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  1. @tebe as lockdown entertainment I'm toying around on both my 1040STE and 130XE with MOD trackers. I'm trying to understand how I can convert/downsize the samples in a MOD file so that I can play it back on my U1MB 130XE with Neotracker. As such I downloaded MOD2ATR and SHORTMOD but my attempts haven't succeeded in any results. For ex. the attached MOD file , how can I downgrade/downsize it to make it possible to play on Neotracker with a U1MB ? What are the sample limits for Neotracker , Kzh , 4/8/16bit , size-wise ? ghetto.MOD KRUNK'D.MOD
  2. All these options make my head dizzy. 1.Mono 2.Stereo Auto 3.Stereo with U1MB control 4.Stereo Auto plus Covox (4-channels) 5.Quad Auto 6.Quad Auto plus Covox The 4-channels refer to Covox ? If I choose a Quad Auto , can I use with U1MB ? Can it also be used as a Stereo Auto ?
  3. 10 years to late to this party would you or anything who downloaded these be so kind to upload them again , please ? The link is (logically) no longer valid, thanks in advance.
  4. After a long hiatus of work and no play, I pre-ordered some Lego tiles the day I knew we would have to go into lockdown and predicted that postal services might be impacted. Since the weather is nice again outside, I can file and do stuff outside on my terrace also . My idea that these Lego tiles were the exact size of the depth in my cut-out was a good estimation , they are . So still continuing on my experimental topcase instead of the good one, this is what I came up with today. I took the rectangular Lego pieces and sawed of the corner to make the correct shape , if I use the lowest micro-switch I can press down on it using this Lego tile. Need to solder the identical micro-switches onto the PCB now and put it in place for a try-out. To be continued ...
  5. 15:30 finished teleworking and having a blast on my U1MB 130XE , equipped with Sophia DVI , the graphics wow, music/sfx ,speed, everything wow. Nice job everybody who made this possible up to these 5 levels so far.
  6. Greetings, Although I owned only a Colecovision Adam during my youth and recently got into the 8-bit Atari retro vibe, I was gifted a C64 breadbox by my best friend ( he rescued it from it's owner throwing it away ) since he knew I'm into retro stuff ( have a lot of PowerPC's also ...). However since ,currently due to the lockdown, I can only use it's original power brick I thought to use the diode method as shown here and here I ordered these from Amazon.de but there is no indication wether they are uni or bi-directional , does it matter ? https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07DHW491R/ref=pe_3044161_189395811_TE_SCE_3p_dp_1 Anything else I should pay attention before soldering this on and plugging in the original power brick ?
  7. 0017 And I must have been in a really bad place yesterday because I just tried again on my 800XE also and the car image boots from the AVG cart now ??? Guess sleeping a bit more does the job
  8. Yes I did but in the meanwhile I found it, looks I have to apply the "try it tomorrow" rule on myself. SIO2SD cannot load the CAR file, it gets stuck whilst loading. My AVG cart didn't work with CAR file on my 800XE neither ( will have to check later) , and on my U1MB machine AVG wouldn't show a menu. So the culprit is the cartridge port on the U1MB 1030XE, now that I've added something to support the AVG cart , I was able to load the CAR file via AVG. And the diskimage with the source file via SIO2SD , assigned to D1
  9. Since the lockdown I thought of picking up Assembly again after the wonderfull course last year at Fujiama 2019. Thus trying to following this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uYc1cdB-mY using MAC/65 on Real HW. So I thought of giving these .bin image a try , it works in Altirra without issues but not on real hardware. But running the bin is a no-go on my U1MB and 800XE with SIO2SD , AVG , UnoCart . Am I doing something stupid again of should I just beg someone to burn this onto a FlashCart
  10. Out of curiosity, did it work the other way around also ? As in you run a cross assembler on the Atari ST , and send the compiled versions over to the 8 bit via this interface ? Found the Page6 software and loaded it http://www.page6.org/pd_lib/page6/pd_tari-talk.htm Looks like it's only from the 8bit towards the ST , would have been nice the other way around. Atari 1040STe Will have a look around if I can find details on a DIY version, got 2 beyond repair joysticks and a MIDI connector so would need to add cables . 8 bit joystick ports connected to MIDI , sounds like the MidiJoy
  11. @Duddie @foft so if just understood the past 5 pages, the ones that now can be ordered are able to quad pokey/dual SID/YM/Paula and all of this ? If so please note me down also for 1 to add to my 1030XE, however due to the Corona closing of borders I guess no shipping will be able to be done yet. @Duddie what amount should I transfer via Paypal ? EUR ? USD ? PLN ?
  12. D'oh ! Thanks can confirm that it now works on AVG, should have thought of that
  13. Just one more thing ... does this run on real Atari yet , I tried it with SIO2SD and AVG cart on an 800XE and my 1030XE (U1MB 130XE) but it gets stuck during loading.
  14. Not bad for a hoax better said amazing so far gfx, gameplay, speed and the music/effects ! Takes me right back to my teen ages spending my day allowance on the arcade machine.
  15. Bought one from them via eBAY, it arrived yesterday so finally I got a sharp picture instead of washed out medium resolution. Thanks and Stay Safe.
  16. My apologies for bumping this thread but I tried just now to buy these on Allegro.pl but I'm stuck at the choose your pickup point which can't find a pickup point in Belgium Could I order these via you directly and pay you via Paypal for these 2 items Atari ST STE przewód RGB Euro Scart - CRT LCD LED 1 × 59,00 zł 59,00 zł Atari STE ST przejsciówka VGA 1 × 55,00 zł 55,00 zł
  17. As both an 8bit and 16bit owner, I was wondering if anybody has started with adopting TNFS for the Atari ST or the FujiNet hardware for the Atari ST ?
  18. Indeed The Inverse key did the job !
  19. @tebe How do you start playing a song in Protracker ? CTRL-M is playing a pattern but I haven't found the Atari (130XE U1MB) key combo yet to start playing back the whole song ?
  20. Interested in Crypts of Egypt Imagine Janosik Midnight Mission Zircon Neron
  21. Order placed for Volume 2 ,thanks for your reply !
  22. I had overlooked that part, indeed U1MB set to 576Kb Compy instead of 320Kb RAMBO got it running, thanks for that !
  23. I've tried to run this on Altirra (wine/Windows), Atari800MacX , U1MB 130XE, 800XE with 320Kb RAM expansion and the teaser loads the start music and then I get garbled lines and nothing further happens. (All PAL) Only thing I'm lacking is a stereo Pokey on my real hardware. Tried to emulate Stereo Pokey on Altirra but no luck. Anybody has been able to run this teaser on emulation or real hardware ?
  24. Can I still order Volume 2 ? I already own Volume 1 but seems to have missed each time Volume 2 was available.
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