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  1. That was my 1st post and I definitely do appreciate everything that has been done with the Super NT and I also own one from the 1st preorder. I really hope you are not saying higan is a copycat because the Super NT probably wouldn't be as accurate as it is today without the work that byuu (the creator of higan) has done.
  2. Thanks F34R I updated the image links to show the images. I posted the rgb-01 link twice and for some reason I can't edit my original post anymore to fix it. Here is a image of the rgb-02 motherboard:
  3. Awesome that you have almost every game working correctly now. Since most of the bugs are almost worked out is there any chance that you could add support for 128kb of vram? The snes only had 64kb of vram but the ppu in the 5a22 (original 2 chip systems) did support the extra vram but Nintendo only used 64kb ram chips for the vram. Higan the most accurate snes software emulator created by byuu supports this feature and I think the Super NT should also support it. This feature alone could possibly help increase future sells of the Super NT and it could possibly help kickstart the development of new games for the Snes. New games can be created to use this new feature and current games can be easily modified to use this new feature as well. I am a hobbyist computer programmer and I have already made a snes game support the full 128kb of vram and I am working on 2 different level editors (mmx1 and the 7th saga) to also support this feature. I also have all 5 of the original snes systems modded to use the extra vram and as far as I can find a online I am the only person online to have actually modified the snes for this. It has been thought that the snes could support the extra vram but no one has done it to actual hardware until now. Here are some pics of real hardware modified for the extra vram: I have also modified a snes debugger nSide created by hex_usr (built from higan and leviathan source code that are both created by byuu) to support the extra vram for debugging. If this feature is something that you might consider adding to the Super NT I will be willing to ship you one of these modified snes consoles for free for testing out the 128kb of vram feature. I really hope this is something that you would consider adding. To all: How do I edit links on this forum to show pictures for everyone to see instead of posting links?
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