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  1. I have sent one on the 24st of August when I completed my PayPal payment
  2. Count me in for one standard version also please, do you want me to send a seperate e-mail ? Take your time, I know how rushy things are after holidays.
  3. What model of tapedrive is that ? I’m looking for a tape drive for my server.
  4. Correct, my question was completely unrelated to the topic. My apologies for derailing the topic.
  5. As you might remember from last years Fujiama my fellow Mac collector , still trying to run Altirra on a PowerPC mac , might give ReactOS a try on qemu or VirtualPC7 then. I got as far as being able to install Eclipse with WUDSN on a Leopard PPC iBook but Windows XP virtualized was too slow to run Altirra.
  6. Lastic


    Found it in my mailbox today , my gratitude once more Paul for this !
  7. Lastic


    Hi Paul, Even tough we are only seperated by a sea, I guess it will show up next week, shipments from the UK usually take 3-4 working days now during the pandemic to arrive in Belgium. Will keep you posted , thanks for your concern and have a nice weekend
  8. Lastic


    PM sent, perfect, I only own XE's . My thanks upfront
  9. Lastic


    I would be interested in one if possible
  10. Just wanted to take the time to say i love your Atari "Rebel" avatar picture!

    1. GoldLeader


      Oh,...That is Badass!

    2. Lastic


      It's actually a picture of a t-shirt I bought in a comic-store in Berlin .
      It was the only one they had ,luckily the size fitted me.

      Have been looking for a second one but no luck so far.

      Being a StarWars fan from childhood it was the perfect combo :)

  11. My thanks once again to @Duddie for releasing these wonderfull tapes. I hope more can/will follow. For me personally the anticipation of the tape loading up to the title screen is worth the patience.
  12. There is something like this https://www.gpd.hk/gdpwin2 but offcourse it's a modern CPU/GPU , not an 8086/8088/V20 or the later AT family.
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