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  1. I have an extra controller from one of these that came in an ebay lot. They were detachable like the Inty 2 controllers. Never seen the console in the flesh, though.
  2. I like to try to tune it into an older TV as well. Unfortunately the only older TV I have is a small portable one with a 3.5 mm Jack for an external antenna. I can sometimes dial into it with an older console but it is very hit-or-miss.
  3. I've tried both. 3 gives better results.
  4. Yes, I am. It locked in to the atari successfully but there is still significant snow on the screen.
  5. Thanks, but I was able to get hold of one. It helps, but there's still snow in the picture. I'm working on recapping it.
  6. I have disassembled it and am in the process of cleaning everything. I am also recapping and replacing components as I had an extra recap kit for a four switcher sitting around. I at least now have a stable picture, just with a lot of snow. I'm hoping the recapping will help it. I did find the power jack had issues so I replaced it as well, and that helped. I received an original Atari joystick with it that is filthy and beaten up. to my surprise, as filthy as it and the controller ports were, it worked with no cleaning. I am able to control the game with it.
  7. I picked up a Vader 4 switch 2600 listed as for parts on eBay (actually won the auction without expecting to) as a project for the quarantine time. It came in really filthy condition with a bit of rust on the main board and rf modulator. I got nothing from it at first, but after messing with it a bit I got a very snowy and unstable picture. It's definitely reading the cart as I can see the outlines of the ms pac man maze and I can start a game and hear the sound. The RCA plug was cut off at the end of the cord, so I had to do a quick bit of Jerry rigging to get that much. I'm guessing it needs a recap but I'm not sure due to the condition of the cable. I had hoped to try it with a different RCA cable, but I didn't know that the hole on the board's jack was as shallow as it is. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks and stay healthy!
  8. I have used media mail on a few auctions I've sold before because sometimes it really is the most cost effective option. Mind you, I've only used it for books and records. Never had an issue.
  9. I think I'm good to share this here, but if it is not appropriate, please let me know. I have a buy it now listing for the following lot, and I'd actually like to seek some feedback on if I've priced it fairly: Mattel Intellivision model 2609. The console is missing one controller but works otherwise. The controller disc has wear on the surface please see the picture closely. The console has been cleaned inside and out. Mattel Intellivoice module with box and flyers. Serial numbers of module and box match. Box has wear and the tab to close it has been taped (See pictures) Boxed game of Major League Baseball. Includes directions and keypad overlays. Box has significant wear (See pictures) Loose copy of Tennis https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mattel-Intellivision-console-lot-Intellivoice-2-games-Working-READ-DESCRIPTION/184156472401
  10. This is a shell I made from wood based on the classic Coleco mini arcades. It's not totally faithful to that design, as it was designed to hold a cell phone running Mame4All. I had a small joystick from a modded PS2 thumbstick in the control panel. I hate to see it go, but I wanted to offer it for anyone that might be able to use it, maybe for a pi? I ask that you cover the shipping (medium flat rate box, 15.00) and that you let me know what you do with it :-) The control panel is removed (it was held on with two finishing nails) but will be included should you need a template for a new one.
  11. I had picked up a cheap intellivision on eBay a while ago that worked but was missing a controller. Since them I've been on the lookout for cheap parts unit to salvage a controller from. I found one a week ago on eBay for 34 shipped that was listed as not working... Lo and behold it works perfectly and is in better condition than my old one!
  12. Hey everyone, I have attempted to do the cartridge mod to the old FB2 unit twice in the past and twice failed. When I saw one at my Goodwill by the Pound store, I figured I'd give it one more go with what I had learned from the other two attempts (which were mostly destroyed solder pads). I re-soldered the connector I had laying around to a PCB with some wires that should work well, cut the opening in the case, ensured everything fit, and then went to start working on the FB board itself... only to find it was one of the pirate units that turned up in Kroger stores around 2010/2011. This was the first I had heard of these existing, and the thread about it was a fascinating read. Since the pads are not labeled on the board, I have no idea where to begin. I saw one post (linked below) where another member had the same trouble, but I can't seem to find if the pads were ever deciphered or if the mod is even possible. I assume it is, but I can't seem to confirm this. Does anyone happen to know if this was ever done successfully? If so, can any point me in the right direction? Thanks,
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