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  1. And that Sir is brilliant because with all the discussions regarding SIO2WiFi before, I was always pondering wether NFS would be an option but I know that is a heavy network protocol for our 8 bit machines https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_File_System Never knew the Spectrum guys would have made a lightweight version until you proposed it.
  2. Atari 1030XEfm version 2.0 has started, my like new topcase returned back from Jon who sadly had to declare the patient a lost case. First step today , splicing badges. Out of the ashes of the 130XE rises the ... It actually turned out quite OK, not ? Next few cold days will be spend measuring and prepping the topcase.
  3. OK well <<As I said earlier the response to LPRINT should be simply "READY" >> It is not, its error 138. <<With a disk drive connected and powered when you start the ATR8000 the head should cycle.>> It does. <<If those aren't happening something is wrong with your cable or your ATR8000>> I wired from pin to pin, I double-checked my wiring, I guess using a full wired SIO cable is out of the question because it will carry too many signals ?
  4. So 110V/220V convertor arrived. Since no cables came with the ATR8000 , I made a cable to connect the COMPUTER IN to the SIO port of my 800XE according to the manual. First switched ATR8000 on with nothing connected, it hums and the power LED works. Then connected SIO , BASIC typed LPRINT, Error 138. Powered off everything and took the cover off. Switch on ATR8000 , no more humming, placed the cover back over it , it still hums Switch of ATR, connected XF551 via Floppy Card Edge connector, powered up floppy, switched on ATR, the LED on the floppy indicates its doing something but after switching on the 800XE , LPRINT , still Error 138. Disconnected everything, changed both jumpers on PCB to TERM instead of ATR. Connected 800XE, powered on ATR than 800XE, keyboard no longer functions on 800XE (guess that's normal since it's a terminal now) Disconnected everything. COMPUTER IN to SIO 800XE PERIPHERAL OUT to SIO 1050 Powered up 1050 with disk inside, let it spin until it stops Powered up ATR8000, 1050 spins for a while Powered up 800XE, goes to BASIC, type DOS, Bobterm (MyDos) disk boots from 1050. Anything else I can test ? Should I just create the CP/M disk and see my mileage ?
  5. @mozzwald @jeffpiep thanks for the thorough explanation but like I said I'm an electronics noob. As such I won't be wasting too much of your time since you are clearly busier and way more technical than I am If I use only the NodeMCU on the SIO port are these connections correct ? More specifically SIO 5V can go directly to Vin ? The SIO GND pins 4 and 6 should both be connected ? To which of the 3 GND's on the NodeMCU or doesn't that matter ? GPIO SIO 5 13 4 9 Vin 10 GND ? 4/6 16 8 12 7 13 5 15 3
  6. Well I twisted the twist , will see once my power convertor arrives tomorrow. As with all things Atari , exciting times await
  7. OK I think I found a temporary solution until I buy a cleaner cable so I can create disks tomorrow and be able to boot the ATR8000. I got 2 cables from my old stock. The bottom one has Card Edge then 3,5" , again 3,5" , then Card Edge and then the connector the PCB. If I untwist the cable ,reseat the Card Edge and then at the end add the Card Edge connector of the top one, I should have 3 Card Edge connectors I can use ?
  8. Thanks a lot once again for that info, just for clarification, I did mean to take the diskdrive out of the XF551 and connect it directly to the ATR8000 (card edge to card edge) whilst only using the PSU of the XF551 to power it, even that wouldn't work neither ?
  9. Correct, I didn't realise that until I opened my XF551 and noticed that it had an card edge connector also. So I need a cable like this , correct ? https://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/24-inch-34-Pin-Card-Edge-IDC-5-25-Floppy-2-Drive-Cable-CablesOnline-FF-005/270837819768?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Couldn't I make my own cable using straight ribbon cable and 2 of these Card Edge connectors ?
  10. Cosign with @manterola we both played around with an ESP board a lot at Fujiyama . I have another 3 weeks of vacation but my C experience dates back from 1994, and although I can handle reading code (Perl/Bash/C/Assembler/Python) to fix small fuckups at work, I'm not fluent enough to spit out working code as fast as you currently are doing Out of interest and as a *NIX geek and network engineer, I do like the approach you are taking with this all-in-one device so I might be tempted to follow your code along the way. I got the same NodeMCU , what other parts do I need to replicate this setup ? From mozzwald's schematic here I can see I would need the TTL shifter and a 1N4148 but what are the other parts (I'm an absolute noob regarding electronics) ? Which 2 resistors ?
  11. Thanks for the hint, I picked that up in the 58 topics I'm still reading Well once the 110/220V convertor arrives tomorrow, I'll be able to check it further, the seller did show that it powered up (power LED working) . Am I correct that I can use my XF551 to boot CP/M ? Well first have to figure out how to get a copy of it onto a floppy. Still processing all the topics to understand what can and cannot be connected to the ATR.
  12. FML came home with a travel adapter which converts the plug but not the voltage, aargh ... New order placed for a VOLTAGE convertor. Delivery tomorrow.
  13. Thanks, now off to get a 110V/220V adapter. In the meanwhile I've looked in my stock of old cables and found the following. So it has the floppy connector that the ATR8000 has , the grey one in the middle and the IDE one on the other end. To my understanding one may not use the twisted floppy cables ( I have a few of those also ) If I disconnect my XF551 from it's controller but keep it powered via it's PSU, should I be able to use the XF551 as a boot floppy drive on the ATR8000 ?
  14. And here it is, of course I just realise that my 110V to 220V converter was lend out and never returned to me, aargh ... First look there is no board underneath so no CO-POWER motherboard , oh well, I wasn't planning on running MSDOS anyhow (yet ) Only thing that came shipped with it was the manual, luckily still got a US powercord laying around now only need to get a 110/220V converter. In the meanwhile I've gathered all 58 topics discussing the ATR8000 and am reading thru them. The thing that has been intriguing me the most , is the SASI/SCSI option. Has anybody used this in combination with SCSI2SD ? http://shop.codesrc.com
  15. Is there a way that I can make a one-time donation instead of monthly ?
  16. As I have been able to install SDL 2.0.3 on my 10.5 PPC iBook, I'm failing to compile Atari800Mac from source. Should I refrain from compiling with GCC and try Xcode instead ?
  17. Lastic

    NYD 2020

    NewYearDisk 2020 , people can sent in their demos,things they want to add to this disk.
  18. Have been reading a lot already but not sure on the monitor ? Since I also have an Atari ST which has hi-res mode only in monochrome, it might be worthy to invest in a monitor that can be used by both machines.
  19. Will do , it's crossing the ocean at the moment.
  20. @Larry mine arrived today, and it works like a charm. Thanks once again and also a big thank you for packaging it so good !
  21. And here I was in 2019 trying to load the RSI - Hard MOD file from their famous Megademo into Neotracker resulting in sample too long, and what is one of the MOD files included in your ATR ? YES RSI Hard by Romeo Knight , thanks a lot for this wonderfull ATR ! Now I only need to find this MOD file, as a unfortunately PC only youngster , I was so jealous of Amiga/Atari when it came to sound, took a few years before PC catched up.
  22. Well learning to understand and read Polish might be a new goal for 2020 but not for 2019 yet, no Silly Venture yet this year. @Philsan Wyspa , ( which wasn't listed ) indeed looks not so easy for a non-Polish reader @Duddie are these available on tape to pre-order ? Inny Swiat Jaffar Technus Turbican Fire Power Hydraulik Snowball And I seem to have missed out on Czaszki/Electra, is that one still available on tape ?
  23. No worries, today I thought what the heck I'll just saw a hole in the case and see how it looks. I'm glad of the result. This topcase has been my try-out one anyhow, a like new topcase and keyboard is returning from Jon since the 130XE innards are dead beyond reasonable repair. Version 2.0 will also be smoother since I've gathered more patience, more holidays and better tools. Idea is to use the ST eject buttons that @R0ger kindly proposed to print on the right-hand side and to move the floppy drive a tiny bit more inwards. Then to create a cutout like perinoid did (with maybe a bezel), the display will go on the same place as now. And of course Drakon's second badge will be used. I was convinced for a long time that I could splice an 1040STfm and a 130XE badge together but his badge will look 300% better than my splicing things together. It is a nice distraction from instead of sitting at a computer to be working on a computer.
  24. Day 3 , decided to take the plunge and install the LED display in the top left corner. Since this topcase has been a hacksaw job from day one, altough my tools and skills have improved from then up to now, I thought let's make another hole into it I felt it was more aligned with the power LED and still not too obstructive, thoughts ? Placed the buttons PCB on the righthand-side above the floppydrive since it felt more logical to move them there. Still did a horrible job on the buttons on the side above the joystick ports/floppy-drive , but well I'm still not convinced I won't replace these knobs with Atari ST floppy drive eject buttons (to have a more diamond shaped Atari themed button). And thought I might finally install the label created by Drakon. Funny how without a flash , the case looks grey Next up , reorganize the wiring , things are looking busy inside nowadays.
  25. Where to put the display, top left corner aligned with the power led ? I could route the cabling under the U1MB cables , around the U1MB PCB and come back up to the top. Due to the connectors pointing downwards (double row) , it's hard moving the trackdisplay PCB on top of the floppy.
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