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  1. Having just backed "Masters of Pixel Art Volume 3" and discovering that I missed Volume 2 , I ordered it and it arrived yesterday. Interesting read and mentions a lot of the above programs being used, this is a really interesting thread.
  2. Thanks for the info on the editor , have been looking for something like that.
  3. After mocking up the 3 MIDI ports MidiMate XEL, I Will have to refrain to the 1040STFM design of 2 MIDI ports, since 3 ports and it’s PCB just don’t fit with the top case. New SIO2MIDI ordered. In the meanwhile continuing with the drive cutout and maybe a “ST style” 3D printed bezel
  4. @DrVenkman I gave up , my 130XE PCB is on it's way to Jon (FlashJazzCat) .
  5. Since I'm born in the winter, global warming isn't my thing so I decided to go outside and do some 2 hour filing on my terrace. I gradually progressed, remeasuring probably 50 times but in the end I'm happy with the result. Will still need to do some sanding . The hardest part was getting the corner of the diskdrive to fit under the corner of the keyboard. Currently it fits, keyboard hardly lifts without the shield. I decided to go with this cutout on the Cartridge support so the topcase would still fit since it extends over the keyboard. With the shield the keyboard top corner rises 1mm , will have to see how to progress once I start with the cutouts in the top case. The final install should look something like this : Things to do : Use the pylon hole to create an extra support on which the diskdrive rests Have been thinking about create an 3D printed ST like bezel to fit in front of the diskdrive. ( but lack the skills, if only my imagination could be 3D printed directly ) Currently the drive bezel is leveled with the joystick ports support, might sink it further down. The black diskdrive that I received with the board was in perfect condition but the bezels are really fragile, and came loose at one end. To keep the theme going I bought the white (yellowed) version of it which I will install To be continued next weekend with Midi Mate on the lefthand side.
  6. I give up, desoldering is not my cup of tea. @flashjazzcat or @Level42 could you contact me how much it would cost me to have the MMU and OS ROM socketed. Or anybody else in Europe, I live in Antwerp (Belgium). It's a matter of millimeters but I'm afraid if I continue I will do permanent damage. At the moment everything still works so this is the point where I have to throw in the towel and accept defeat. Current state of the MMU : In the meanwhile I'll continue with what I'm capable off , soldering the MidiMate board.
  7. So for the past 2 hours I've been trying to desolder the MMU and OS ROM to install sockets for the Ultimate 1MB with : cheap desoldering pump heated desoldering pump vacuum desoldering pump solder wick + flux resoldering followed by desoldering and nothing broken still but I can't seem to get the last bit of solder in the holes removed so the legs will be free. One thing that aided my crappy nearby eyesight a lot compared to my Sophia install , were these https://www.mecshop.be/VTMG13 Anybody got anymore hints on how I get the legs freed ?
  8. Interested, mail sent, are there any video previews available of how the game is looking now ?
  9. Since I'm in progress with modding my 130XE case in order to fit an internal 3,5" diskdrive and Midi ports, things would go a lot easier if there were indeed CAD drawings of the top and bottom case. As such I've been thinking about having a 3D scan done on a 130XE case in order to get correct measurements on the top and bottom case, unless this is already available somewhere ? This off course depends on the cost of a 3D scan and if this technique produces exact usable measurements.
  10. Since I'm in progress with modding my 130XE case in order to fit an internal 3,5" diskdrive and Midi ports, I was wondering what the state of your project is ? Future wise I've been thinking about having a 3D scan done on a 130XE case in order to get correct measurements on the top and bottom case, unless this is already available somewhere ?
  11. One of the issues whilst planning to install all of this inside a 130XE is the thickness and space needed of the ribbon cables for both the Sophia DVI and Ultimate board. I've been looking into thinner , more flexible ribbon cable but unsure which spacing or stranding I should pick. https://www.mouser.be/Wire-Cable/Flat-Cables/_/N-5ggm?P=1z0jnhrZ1z0vl9dZ1z0x86hZ1z0zp68Z1z0zlewZ1yx5jly Anybody got a clue ?
  12. Desoldering chips and instaling sockets requires a good day where I can take time to do this, the desoldering station helps a lot. Likely this project will be a 2 day install.
  13. OR http://lavago.de/retro-computer.html
  14. Still unclear on how to connect both the Midi-Mate PCB and Diskdrive PCB to the SIO port internally whilst retaining the SIO port to connect additional periphals. Other thing I might be looking for is a replacement top case badge that says ATARI 130XEfm or 130XE fm Ultimate. Will see how it goes, after I received all parts.
  15. And the Ultimate 1MB I'm planning to install, altough I could stick with SysCheck on the ECI port for extra RAM.
  16. Good points Marc. The 3,5" is merely to copy the STf design as I own an SIO2SD, UnoCart, AVG Cart, SDrive2 and soon an SDrive2-PT . Same for the Midi ports, I won't be adding a Waveboard , merely for hooking up a MIDI-keyboard and primarely for connecting it to another unmodified 130XE ( using your assembled SIO Midi-Mate) to play Midi-Maze. I have 4 130XE's , one which might be repairable, one which is missing chips due to using it as a spare-parts machine and a non-modified 130XE and this Sophia modded 130XE. The idea was to use the spare parts 130XE case and create a fully-modded 130XE alongside a non modified 130XE.
  17. Thanks, I sure will . Yep , that was the idea I had to use a PC back in the days for school when the ST was launched, always loved the design , hence my love for the 130XE.
  18. Last evening I stumbled upon this thread http://atariage.com/forums/topic/291342-xf551-35-clone/, got excited and bought the last internal version of this project. Mounting it will require losing the pylons on my 130XE topcase and cutting into the side of it. My 130XE ( I have another unmodified one ) currently has a Sophia DVI installed like this ( flat cable bent to exit the shield which I currently still have installed ). I still have an Ultimate 1MB board laying around which I haven't felt courageous enough to install yet. And another incoming hardware addon which I purchased from Sleepy are 2 Midi-Mate interfaces , one assembled , one unassembled. Do you start to see where I'm going with this ? 130XE with internal 1 MB upgrade, internal Sophia DVI , internal Midi ports , and internal 3,5" diskdrive ? Ideally since I have an 130XE with only 4 RAM chips and thus lots of space around that area , I would mount the Midi board there and run the Midi ports to the top left side ( maybe using the left pylon hole as a standoff ) ? The Ultimate board I would lay on the ECI port like this (using the hole , not a socket to support like in the picture ) And place the circuit board for the internal diskdrive below the diskdrive like this : Only issue I see currently except for the top case pylons , cutouts and removing the shield is SIO. How would I hookup the Midi interfaces and diskdrive to SIO internally whlist still allowing the SIO port to add other devices ? Could I take a dissambled-circuit-board only SIO splitter to work-around this ? And now I'll stop before somebody calls an ambulance on me to drive me off to the looney bin ( but what about adding a WiFimodem232 <hits killswitch on hyperactive brain>)
  19. Wow the red looks awesome like my previous Sdrive.
  20. No problem , I can wait . Thanks.
  21. Any chance for a red version like my previous Sdrive2 ?
  22. I'm trying to collect the more "special" game titles on tape which I can find for a reasonable price. Picked this up from the post office today , bought from ebay Canada :
  23. Just send a PersonalMessage to the author tmp , he will get back to you with the price and a shipping quote.
  24. Email sent. I presume an English version would reach a broader audience.
  25. From another just getting in the game last year, 130XE owner : - AVG Cart - SIO2SD - Sophia DVI and the Ultimate 1 MB still lays in it's box because I don't dare to solder again and mess up my Atari again so in between I'm using - Sys-Check V2.2 XE for everything that requires more memory to run
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