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  1. Wunsche dir dass beste und bin sicher dass du dass sehr GUT machen wirst. So blode touchscreen handy.
  2. Wunsche dir dass beste und bin sicher dass du dass sehr machen wirst.
  3. I would like to have a few small parts printed and they should match the XE color hence I'm clueless if I would go to a local print shop. Is there anybody who can print these things and send them to me (Belgium,Europe) against payment of course ? Would be better shipping wise for somebody from the EU or UK but I guess shipping in an padded envelope from the US doesn't cost an arm and leg neither. 1 x https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2748180 3 x https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3141512 And beyond my knowledge how to do a merge between these 2 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3785679 Square Mouse Cover v1r0.stl Thanks upfront for your feedback
  4. And so after a long hiatus due to work, severe backspin, waiting on parts, resurrecting both an Atari 1040STfm and an 800XE, progress. After soldering buttons, LEDs and various cables , the TrackDisplay assembly has finally been wired up. I also used a longer FFC cable and a 2x4 Dupont connector that connects to the Display PCB. Since I had it working like this with my previous shorter FFC cable , I again solder the wires directly to the exposed part of the FFC connector. Since I now have more length due to the longer ribbon cable, I decided to lay the PCB lengthwise also but had to desolder/resolder and bend some connectors for this new layout so the shorten cables would reach it. And last but not least, I wanted to add a power off/on switch so I can switch on the diskdrive independently of the main Atari power switch. I ran the cables thru the side for now to test them , still not sure where I will place the buttons and display but I should have enough wire to position them. But now , where to put them ?
  5. My apologies, also didn't want to be rude. I finally figured it out, when I use Safari on OSX , I always get a message there is a problem with an external party when trying to register and if I would go back to viewing Atari-forum as a guest , it would ban my IP , although it isn't in the StopForumSpam database. I found it a bit running around in circles , how can I get banned for posting Spam on their forum when I'm not even able to register a user to post on their forum. Using Firefox I was perfectly able to register a new account, with the same public Belgian IP
  6. I don't know how I've helped, I'm the one who cannot register for some reason at Atari-forum. I got no clue why I can't register there. I'm actually the one asking for help ?
  7. Off topic, but I seem to be unable to register at atari-forum.com When I try to register , it states that there is an issue with an external party. When I browse the forum afterwards (with no user), I get the message that my IP has been banned because of the StopForumSpam policy until a time in the past ? When I check that website (StopForumSpam), I states that my public IP is not in their database. Have sent a mail to the forum admin's but didn't get any reply yet. How can I spam a forum if I don't even have a user to logon ? A bit puzzled now. Like this forum atari-forum.com has a lot of usefull resources and information , but I can't acces it.
  8. Newbie to Atari in general, although I have been making my first steps these past 2 years with an 130XE and now an Atari 1040STfm. I've been looking at a lot of HardDisk solution these past few days : ASCSI -> SCSI like Gigafile , ICD Link II , Gigafile is expensive in my opinion and although I still own SCSI harddrives , ICD Link II is hard to find second hand Inventronik ACSI-SCSI Adapter Series II and a SCSI harddrive ? SCSI2SD looks promising but then I would need ASCSI to SCSI again ? and don't quite find if it works on an ST(fm) UltraSatan interesting but expensive well all the options are maybe I'm just used to cheaper 8 bit solutions CosmosEX have sent the email but no response yet, looks like the all-in-one solution So I thought to use an UltraSatan Micro in combination with NetUSBee , as such the UltraSatan Micro could stay connected on the back of the STFM and since everything is done via networking , Mac/PC don't have to be physically close to each other and I don't need to swap CD/SD/MicroSD cards when wanting to transfer things. Am I correct with above assumption or are there any other caveats I should know ? Can I make a tiny Micro-USB hole/connector inside the ST and to the UltraSatan Micro and just run a standard USB cable between them for power ?
  9. eBAY.DE 58 EUR 800XE broken , powerswitch stuck. So I took one from my Parts-Only 130XE and replaced it and tadaah. I need to clean/brush the keys since they actually aren't that yellowed , just really dirty, the inside also had a lot of dust. But the top and bottom case still have their almost original grey color
  10. Not much, I have been waiting on parts like Dupont connector and such, finally found a source in the Netherlands which delivers quickly and with cheap shipping so I don't have to wait on a boat coming from China or pay immense huge import duties. Life has also kept me busy with a broken Windows 10 installation, installing Windows 7 64bit on a 32bit EFI MacPro and resurrecting an Atari ST. I would shorten the parallel and serial connectors, cut a piece of their plastic housing (by lack of find angled to PCB connector ones) . Found a 7 pin Dupont connector for the SIO part but unsure if I will have cable to SIO male leave the enclosure at the back or insert a female SIO into the case ( could take a female one from a parts only 130XE ? ) There is still some room in the front for a female SIO connector. Also need to find a switch to turn off the ESP but unsure how ? 5V and GND but what about the MotorControl line ? And one more thing waiting on Sleepy to sell me his Star LC10 so I can test the parallel interface and quickly be reminded how much noise printers made.
  11. Ordered via your webshop, awesome that these are 1 single cart !
  12. Since those weren't in stock , I bought a replacement PSU from atarifreakz and yes, it boots my 3 EUR sold as broken 1040STfm !
  13. Looks like the Amstrad CPC version got it's official release : https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=83118
  14. Still haven't decided where to place stuff, waiting on led's and connectors in order to proceed.
  15. If it concerns phreaking , I would be interested in it. Always have been interested in (tele)communications
  16. Aha that confirms my suspicion ! My enhanced 130XE has SIO2MIDI onboard which is always attached and with this machine I was no longer able to load tapes from my XC12. My internal floppy doesn't seem to disturb the tape loading but SIO2MIDI does. I just unhooked the SIO wiring to the SIO2MIDI and now my tape loads , before it would go to SystemCheck routine. Guess I will have to add an external switch if I don't want to wiggle around the connector every time.
  17. Today I went to a local electronics store to buy some stuff and noticed they sell these cases also . Colorwise it's a bit darker than the XE grey but still close enough, it's a tad longer but that is maybe needed for a female SIO connector. Still would need a switch to turn off the ESP and the ESP inside a box might not be the best idea for WiFi reception
  18. So do I understand correctly that the PSU is no longer for sale ?
  19. Good afternoon, Whilst during my youth I was obliged due to school to use a PC , I was very jealous of the Atari ST and it's form factor. So after starting with PowerPC's 5 years ago , and a 130XE 2 years ago, I found a "marked as broken/dead" Atari 1040 ST with no bidding on eBay.de. Placed the starting bid of 3,5 EUR , received a shipping quote of 21 EUR, as such for 25 EUR an Atari , which was a 1040STfm, arrived at my doorstep. I unpacked it, placed it on my desk, plugged in the powercord, thinking oh well, switched on the power, and the power LED worked and I could tell the diskdrive was trying to read a disk and it's LED working. Wow, did I just buy a declared dead but working STfm for 3,5 EUR shipping not included ? Since I have no monitor cable , I switched it off, ran to get a RCA cable, connected it to my Funai A1506 using the Television out, and switched it on, but no power LED, no diskdrive, did it die ? So I'm convinced that the machine worked but something is off with the powersupply. How can I test this ? Is it worthwhile to just replace the powersupply to be done with it ? I tried to measure the 12V with the powersupply plugged in but got nothing , using the blue wire and either of the black GND connectors. Fuse still looks good to me or should I double-check it ?
  20. Thank you for creating such a wonderful prototype ! I haven't tried higher speeds with my WiFiModem232 connected to the SIO2IO's serial port, it was at 1200 BAUD , will try a higher speed and let you know the results. The SX212 is only able of 1200 Baud so that's OK, just wanted to know wether a modem worked via the serial port.
  21. When I used the SIO2IO prototype which mimics an 850 , I connected the SX212 via the SIO2IO's serial port to the modem using a standard (non-Atari) serial cable. (DB9 to DB25) So Atari SIO -> SIO2IO -> SIO2IO serial port -> SX212 serial port In Bobterm using the RVERTER handler , the modem didn't respond. When I used SX-Express, the modem responded to AT commands, using the same cable. My WiModem232 does work using Atari SIO -> SIO2IO -> SIO2IO serial port -> standard (non-Atari) serial cable. (DB9 to DB25) using RVERTER handler in Bobterm. So should I have used the Atari serial cable that I use on my 850 to connect to the serial port of the SX212 ? The goal is to use the SIO2IO prototype , not an 850, to check wether a modem which only has a serial port can connect to the Atari . ( I know the SX212 has both SIO and serial but I don't have any other modem ) This way any non-Atari modem could be used via serial port , connected to SIO2IO which connects it via SIO to the Atari.
  22. That picture of the cutout was the work in progress, this is the final result. I did mess up as you can tell . I used these
  23. A lot of ideas myself but a very good proposal also. I thought about moving everything to the side except the drive activity leds but the height of the Display PCB sits in the way. Or I could relocate/rotate the Drive Display so the PCB is on the side ? (very ugly Paint Mockup, my apologies) I could move the buttons above the floppydrive, I could use the ST eject button as buttons , there is a 3D print stencil for them https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3141512 The idea of ivop using bi-color LED's is also interesting , my current idea would be to mount the drive activity LEDs ST style (buttons above floppy) using a bi-color LED With the Track Display , buttons above the floppy drive (side) , the only modification to the top case would be the little cutout with a plastic insert on the inside and a bi-color LED underneath. I would place it above the Reset button ? next to the Reset button (tiny triangle on the inside topcase) on the same height as the Power LED but on the right hand side above the Power LED but that means a length of wires next to the Power LED like you proposed but also lengthy wires
  24. That is a really good idea ,actually also for the diskdrive activity LED's. Only complication that comes to mind, is that the power LED rests inside the 130XE's keyboard, will open up the keyboard to have a look where I could run wires.
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