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  1. I remember seeing a bunch of these machines throughout the 80s in the midwest and northeast U.S. Ms. Pac Man was the one I remember seeing the most. I always thought it was cool that you could sit down and play them instead of having to stand all the time. I think I remember seeing a Burgertime cocktail arcade game if I remember correctly.
  2. Like others, I'd like to add my name on here if the cost isn't too much. I need to start playing my Coleco again regardless! I forget how good the games are on it.
  3. I've never heard anyone say that it was NOT true...until I came here Based on the poor sales of E.T., I voted yes because there's a good chance something like this did happen.
  4. I'll see if I can dig it out sometime this weekend and check for sure. I'll take a picture as well if anyone wants to see it.
  5. Can you give some examples of these? I'm trying to think of all the classics that I normally play, and I can't think of too many that are exclusively on the CV as opposed to any other console.
  6. What's wrong with Jedi Arena? I think it's a pretty good game. Plus it's a third party game used with paddles, which you don't find that often.
  7. Ms. Pac Man Jr. Pac Man Frogger I'll probably add a few more later if I can think of them.
  8. Another vote for Crane. He did a great job on everything he did. Although you have to give Robinett credit for creating the first Easter Egg.
  9. It doesn't help that I can't play it on my TV!
  10. You know what, I think this may just be the #1 worst game in my book. Gameplay is horrible. Well, actually everything about it is horrible! But I'll still play it every now and then just to see if I can actually do anything with it.
  11. So I guess I got a good deal when I got it for 50 cents at a thrift store several years ago? Seriously, it's a pretty good game. Add the fact that it's sponsored by Charlie Hustle, and with all the trouble he's been in, it's a nice item to have in your collection.
  12. So was Jeff Pilson and Jason Bonham. And having Jennifer Aniston in it sure didn't hurt
  13. How is it compared to the 7800 when playing the same games? Is it that much better, if at all?
  14. Nice to see someone else remembered the TI 99/4A's voice module. When my brother and I were kids, our babysitter had one at his house and we'd use to play Parsec all the time with that. It was pretty cool. The Intellivoice is still pretty impressive considering the technology at the time, as someone already mentioned with Bomb Squad. Probably the one that REALLY caught my attention was when I first played Jinks on the 7800 and heard the "YOW" and the other sample from Gauntlet. Oh, if they only released that game for the 7800 back then with those sounds, but no luck.
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