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  1. On 11/2/2021 at 9:33 PM, goldy/gmg aka lopez453 said:

    believe me, I played on 55 inch LCD from longer distance, tried all kind of filters, softness etc. but better results were on the 10 inch JVC CRT broadcast monitor.


    One interesting feature on modern LCD televisions we tried was motion smoothing, that most of modern tv sets offer. Try it ... it's hw cheating but looks nice, as the big pixels actually move smoothly "inbetween" atari's resolution pixel positions.



    Still no curtains to darken the new living room nor has the wall been painted yet (tomorrow sigh , been painting walls for the past 7 days) but a 170 centimers high x 290 centimers wide image had to be tried out on my just-moved 800XE just an hour ago (21:00 PM here) with all lights turned off in the living room, me and the projector sitting 5 meters away from the wall.


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  2. All my stuff is still packed in boxes until I move into my new appartement in 2 weeks, can't wait to play this on a 100" screen/wall projector beamed once I get my setup unpacked.
    Amazing stuff keeps appearing for the A8 , congrats to the author and all involved.

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  3. Frustrating as it is but nothing to be done about it, I won't be able to go this year.
    Normally I would be moving to a new appartment around this period but that has been postponed to October just this week so can't make the arrangements anymore or get days off at work.

    Really was looking forward to my first holiday away since the whole pandemic started but well, 2022 will hopefully be a whole lot more relaxed.

    And for those doubting to go, it was my First Fujiama in 2019 , I met so many kind people, finally played a game of MidiMaze using MIDI cables, learned Assembler (well given that I have no knowledge at all but just a programming background) or at least to say people more knowledgeable explained how to create a game in Assembler, hacked around with an ESP with Manterola, played on a 7800, got a chance to speak German again (which I hardly ever speak here in Belgium), it's a week of disconnecting and 100% Atari focus, aside from all the fine food/company and even an museum trip.
    If you ever feel that you would like to do something productive on Atari, there is a knowledge base of people gathered in that same room.

    I understand @manterola 's emotion , every time I get poked again that Fujiama is becoming closer, there is a sigh knowing what I'll be missing.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Sikor said:

    Well, the time has come to create a list of people willing to get a collector's edition - let me remind you, the price is 85EU or $ 95 plus shipping costs, you can read about the contents here: http://sikorsoft.waw.pl/software/the-last-squadron/ ( sorry, so far only in Polish), the list for atariage users is limited to 30 items. Any excess items will be available at a later date on my website. Other versions can be ordered by e-mail or via message from the forum, shipping will start next week.
    Now yes, the rule of adding to the list: enter the next number and your nickname, copying the previous list. After receiving the 30th number, we are finished, after completing the list, I will provide information about contact with me. Shipment will take place within 10-15 days after payment to the Paypal account. The time for subscribing to the list is a maximum of 7 days from the start.
    Now, to level the chances - I now have 18:55 Polish time. Please start creating the list in 36 hours 5 minutes (7:00 Polish time zone, 25.06.2021), I think this will give everyone interested time to prepare for registration on list (time).

    So the list starts on 25th of June at 07:00 AM CET (Polish/Belgium time) , correct ?

  5. On 6/7/2021 at 8:38 PM, flashjazzcat said:

    The PokeyMAX core you have, IIRC, is set up for the original U1MB Stereo POKEY control (via a wire on the M0 pin). So you should either change PokeyMAX cores, or just install one of the 'ST' plugins (which control stereo via the M0 signal).

    Here's the plugin:

    sos3st.rom 2 kB · 10 downloads


    Goodmorning Jon


    To pick up on this conversation, since I'm stuck with a burnout at home, I finally got around to updating firmware on both my AVG cart and U1MB.
    I have an SophiaV1 in my 1(0)30XE and have both an PokeyMaxV2 SU (Stereo with the pin control for U1MB) and a PokeyMaxV2 Quad only available for install.

    If I install the PokeyMax V2 Quad , can I switch between Stereo/Quad mode using a (which ? ) plugin with the new firmware ?

    RTFM Erik !

    PokeyMAX Plugin (P2) The PokeyMAX plugin is designed for PokeyMAX 2 and PokeyMAX 3 boards with anything EXCEPT the U1MB Stereo Control core (for which you should use the standard Stereo POKEY plugin) and the ‘Auto’ Stereo core. All other PokeyMAX cores (Stereo/Covox, Quad/Covox, SID, PSG, etc) will benefit from the PokeyMAX plugin, which allows full software control of the several of the most commonly changed audio settings. Features such as Stereo, Quad, Covox, linear mixing, mono detect, SID emulation, PSG, etc, may be toggled via settings in the ‘Device control’ menu. Since PokeyMAX has a ‘features’ register, only those settings relevant to the installed core are activated (the rest being dimmed). Moreover, U1MB will maintain separate PokeyMAX settings in each configuration profile, allowing convenient switching between up to four different PokeyMAX configurations.

    So for most bang for buck I'm better off installing the PokeyMaxV2 Quad only version into my U1MB machine then I guess ?

    Do the Sophia plugins support or add anything beneficial to my older SophiaV1 ?

    And well, understatement of the year probably but what a banging firmware update again !

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  6. 20 minutes ago, Wrathchild said:

    Long shot, but can someone try this, basically those two KIL instructions replaces with NOPs.

    PoP_Atarimax_20210610_(KIL fix test).car 1 MB · 2 downloads

    On my U1MB with AVG Cart , Altirra OS, Stock Mem (128Kb thus) config only the SiC CAR version would work, all others would result in the image of the dancing girl being static and frozen.
    Now this AtariMax KILL FIX version works, I get the animated girls and the loading continues to the intro screen and further.

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  7. 1 minute ago, Peri Noid said:

    That's right, you're doing it wrong 😁

    Press Option and when FN starts to mount files, press Start additionally and hold both until the machine reboots and you can hear a sound. Then press space and the second FujiNet button (activity led should come up) and after a while you should hear the block loading sound (no pilot sound though). 

    Block loading sound as I type, thanks a lot , I had tried Start-Option , ENTER but didn't know about the 2nd Fujinet button !

  8. 1 hour ago, Peri Noid said:

    Works for me. How do you load the games? Can you point me to an exemplary one?

    Thinking maybe it is the copy protection on the Polish Games , I tried Druid now from here
    http://atarionline.pl/arch/D/Druid/Druid (1987)(Firebird)(GB).cas

    1. I don't have an SD card in my Fujinet ( is it necessary ? )
    2. on my 800XE (with an 320XE RAM expansion) it goes to BASIC
    3. on my U1MB 130XE it goes to Selftest 

    Clearly there is something wrong in my approach, I'm just loading the CAS file and then press OPTION to boot it :D

  9. Coming from an PC background concerning BBS'es, I used to fiddle around with Vision/X and PCExpress a lot back in the days so I thought of setting up a Forem XE Professional BBS (since it's the ancester of Vision/X) using FujiNet as an excercise and retro nostalgia.
    Are there any manuals on how to setup Forem XE Professional ?

  10. Had quite a lot of fun yesterday with my 800XE and 130XE Fujinet equpped Ataris.

    Couldn't get MidiMaze to work on my LAN , might be the older firmware ? Although I have the setting on the webpage.

    Setup a TNFSD on a GPD Micro PC running Win10 and added it to my firewall, @manterola was able to load disk images in the US from my machine in Belgium at amazing speeds !

    To everyone involved in this project , my sincere thanks for making a network geek's dream come true on the 8bit.

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  11. On 10/7/2020 at 9:21 PM, Philsan said:

    ABBUC Magazine #142 landed in Switzerland.


    This year's games are awesome but I want to thank people involved in magazine (very good quality), floppy disks, packaging and shipping.

    Cosign here, I opened the enveloppe and had an immediate WOW reaction.
    The new cover is an eyecatcher.
    Thanks everybody involved.

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  12. 13 hours ago, FlorianD said:

    if you wonder: "how can I play a game in German language?!" Don't worry! You are Agent BRD. Or one of his comrades or allied friends. Secret agents have little books with translations. So does Agent BRD!

    This tiny book, cleverly disguised as "Cookie receipe book" contains all texts from the game (except the city names) translated to: English, French, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Czech, Spanish)

    Sometimes the translation might be a bit rough, but it works. [I only found two helpers who checked the translations for Dutch and Polish]



    the book is authentic shabby style: rough cardbord back, recycling paper, and written with a typewriter. 7,5cm x 10,5cm, a size easy to hide from curious eyes.

    I can help with Dutch if needed

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