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  1. Wow, duh. Ok thanks for the info guys. I had one other 4 port before that didn't have any of this done to it. Good to know.
  2. Soooo.... Yeah..... Opened up a 4 port 5200 I just picked up and was met with this ungodly monstrosity....... Kinda afraid to power it on.... It was sold as untested so I kinda asked for this but.... Yeah.... What do y'all think??? Whoever put this together kinda sorta seemed to know what they were doing but still worries me a bit.....
  3. Welp turns out there are difference between the system I and II d'oh. Still looking for an fcm9101 and since it was a custom chip Fairchild made for the channel f doesn't seem they're available.
  4. Sent you a pm, thanks dude!
  5. It's a long shot I know but I'm trying to track down an FCM9101/n chip out of a Fairchild channel f (mine is a system II but guessing the same chip from either a I or II will work). If anybody has the chip by itself or possibly a partial/parts system please lmk. Thanks guys!
  6. I managed to kind of sort of identify the problem area in my channel f that's doing the same thing yours is. I went over the board while it was turned on with freeze spray and it seems that the fcm9101/n chip is the culprit. As soon as the screen went all crazy I hit that chip with the freeze spray and it went right back to normal. Unfortunately none if the solder joints are suspect and u can't seem to find any shorts going into that chip, so my guess is that the chip itself has gone bad and needs to be replaced.
  7. I have a channel f that's doing the exact same thing yours is doing. I already swapped all the caps and both voltage regulators with no change. When the system is cold it runs alright for a min or so but then the screen goes blank. The 7812 has 24v coming in and 12v coming out and the 7805 has 12v in and 5v out. Have you been able to identify the problem yours is having? My though it something ahead of the 7812 is the source of the issue.
  8. Hey guys. Just picked up a Fairchild channel f system II but it's giving me some issues. Right now if it's been sitting for a while it comes up and works great. But if I leave it on for a few mins the screen goes blank with white diagonal lines going all over the place. If I turn it off and let it sit it goes back to working ok but the problem returns once it's been running. I opened it up and checked for any hot to the touch components or shorts. Around the voltage regulators the 7812 does feel somewhat hot to the touch and thought this might be the issue but when I checked it my meter showed it was giving the correct voltage, same with the 7805 (this one doesn't get warm though). Any other spots to check? My next thought is to just recap it and swap the regulators but don't want to just pull and replace parts I'd that's not the source of the problem.
  9. Hi all. Just picked up an astrocade but the controller is a bit flakey. I have a competition pro joystick for an Atari 2600 I was thinking to modify to use with the astrocade (won't have a potentiometer on it for now). Using this controller since the end plug can be easily opened and the pins switched around inside yet plug. I followed instructions online and swapped the plug wires but all I can get is up motion, nothing else seems to work. Can somebody give me the run down if which pin controls what on the astrocade's controller plug male side? This is the instruction I've been going off of: Bally/Astrocade Atari Controller port Joystick port 1. Trigger 1. Paddle B 2. Right 2. Right 3. Left 3. Left 4. Down 4. Down 5. Not Connected 5. Up 6. 50K Pot (Knob) 6. Paddle A 7. Ground 7. Ground 8. Pot end 8. +5v (Paddle end) 9. Up 9. Fire Button
  10. Hi all. Hoping someone can point me in the direction of a repair tech in the central FL area who would be willing to take a crack at a vectrex. Right now my system powers up and has sound but no picture, just the dreaded dot. I checked the voltages on both ends of the j204 connector those are good, switched out the ic303 and ic304 chips, cleaned the power switch and checked the xyz wires for continuity. All the possible easy fixes and it still isn't working right. I'm really at a loss and don't want to mess it up just randomly swapping out components (the chips were.kind of the last hail Mary). I called every retro game shop in my area and none of thier in house repair guys will touch the thing (or when I talk to them it seems I know more about it than they do). If anybody knows a competent tech in the central FL area I'd really appreciate it.
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