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  1. Did I post in the wrong section or are there just none available? I have found that mortoffgames does have atari ones but nothing colecovision at all
  2. Is there anywhere to get empty cartridges shells for CVS 2600 and colecovision? I have blank pcbs and eproms for both systems but no shell to put them in. I'd hate to have to destroy functional carts just for their shells and 3d printing seems outrageously overpriced by comparison. Thanks
  3. That's how we played at my place... But my uncle had the back seater setup where you didn't have to stand up to change carts. When you see it like this, rear ports makes lots of sense.
  4. Does rf transmit stereo correctly? Most CRT were not stereo. I still don't own one. Lol. Combat was an awesome game. It's on my get list.
  5. That why I chose my first TV with this feature. What an upgrade it was, from an old b&w 9" TV to a 14" flat CRT with composite. It also worked with my 64c!
  6. Thanks ... ET wasn't the only working one, don't be scared! 3/4 were still working straight out of storage, and after some cleaning I was down to 5 unresponsive ones. After much more cleaning, I have only one Activision freeway (some sort of chicken run / frogger clone) that still isn't working. I opened it up, solders are OK, connections are clean, still nothing. I will try again another time. Maybe I need actual contact cleaner instead of alcohol.
  7. Yep. It works. My cable is ugly but it works. It even looks good! Now, not all my carts work but the console lives again! Thanks a big lot guys
  8. Are we talking something like this I can MacGyver something like this... I thought there was some sort of conversion. That's an easy fix. Thanks
  9. Thanks for quickly chiming in guys! I appreciate it. What is this RCA to coax adapter we are talking about? I would gladly use one! I have no idea where the original converter is at. Sadly.
  10. I still own my coleco gemini that my parents bought off sears years back. It works. But the output is very weak, so you still see white noise with the image faint in it. I know some do convert them to recent technologies, and that's not my intention. But I'd like to be able to see the fame correctly. The rf converter I use dies work and is stolen from my NES - I just tested it on my SMS as functional. But the gemini is just faint. It has been like that for ages, it's getting worst as time goes by. Anyone has ideas of what to check or change to bring back video? Can't wait to play E.T....
  11. In the optimal setting of the time, the console was between the seats in the living room, so having the ports on the back made sense. It's also why the video out was a mile and a half long. Most people ended up putting the console on the coffee table or the TV furniture, so front access became the norm.
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