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  1. I just want to throw in my appreciation for your hard work on these controllers. I *love* mine and show it off to video game friends. It is beautiful and works perfectly. I hope others can get in on these before they disappear forever. We need more people like you!
  2. I have no skill in this area so I can't help, but this needs to be done! Someone, please work with Kalani on this! I need it!
  3. After A LOT of trouble, I finally got the pins straightened out in my second controller (mine came mashed in primarily in the middle row on the right side). I had to use a pen cap and a butter knife to get the proper alignment. It was my third time declaring, "This is a work of art!" before it finally slid in. Now I may never unplug that one. No such issues with the other controller. The controller with the pins mashed together also had the rattling inside the controller. Thanks to your post, I did a little research and saw how easy it was to open the controller up and I fixed that problem, so I now have two flawless repro Pros (plus my original Pro). Thank you for mentioning that you did that! (I might even have to start learning how to mod things for less expensive systems now that I'm not terrified of opening things up). Between these repro Pros and my new Opal Rotary Controller, my Jag is getting plenty more playtime these days!
  4. Sorry for the late review, but I *love* my Opal Rotary Controller! Thank you so much for making this. I didn't realize what a treat I was in for to finally play Tempest 2000 with it! So, uhh, serious question: seeing as how you've really made me upset that there is no PS4 rotary controller to play Tempest 4000 with, what are the chances you'll make one for the PS4? Do we even know if Jeff Minter put in code for a rotary controller in Tempest 4000?
  5. Got mine today. I won't be able to beat the stuffing out of it until this weekend, but I did put some time in on Doom and Rayman (the game I play the most). I have an original ProController that I've had since it first came out and here are the differences: the new one is shinier, although it might be because I've dulled the original over the years. And there might, *might* be the absolute SLIGHTEST need to press harder on the D-pad. That could be my imagination, though. Overall, it's an incredible experience and I'm super happy with my purchase. I might, however, have to contact the seller because one of the plugs wouldn't go into the port so I looked at the pins and a few of the pins were squished together. I'll try to separate them out first and see if they'll go in right. The other pad's plug slid in beautifully on the first try.
  6. I am on the preorder list and I just ordered through the website. I'm very excited! Thank you for your year-long work on this project!
  7. Thank you so much! I'm excited to finally play Tempest 2000 this way and I also just ordered Rebooteroids.
  8. Make that 4 - I'm excited to say I just ordered one as my first rotary controller!
  9. If I can find an affordable Battlemorph, I'll at least buy that before making my decision. Best Electronics appears to not have any in stock at the moment :-(
  10. My favorite system of all time is the SNES, so I would never part ways with it. Super Mario World and All-Stars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time, Mortal Kombat II, Tetris v Dr. Mario, and Starfox all get regular rotation from me still. The Jaguar has a lot of nostalgia for me, plus some unique games that I can't get enough of, like Tempest 2000, Rayman (my favorite version of it), Wolfenstein 3D (also my favorite port), Breakout 2000, Zool 2, Iron Soldier 1+2, and Super Burnout all spring to mind. Aside from these two consoles, I'm not sure anything is "untouchable" for me. I love the Dreamcast, but it just doesn't get much play from me anymore. The N64 has a few golden titles, but I've never been crazy about it. The PSone has some enjoyable titles, but outside of Ridge Racer I'm not sure I'd miss it. I learned to play on the 2600 and the NES, but I'm not sure the replay value on those is high enough for me to say I wouldn't give them up. The real playtime of retro games in my home is SNES and Jaguar.
  11. What are some of the homebrew CD-only titles that you recommend? I'm very iffy on parting ways with the CD unit because it does have a lot of nostalgic value to me, but I can't justify keeping it from someone else if I'm not really going to use it. Also, do you know where I can burn a boot disc?
  12. Okay, thank you. So I guess my last question is, where should I sell my CD unit? I don't need the highest amount ever, but a fair market rate, and I would rather it end up in the hands of someone who will play it, not someone who is just trying to hold on to it for monetary value.
  13. Thanks for all the tips! It sounds like I have some good cart action coming my way, but I'm still on the fence about the CD. Is Battlemorph alone a reason to keep it?
  14. Since getting my Jaguar out of storage, I've been having a blast reliving the good old days. The Jag was the first console I ever bought for myself, so it certainly has a warm place in my heart. That said, I'm not trying to fill my Jaguar library with anything that is available on another console or computer, or games that just aren't that much fun. I am not a collector, it's just about retro fun that can justify the high price tag that these games command now. What Jaguar exclusives have been released post-JTS that are worth getting? Courtesy of Songbird's store, I have already added Iron Soldier 2, Breakout 2000, and Zero5. I'm pretty sure I want Rebooteroids and Jeff Minter Classics (even though it's not really a Jag exclusive). Anything else? What Jaguar CD exclusives are there that are worth getting? I didn't find my Jaguar CD unit until more recently, so is Iron Soldier 2 on CD worth getting if I already have it on cartridge? Are there any unreleased demos or other such cool things that I can get for the JagCD? Basically, I know a working CD unit fetches a good price and I would happily sell it to someone who would make good use of it—unless there's something cool that I would need the CD unit for. Games that were released during the Jag's "official" lifetime that I never played, but I am considering now: Alien vs Predator, Battlemorph, Defender 2000, Missile Command 3D, Power Drive Rally, Ultra Vortek, and Val d'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding. Have any of these games aged well—or aged poorly? Thank you for sharing your opinions!
  15. The Atari Age store has a version with the rotary on the front and one with the rotary on the back. Is there any real advantage/disadvantage to having it on the back? I have a spare controller already, so I'm not worried about the D-Pad being there or not. Also, does either of the Atari Age store options have detents?
  16. Thank you - despite looking great, there were enough small things that made me suspicious. I'll get the refund! Thanks again!
  17. Hi everyone! I recently took all of my childhood video games out of storage (where they had sat for 12 years) and I am thrilled to find that my Jaguar and Jaguar CD both still work! Almost all of my games were still in storage, too, but I've been adding a few that I didn't have, including BattleSphere Gold. I took a chance on an eBay auction since there is a return policy for fraud. The listing seemed legit, and the product I received seems very high quality, but there are a couple of things that make me think it might be a repro. I've included pictures of everything. 1. The box opens backwards (compared to other Jaguar boxes). 2. The label on the cart comes up around all the edges. 3. The "Gold" label is printed on the box (I always assumed it was a sticker, so maybe I'm in the wrong here). 4. Although the box claims a JUGS demo CD would be inside, it was not included in what otherwise appeared to be a brand new product. As you can see, the presentation is fantastic (including the full-color game manual), which is the only reason I question its validity. If it is a fake, they spent a lot of time making it look beautiful. What do the experts here say? Do I send it back for a refund, or is this the actual product? Thank you so much for your help, whether it's good news or bad news.
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