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    I can't see paying that much for it... even if I was rich, or my wife didn't kill me over it, my very Scottish spleen would leap up through my neck and throttle my brain first. (Thank you, Douglas Adams...)
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    Me too!!!!! One of my all time favorite games... and it's somewhere out there, playable on my Vectrex, but unobtainable... -Bry
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    I was getting that feeling... I messaged him over four months ago, and the message still hasn't been read yet. Dang. Still hoping.
  5. Thanks! They actually arrived on Tuesday or Wednesday, but they were being held at the Post Office for pickup, and I have to get off work early to be able to get there while they're still open. (Pretty stupid... Post Office hours here at 8:30 to 5:30, but my job is an hour away, so I usually have to wait for the weekend to get my packages. Pain in the @ss.) On the subject of quality, these are better than I expected! Really solid material, and sturdier than I thought they would be! Thanks for the excellent work. I'm probably going to order more! -Bryan
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    Adding myself to this list of hopefuls. Would love to buy one. (I sent a PM already, but just in case... ) -Bryan
  7. My set arrived in the mail today! Thanks very much! -Bryan
  8. Thanks for the suggestion! I was able to do just that.
  9. Thanks, I'm in Canada. I saw the option at Vextrexmulti.com, but it's minimum order of 4 shells, and with shipping, etc., I might as well just go and buy an Ebay cartridge of the game. I'm just trying to rescue one game, in this case, so kind of hoping to find just a single empty shell out there somewhere.
  10. Hi all... I'm picking up a game with the cartridge shell missing from it, from a local seller. I was wondering if anyone might have an empty shell they could sell me? (In case anyone is wondering, the game is Armor..Attack.) Any help here appreciated! Thanks! -Bryan
  11. Hi! Can you let me know how much it would be for the following, shipped to Canada? Armor Attack Berzerk MineStorm Pole Position[ Scramble Solar Quest Star Castle Thanks! -Bryan
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