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  1. I saw this game live during the Zeropage homebrew stream. Excited to get my Hands on the Rom.
  2. Batari Basic doesn't work it always shows an error message when I try to start it and it's my first time programmming.
  3. I wan t to start programming games for the atari 2600 but don't know how. Help please. (Batari Basic doesn't work)
  4. I watched videos about old digitized voices and want to turn my speech to zx spectrum style speech. Does anyone know how? And how can I record my speech?
  5. I want to make homebrew games but I don't know how.

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    2. Inky


      lol @ godslabrat

    3. Gemintronic


      Modern systems are easier to learn. That's why I suggested it as a first step. Older does not equal easier. Pick a system that you enjoy and seek out tools to make games for it. Which old school console do you enjoy playing games on?

    4. ls650


      Take a look at the docs for one of the basics, Atari or Inty.

  6. After reading all comments I think I agree. It's up to the creator what happens to their art but I still think it's dumb that only around 200 copies are printed.
  7. Recently I was looking for homebrew games and noticed that many (not all) don't have a rom or I just didn't find them. And if there are no roms of These how does Atari age get their footage fot the YouTube channel? Why do many homebrew games don't have roms, and when they have where can I find them?
  8. Thank you all sorry that I couldn't read these messages for so long but my internet was broken.
  9. I'm doing things

    1. Atarian7


      That's a good thing to do.

    2. Pixel Toad

      Pixel Toad

      Nobody would say it isn't

    3. Keatah


      Needful things..


  10. I recently saw a commercial on Nintendo's Youtube Channel about the Shovel Knight Amibo. But in this Commercial they say that the Shovel Knight Amibo works on Wii U and 3DS but they don't say it's working on Switch. Before I buy Shovel Knight for Switvh please tell me is Shovel Knight Amibo working on Switch.
  11. Hi I downloaded a Batari Basic today and before i really start making games I have some questions. I didn't done much already with the Batari Basic but what I done is maked a playground and can you make a playground with multiple colors? And one thing I wanna know is how to save. I saved my progress multiple times but it saved it not in Batari Basic it save it in a folder, so how can I load my progress from the folder to the programm?
  12. I downloaded Batari Basic recently but anything is wrong with it. Everytime happens this, I start my first project, save it, Close Batari Basic and then if I start it again the message pops up "Hey this is your first time using Batari Basic blah blah blah" I do the introduction proove that I have Stella and Visual B and then all my sprites and commands are gone. Can someone help me?
  13. I am a SUPER HUGE Fan of Atari homebrew games and wanna make my one ones.

    1. Jess Ragan

      Jess Ragan

      That's what Batari BASIC is for!

    2. DZ-Jay


      @Pixel Toad: There' no better way to achieve that than to just go and do it. :)

    3. Pixel Toad

      Pixel Toad

      Jess Ragan. Is there a Batari Basic for the Atari 7800?

  14. Amazing game but if I play this game on Stella the resetbutton doesn't work.
  15. Are there any good Atari 7800 emulators for Windows 10?
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