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  1. Hey everyone, Can anyone please help me or recommend someone who could? I am trying to repair two Sears Video Arcade II controllers. These are Atari 2600 controllers that function as both paddle and joystick. This boot fits around the potentiometer for the paddle function and activates the joystick directional controls. The boot has four pieces that reach out to do that. Unfortunately, they have not aged well after nearly 40 years and are flexible at best, nearly snapped off at worst. I wonder if there is anyone who has 3D- printed a piece like this, or someone who could help make the design file. I'm afraid I know nothing about how to do so. Any input is appreciated. Thank you!
  2. is the wireless controller still available by any chance?
  3. Don't know how I missed this thread. I had that Gobots cap gun as a kid and have not seen one in years. Thank you for all your generosity, I know it is very much appreciated by everyone!
  4. The tops are gone. Thanks everyone!
  5. sethbramwell


    Just wondering if you ever got an answer to this. I'm in need of one myself. Thanks!
  6. May I ask where you found one? I'm in need of a TIA myself. Thanks!
  7. It's finally finished! The joystick arrived from China after months of waiting. Everything is up and working! I tried to add the right difficulty switch, but unfortunately the board seems to be permanently shorted in easy mode no matter what I do. Ah well, I'm happy it's done and in one piece!
  8. Hey everyone, I have a Vader and a 4 switch woody top half shell. These are only the top halves and are leftover from a few projects. I have no use for them but did not want them to go to waste so I thought I'd offer them up here. Just pay shipping ($13.50 medium flat rate box within US only). Please check out the pictures, these are not mint but may be nice just for the sake of a project.
  9. I will have to look into that. I had initially planned to have all switches on the back but convenience won out. I didn't know that both difficulty switches could be used for a one player game either. Thanks!
  10. Thank you! I found out my joystick (which was supposed be here in mid July) has been pushed back to September despite evidently having been in the US since June 24. It was my first time trying Wish and I doubt there will be a second but finding a joystick in the small size I wanted proved a lot more difficult than I thought. The control panel only measures 4 3/4 x 8 inches and of that only about 2 1/8 x 8 inches is available to mount the joystick and fire button. Thank God the 2600 hand simple controls!
  11. Interested in a pair of the earbuds if any are available. Thanks!
  12. So far, so good. My biggest issue is the joystick being on the slow boat from China, LOL. Thanks for the heads up :-)
  13. I had not realized that. Are those the later games?
  14. I was going to hold off on sharing this until the mini joystick I'm waiting for arrived, but it seems to have been delayed another 3 weeks (despite supposedly being in the US). At any rate, the joystick is the last missing piece so I wanted to share some pictures of this project. This is a bartop arcade that was inspired by AtariAge FaceBook member James Hamel who made cartridge holders that resembled miniature arcade machines. I wanted to take this idea and turn it into a machine that would play 2600 carts by inserting the cart into where the marquee would be. It took some doing, but here's what there is so far. I just need the joystick to come in. The switches on the front are, from left to right: Power, Difficulty, Color/BW, Game Select, & Game Reset. Some limitations: It will only handle one player games/modes with left player input and difficulty and only games with joystick input.
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