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  1. A real classic this week, used to play this to death, still as smooth as silk now, great game...
  2. Whoops forgot to post my latest show here for a while, I dont think anybody actually reads this, so no harm done... if you do let me know hate talking to myself...
  3. Well done Anthony on five years on what must be the most amazing forum post ever! Your support for the Neo Geo is just outstanding, and I appriciate all your efforts, keep it up my good man for as long as you can stand it A little extra show from my channel just to show my massive thanks to you and everybody else who still loves the Neo Geo.
  4. A brand new Commodore 64 game, its like I never grew up... you never loose the love of a new Commodore game...
  5. Ninja Ryukenden for the PC-Engine, little to hard for me to find truly great, but its still a pretty good time.
  6. Merry Christmas one and all... Might have been better to review a good game, but I didnt know.
  7. Something a little newer this week with Forza Motorsport for the XBOX... First chunky review of year 2...
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