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    It was more a point that the signal port here is different, however I think I found the issue, it is lacking the channel select switch which apparently indicates it uses VHF which isn't available in modern TVs
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    I think that won't work for me (I'm in the UK) as our cable connection is different
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    Using what I'm pretty sure is a RF to coax adapter (Pictured is the cable coming out of the 2600 just to make sure it hasn't been modified) . Then using the scan function which picks up two channels, the one in the picture and a black screen.Tried about four or five different games but will try cleaning them again
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    Hello there, As the name might suggest I need some help from you fine people. I've read the forum for a while but didn't join until I'd finally got a 2600. I was very happy as I managed to get a nice light sixer (despite it being the dirtiest thing I've ever seen) but I'm having some problems connecting it to a new TV, I've followed all the instructions I could find but I'm just getting a weird black and white pattern on screen. Attached are pictures of the screen and board (including one before I cleaned it!) Any help would be much appreciated! P.S. The board seems different to most other examples I could find online?
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