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  1. But then you loaded the RVERTER handler ? I'm looking to use the SX-212 with Ice-T via it's serial port not SIO.
  2. At Fujiama me and @manterola were trying out various things with an ESP-07. We used our AVG Cart to load either Bobterm,Ice-T or PlatoTerm since the SIO bus is occupied. I still have to upgrade my firmware to get a more extensive AT command set but just connecting it with RX,TX,VCC,GND works. We tested this with Manterola's ESP-07 at Fujiama which was running the ZiModem firmware here https://github.com/RolandJuno/esp8266_modem At Fujiama he also showed me the SIO2IO prototype made by @Dropcheck which he lend me at the end of Fujiama to take with me to Belgium so I could experiment further with it. The SIO2IO for my uses is a perfect Atari 850 Replacement when used in combination with an AVGcart for example. It has a header for an ESP board. But also a serial (standard pin layout) and parallel port (not tested yet have to find a printer) I tested the serial port with both a WiModem232 and an SX212. Bobterm doesn't like ANSI , telnetting to FrontierBBS.net (Amiga board which I use since they have colorful ANSI welcome screens) But ICE-T does the job I can even use the arrow keys to move through the Matrix Login screen And yesterday I went to my parents house since they still own a landline to test the SX212 modem. I thought about connecting to this Belgium BBS still offering dialup but the number was no longer in use http://www.ibbbs.be/new/nl/index.htm So I called directly to the US (sorry Mom) to the first dialup BBS that actually had a modem responding https://www.telnetbbsguide.com/bbs/rof/ And although it disconnected me (maybe the Commodore detected my Atari ) , I first had the handshake noises. Since I didn't want to run up my parents phone bill , I decided to call it a day. The SX212 can be used with an SIO cable and an R-Verter handler but to use it via serial port , I had to resort to SX-Express. Might have to look if there is an SX212 handler which I could use in Bobterm or ICE-T.
  3. That looks awesome. At Fujima me and Manterola were also playing around with connecting an ESP07 directly on the SIO bus. It works quite good actually and I proposed to use (but don't have a 3D printer) the SDrive2 plug as used by @alsp . I checked with him and the 3D stencil is available to the public https://github.com/fintros/SDrive-ARM/tree/master/box Using this plug your PCB would be standing up and the activity LED of the ESP would be visible. The SDrive2 plug stencil off course also needs to be adapted to accommodate a higher/wider PCB.
  4. A General question @mytek The LED on the newer SIO2MIDI pcb , it lights up when playing a MIDI file, does it blink or just shines bright ? Is it MIDI aware , meaning does it react to for ex. switching of MIDI channels ?
  5. A few updates whilst I've been playing around with a lot of stuff. Badge courtesy of Drakon arrived, one set is going on the Post towards @manterola Finally got around to solder the connections for the TrackDisplay PCB by Mq. This was a quick and dirty job just to be able to test it, I will probably need longer cables but haven't decided where I will place it yet. I decided to solder onto the FFC cable on the area that is visible after inserting the cable into it's connector. FFC cable is cheap to replace , Zaxon's PCB isn't that easy replaced if I messed up the connector. And here it is in action, formatting a disk Of course it has more functionalities than just track display , once the buttons PCB is attached, I can hotswap drive numbers without having to set jumpers. I'm still thinking about 3D designing miniature Previous and Next buttons like the Help,Start,Select,Option,Reset buttons. One possible idea was to mount the display above the label, move the buttons above their bigger brothers and the read/write LEDs to the righthand side. I would need to change the headers on the TrackDisplay PCB so they don't stick out but point to the side, maybe use the same connector Sofia DVI does. On the LED topic, since there is a hole in the 130XE keyboard, I can run the SIO2MIDI LED through it and maybe use the insert from another broken case to create an activity LED above the power LED. Thoughts/Opinions/Criticism, all welcome ...
  6. Lastic


    I now have an U1MB installed in my 130XE and want to use the SIDE loader with the AVG cart. These were the changes on update 016 - SIDE mode on power-on if right button is pressed - SIDE mode on power-on if card contains file _AVGCART/SIDE (Ctrl-Shift-S and Ctrl-S creates/removes file on card) - Shift-S is now working for cards with no FAT filesystem - Right button in SIDE mode emulates SIDE button I have 017 on my AVG cart. I can turn on SIDE mode using Ctrl-Shift-S once in the AVG Cart menu and then load the SDLOADER3.CAR and have a working SIDE loader. However booting with right button pressed, just gives me a grey screen and I won't get the AVG menu on reboot until I delete the _AVGCART/SIDE file on my SD card. Am I doing something wrong or have I misunderstood which need to be taken in which order ?
  7. I for one would like the additional possibility to redirect seperately for floppies since that's what I've been doing these past days As _The_Doctor_ said, it broadens the possibilities of the U1MB but of course one has to take into account that it might complicate future updates. I leave at your mercy Jon
  8. Just a minor update, thanks to the info that @Mq. has provided, I'm still playing around with multi-disk games written to partitions on D1: Awaiting feedback from Drakon on my 1030XEfm badge , but in the meantime an Exacto knife has aided in succesfull surgery. Still need to figure out the necessary connections for the TrackDisplay and decide where I will place it. I also was thinking of having swap buttons 3D printed similar to the Help,Start,Select,Option,Reset keys but smaller in size of course. What do you guys & girls think ?
  9. Just wanted to express my thanks for that write-up, I really enjoyed reading how you tackled this conversion, awesome work !
  10. Coming soon, more experiments with HyperXF 4 partitions on 1 physical floppy (well 3,5 inch stiffie ) and QMEG. I upgraded my internal floppy PCB from Zaxon with a WesternDigital 1772 and removed the jumper to enable the HyperXF ROM . ( PCB has stock and HyperXF ROM but HyperXF is disabled by jumper because of the WD1770 not being able to work with it) I'm still learning a lot on U1MB, Spartados X , HyperXF, QMEG. Todo : install TrackDisplay and swap buttons Waiting on : 1030XEfm badge
  11. So after a long period of hard work by @flashjazzcat the Wednesday before Fujiama Jon shipped my 130XE off via ParcelForce, I paid for GlobalExpress shipping so it would reach me at Friday whilst I was working from home. And as such the machine would accompanied me to Germany on Sunday. Helas , long story short, the machine didn't leave the depot,got returned to Jon luckily, Jon had to ship it again and yesterdayevening after a 5 day no-movement in tracking status I picked it up at a local Fedex station after work. I still have a lot to explore especially the Ultimate 1MB and all it's bells and whistles but WOW, I can't stress enough what a fine job Jon did. SpartaDos , 130XE and the Serda X3M Buran MIDI module. Here it is reunited with it's own topcase and desk Sophia DVI, lefthandside Composite for sound, Righthandside the second MIDI port , cable running to the X3M The cutout I made to lower the diskdrive and allow to lay flat (before the shield to go due to amount of wiring and mods taking place) A lot of wires , a lot of upgrades on 1 picture Sophia DVI with under it , SIO2MIDI where the RF modulator used to be, Jon cut out part of the PCB so the SIO2MIDI sinks into the PCB. Hidden under the keyboard Ultimate 1MB. Laying on the ECI standoff, Zaxon's PCB with currently WD1770 controller, as such the HYPERXF-ROM (which is disabled by a jumper ) won't work until a WD1772 is installed. Powercable running to the Floppy PCB SIO connections running to Floppy PCB Ultimate 1MB which Jon found a place here due to the Sophia DVI sitting in the way The MIDI led (blue) which Jon kindly provided with extra length of wire so I can still decide where I will mount it A close up at the Power connector Jon installed so I could detach it And Jon inspiring use of the VIA's , the long part runs towards the SIO2MIDI . The short part runs again to a detachable connector which connects to the Floppy PCB. Ultimate in clear DVI output Floppy loaded with MIDI files Loading MIDIPLAY.XEX Playback in progress, hence the blue SIO2MIDI led Altough I could have run this on a stock 130XE using Syscheck's extra RAM function, I never did run Numen until now, WOW What beholds the future of this machine ... Reattaching this part and maybe make a 3D printed cover for the diskdrive bezel , still have to finetune it. After I bought a broken ST case from Drygol which I didn't use in the end, I did buy a 1040STfm badge from him with the idea to splice both together to get a 1030XEfm but in the meanwhile I've also ordered a badge from Drakon at Atari.org.pl https://ibb.co/G3hSdt9 Also arrived in the meanwhile , disk swap button PCB and track/drive-ID display by Mq at Atari.org.pl https://translate.google.be/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.atari.org.pl%2Fforum%2Fviewtopic.php%3Fid%3D16023%26p%3D3 Due to arrive this week from France , a WD1772 to fully use HYPER-XF on this 3,5" drive. Apart from a lot more fun , maybe more expansion ports , WiFi , who knows ...
  12. Tested both on PAL 130XE on AVG Cart and SIO2SD, worked perfectly except for one strange artifact I didn't notice in the previous version. a green sub ? Thanks for giving us the chance to follow your project on REAL hardware also.
  13. For me on a PAL 130XE with either AVG Cart or SIO2SD only the version you made for skr worked, this latest version (https://atariage.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=660532) doesn't. It does work on Altirra.
  14. @rensoup I ran your compiled obx from this post on a stock PAL 130XE at Fujiama and it worked.
  15. What a wonderfull week it has been, as the sole Belgium guy at the event, I did feel right at home. A big thank you to everybody involved and all the wonderfull people I've met. @manterola it was a huge pleasure to meet you and seeing you hack around with all this new promising hardware has been an inspiration. Hasta la proxima ! Security check in Leipzig went smoother than I expected, did have to take the Funai out of hand luggage again and although this time the security recognized my Atari ("I had one of those when I was younger" ) both the Funai and Atari were tested for explosives and allowed on the flight. So now I'm stuck in the Airport 1 hour before check-in , luckily Thinkpad and iPhone HotSpot will make my time here pass more quickly
  16. The drive hasn't has been modified, originally the PCB came with a diskdrive with a black bezel, the bezel which is very fragile on these laptop floppydrives broke after I handled incorrectly. I bought myself the same stock laptop NEC type floppydrive in "yellowed" white and used that one with the PCB so again no modifications were made to the floppydrive, if I understand the questions correctly.
  17. @Dropcheck Zaxon replied me with the following : Drive is intact, drive number is set by jumpers on my XF551 board. http://www.eightbitclone.com/xfwew.html
  18. Good evening, I communicated with Zaxon via the website where he sold his PCB sellmyretro.com . https://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/37217 I will ask him for the info you requested.
  19. Dying of heat and thirst on the S-Bahn from Leipzig to Zwickau, just one more hour of traveling
  20. Checked with Lufthansa, TV is allowed in carry-on luggage, tight squeeze. Atari stock 130XE + Thinkpad into my backpack. Tomorrow Sunday 10h AM Brussel - Frankfurt, 2 hour wait, Frankfurt - Leipzig, 30 minutes wait, Leipzig train to Zwicksau, 15 min wait, Zwicksau - LengenFeld arrival at 16:30 PM. Looking forward to it.
  21. Altough I'm tempted to give it a try now, I will stick to plugging things in where they belong
  22. Here is the topic on which various info about the PCB and diskdrive are discussed. https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=pl&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php%3Fpid%3D251335&xid=25657,15700021,15700186,15700190,15700256,15700259,15700262,15700265&usg=ALkJrhjE7kLOvXOAAmHP-JXsJ-B-JCcl0Q#p251335 And the pictures Zaxon sent me in order to assemble it http://www.eightbitclone.com/xfwew.html
  23. Being a newcomer on the scene, I can't share previous experiences. In my case zaxon was responsive,sent me the PCB instantly after payment . I purchased it here : https://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/37217 He also sent me detailed instructions after the sale on how to connect the wiring http://www.eightbitclone.com/xfwew.html
  24. Is this the 320XE that was talked about on Facebook ? My apologies 320XE is Lukasz Masko
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