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  1. The Red Paint is probably red alkyd paint to prevent arcing due to humid air condensing in that area on the flass etc. Next time, round over the corners of your screw driver that you use for discharging. Or use a High Voltage probe with usually can flex a bit. And/or just repaint with Red Alkyd. Same goes for the Aquadag, the graphite based conductive paint. I damaged it on my Vectrex when I had the tube in the shower (as this paint is water based), panicked a bit and then found that this can be bought in spray or paintbrush applied form nearly anywhere. Opted for a spray (used Kontakt Chemie GRAPHIT 33 76009-AA) and there isnt even a seam left to see, also it works perfectly. I also recapped my 1084 (Philips, Mono, EU PAL) with a slightly adapted cap list based on the 1084-S list from Console5 (only the main filter caps are different due to 220V vs 110V and the audio board of the mono one is different, obviously, and mine is the one with no sharpness control at the front, so 2 caps arent installed in that area, too.. I can upload some pics later. Still waiting for the low ESR bipolar cap though, so i didn't perform the smoke test yet
  2. Bummer. Don't use Facebook, ans also don't want to use a fake account as I want NOTHING to do with this.. <insert swearword of your choice>
  3. Thanks for sharing! And also thanks for proposing to send me a new shell! But the curvature is not severe and I think i can print me a new one.
  4. My AgaCart has warped a bit too while being in the Storage, it was said the stl files for the printed parts was relased somewhere? I'd like to print me a new one on my Prusa.
  5. I have a Vecadapt and did play with some of my Genesis Controllers and yes, the Button Layout isn't optimal. On my first try with the NG-Controller I went further on my first live in Scamble than ever before.
  6. I built one, too, loosely from that tutorial/idea. In Contrast, I used spindle trimmers glued on the board, bent the outer legs of the pots upwards connected to there and I also drilled some holes (red circles in the image) to help route the cabling on the different sides of the pcb. Thus, I found it quite easy to assemble everything back into the case without cutting things from the case, and you can reach the spindle trimmers without removing the PCB from the case.
  7. Some of the 72 in 1 carts don't work with later (usually non-buzz) Vextrex models due to a different bios. At least that's what i've been reading here and there. Dont know if 2023598 is already in the non buzz region, mine is a european 3108xxx model and it is one. If there are no red bodge wires on the board, its a non buzz. Still, on my Veccy some retroelectronik boards with roms that I burned work flawlessly. So might be the cart socket.
  8. The Power board should align quite good without the need to bend or "place" it before putting the case back together. Usually, it sits in plastic guide rails that keep it pointed to the right position. Sure there is flex in the board and especially with the HV Transformer it will move, though. The sound, no image problem could be broken solder joints on the cables that connect the two boards, or even a simple problem with the on/off switch. Its switches 2 circuits, so if one of the internal switches is stuck (which is often the case due to gumming up of the grease in the switch this may be the result.
  9. Got mine yesterday, wasn't able to test it yet, as I am not near my Lynx, but I have to say te card looks sexy. Nice 3D Print quality, too! Thanks!
  10. Wasn't really able to film the wobble with my phone. Did you have any luck in the meantime?
  11. I'd like to buy one. Please add me to the list. Thanks!
  12. Got mine, too! Thanks Richard!
  13. I see what you mean, as said, i'll video my vectrex later this week. I also leveled the DAC offset with an oscilloscope to be as close to 0 volt as it can be, its a bit different on the later vectrex board, as there are now two seperate OP amp ICs instead of the dual one in the standard versions, but I have 0volt on both outputs.
  14. To some extend I have the same issue, fully recapped late non buzz Vectrex, and especially the Focus and Distortion Test is very wobbly, too. Not that much like in your vid maybe and there is no wobbly vector in the integrator test like on your video. I can make a short vid at the end of the coming week, as I am not near my Vectrex atm. Can't really make a comparison to how she behaved before recapping, as I didn't have the test cart then and only brought her up for a short test of minestorm after an initial visual inspection. For me, its especially visible in the test cart and with spinball. Scamble and Minestorm feel ok-ish. I have checked and re-adjusted the HV, was sitting around 5.8KV - will do a fine tune again but i think it might not be the reason for the wobbles. Integrator Caps maybe? Yours is a buzzing Vectrex, so probably still the styrofoam caps on the integrator? Mine has the red foil (?) caps so i left them in place. Or maybe the wobbling of the whole image on the distortion test is normal?! Did you tune the DAC offset yet? EDIT: if i watch this video i see quite the same "wobblyness" as i expecience with my vectrex. So this might actually be normal, but on yours it is way worse.
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