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  1. And another idea, I was thinking of cutting off the midi port section of an ST case to add to the SIO2MIDI , make a cutout in the topcase of the 130XE so it fits over it ? Anybody has a really bad ST bottomcase I can salvage ?
  2. A question to those more knowledgeable than me, obviously the drive with its exposed bottom part cannot rest like that on the shield. What kind of tape could I use between the shield and the drive's electronics bottom side , also there is the motor hole which rotates during disk access ?
  3. Will do, almost there ... Did have to saw off the little corner but will glue it back in a fixed place
  4. In the meanwhile my 130XE returned from Jon whose qualified hands installed the sockets I was unable to do after 2 days of frustration. I still need to order the 30C (there is no 28C version) ribbon cable from Mouser but why do they charge 20 EUR for a 8 EUR cable , I know custom duties ... I went with this cable since it allows a lot more bending than the original ribbon cable. As such I started with the 20C cable swap but I need to double-check my pin layout , I think the IDE connector is now reversed. Also thinking of cutting part of the shield so the cable has a bit more room and maybe run the 28C cable along the same path. After this I decided to continue my afternoon-evening with a 2 hour filing session to create the cutout for the diskdrive, almost there and yes still with the shield in place. I did have to remove the 3 screws from the keyboard bottom-side , maybe I'll install flush ones. I did have to cut more from the cartridge stand to lower the diskdrive further This is the actual diskdrive that might be used unless I create a 3D printed bezel for the other black one. Still needs some further filing with the added dimension of the bezel. Still waiting on the delivery of the SIO2MIDI boards from OSH Park to install and start on the lefthand side of the case with the MIDI port cutouts. A mockup of the progress so far ... I must say that this has become quite a fun and challenging project , to be continued ...
  5. Thanks for providing another option, like the portability factor of it. I already bought one which is produced in Belgium, https://www.serdashop.com/X3MBuran
  6. Marc aka Sleepy has used this case but not for the DB9 part I think => I actually bought one from him which is being used in the video in my previous post, you can see which PCB's he used here
  7. And my X3M Buran arrived today and I was very amused when I heared the boot MIDI song "Have you played Atari today" Does anybody have a Ready-to-run ATR with Midi-play and some MID files so I can try it further ? IMG_4398.MOV
  8. Correct and Serda (the one who make the S2/X2/X3M) are located in Belgium, so not that far for shipping to France.
  9. Thanks for the thorough explanation . I was already looking into vintage synths and indeed they aren't cheap and since I'm not a musician defeat my purpose. Also a keyboard would be taking up too much space in my already computer-infested apartment . As such I went and bought the X3M Buran here https://www.serdashop.com/X3MBuran The SpaceShuttle look and the fact that it's compact/portable and still can be used via USB input when connected to a modern computer, had me convinced. It's shipped locally so will be here next week probably.
  10. Well since the S2 is made by Serba in Belgium and I live in Belgium, I was looking at these options also : https://www.serdashop.com/CHiLL https://www.serdapro.com/Webwinkel-Product-201118377/X3MA.html https://www.serdapro.com/X3MBuran But what are the pros and cons of an S2/X2/X3 versus an old synth ?
  11. As I'm a noob concerning MIDI synths or keyboards but have been around enough musicians to understand the gist of it, what would be a nice cheap solution to use an SIO2MIDI and play MIDI songs ? I seem to find a lot of keyboards which are basically controllers, so I'm guessing I should look for synths ? I also saw a mention of software synths but how would I then make the MIDI connection to the SIO2MIDI ? Or could I use something like the S2 like here (not on an ST off course)
  12. Having just backed "Masters of Pixel Art Volume 3" and discovering that I missed Volume 2 , I ordered it and it arrived yesterday. Interesting read and mentions a lot of the above programs being used, this is a really interesting thread.
  13. Thanks for the info on the editor , have been looking for something like that.
  14. After mocking up the 3 MIDI ports MidiMate XEL, I Will have to refrain to the 1040STFM design of 2 MIDI ports, since 3 ports and it’s PCB just don’t fit with the top case. New SIO2MIDI ordered. In the meanwhile continuing with the drive cutout and maybe a “ST style” 3D printed bezel
  15. @DrVenkman I gave up , my 130XE PCB is on it's way to Jon (FlashJazzCat) .
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