is used? What sort of specifications can you give me? Let me know the parameters, and I'm sure I can do what needs to be done to make this game look incredible!
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