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  1. I just want to chime in on a super successful delivery of the best over ColecoVision piece of hardware I have ever seen. I wasn't able to back the initial Kickstarter, and still don't have the disposable income to order, BUT, I hope one day to get my hands on one. I have invested in so many Kickstarters that delivered nothing (probably why I can't buy a Phoenix today!). Kudos to the entire Collectorvision team.
  2. I think it would be safe to say a number of us would love to pick one of these up for a good price, including me!
  3. I've decided I would love to have extra stickers! I collect them. Any chance of selling extras?
  4. Wonderful! Thanks so much. My Google fu was failing me.
  5. I know what TATE refers to, but I have never seen what it stands for? Can someone point me to some info on the origin of the term?
  6. Will this capability be similar to how the Mister project provides arcade cores?
  7. I love my roller controller, but I'll just use it on my retro shelf. It is too much of a pain to connect.
  8. Thanks so much for the video. Seeing some of the features working is very exciting!
  9. I had never checked on the Adam sales numbers all these years later. The Adam killed my computer business because of all the returns I had. I grew to hate that machine.
  10. According to different articles I have read, TI sold close to three million TI-994A units.
  11. Hopefully I am not in the minority when I say I don't think the statement was intentionally saying you should be banned. I took it as a playful jibe (I hope?) I look forward to your continued success in this effort, and I hope to own one some day.
  12. In the now infamous words of George Broussard from 3D Realms when asked when Duke Nukem Forever would be released, "when it's done!"
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