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  1. Archiving my originals has been on hold for a bit, so my memory may be incorrect on writing out disks with the SCP software..... I am a command line junkie.... so while I did all my reading with scp software (set to 6? revs), I may have done all my writing with a8rawconv. Wonder what Jim Drew's plans are regarding this issue ?
  2. What is broken with the scp software ? I made images and wrote them with the scp software (on 40 track drives) (once I determined found a solid working drives in my collection). However, I was only imaging commercial disks, so they may have been index aligned. Are there any known commercial Atari disks that were not index aligned ? -- Curt
  3. I believe the CM-5 is an RGBI monitor (Red, Green, Intensity) and is a digital RBG (not analog), like IBM CGA and EGA graphics used. Definitely research this first, as I'm going by memory which isn't as accurate as it once was 🙂
  4. In addition to reproduction labels, might be an interesting idea for individual labels representing different popular upgrades, all in the same style/font/etc. Then you just have a sheet with pre-cut 'upgrades' and peel off what you have in a system and stick it by the real or reproduction Atari factory sticker. Could even have different colors/fonts/styles to match the different colors/fonts/styles used by Atari over the years. Unfortunately my skills here wouldn' take me beyond laser printed labels 🙂 But maybe the idea resonates with others.
  5. Regarding insurance from a shipping company.... I believe this is always the responsibility of the shipper to file/collect a claim. Your recourse should be with the seller, and they can attempt to involve a shipping company for an insurance claim if they wish to do so.... however in my opinion from my own experiences, none of the time should it be granted. Almost every time I've received something damaged in transport it is the fault of the person packaging the shipment. My motto is proper packing is the cheapest insurance. Unfortunately too many people think peanuts, one layer of bubble wrap, or just the cardboard container is all that is required...... and I never flinch at going after the seller for partial/full/etc refund. Sucks to be them, but if they had packaged the item better they wouldn't be having the loss and hassle. I don't think I've ever had anything I've shipped arrive damaged. I use bubble wrap, styrofoam, other types of foams, extra cardboard, plenty of tape, etc.... and I rarely use peanuts, and I never leave space for items to shift around in transit. Its amazingly simple, but from my experience many (eBay) sellers haven't a clue how to ship things so they arrive undamaged 😞
  6. Thanks for this. Still learning about old Atari gear 🙂 I found the following conversion info for CX22 and Wico trackballs to support quadrature encoding. I have one Wico trackball where someone added a DB9 port on it.... wonder if it is for this.... I'll have to check. Either that or someone added a port to plug in their joystick so they could have both controllers connected and use whichever one they wanted..... which is what I presumed was the case until learning that some Atari stuff supports quadrature encoding. Diamond GOS supports this with the Atari ST mouse driver apparently.
  7. eh ? I thought the Atari and the wico's worked by pulsing the appropriate joystick pins based on speed of rotation and direction. If the Atari does not work that way, what way does it work ?
  8. I've seen cases on eBay, and I'm sure some fellow AtariAge users may have one as well. I purchased a case to re-case my original 400 as the case is badly yellowed, has a dent in the 'Atari 400' badge on the cartridge door (from a moment of misplaced anger in my youth 🙂 ), and some broken vent fins in the back from transport/storage during move/reorganization. I bought a lot of stuff off eBay, an 800XL, 810 drive (IIRC), Atari 800, diskettes, carts, cables..... and the 800 case was destroyed during transit. It didn't work as well, but I fixed that and the issue with the 800XL. I did get a really good price and did try to work with the seller, but they ignored my messages. I was going to file a case, but I didn't want to risk having to send everything back (just wanted a partial credit), as even with it broken I got a good deal (it just wasn't a great deal anymore). 400 cases pop up more often than 800 cases. There was one 800 case on eBay, but it was a bit more than I wanted to pay, so I passed on it. If you didn't do so, take it up with the seller, and see about getting a partial refund. Most sellers that make poor shipping mistakes have worked with me when this has happened in the past (minus my 800 & 800XL lot 😞 ).
  9. If that din port on the back is for video, lets hope that power supply hasn't been plugged into that port to test the 400 !!! I doubt 5V driven into the video circuit outputs would be a good thing ..... I'd vote that this came from a collector with multiple systems, that probably all went to Goodwill.... and someone mixed up the power supplies....
  10. I had one where the color pot failed.... if you can measure the resistance between the pins, there should be a center and two ends. End to end should be the resistance of the pot, and as you move the pot, the resistance from the center to each end should change. If any measurement is open, the pot could be at fault.
  11. Yes, mech is good. I took my spare 1050 PCB w/Tandon firmware (this is a Tandon mech) and tested the mech. I've tested the Happy enhancement on this spare PCB with the mech, and all good. The issue is on the 1050 PCB. I'm suspecting a failure between the read head and the FDC, but if there is any post processing before shipping off to the SIO, could be logic in there too. Figured it would be easiest to trace the signal from the head through to the FDC to confirm/reject the theory that it is somewhere in there.
  12. I recently aquirred another 1050. This one has a genuine Happy enhancement in it. Initially it did not turn the drive spindle. I tested another PCB in the 1050 and everything worked. So, issue is on the PCB. I tested the Happy enhancement on the spare PCB, works great. I then noticed that all the 47uF caps had leaked causing corrosion. I removed all the parts that had corrosion, cleaned up the PCB, tinned the pads, re-used components that were fine, replaced one broken resistor and found a broken trace (for the ground side of the drive motor !). Now it spins the disk, tracks the head (though the tracking sounds 'rough' where with my spare board it sounds smooth, though on both boards it appears to be tracking out and back to track zero). I tried swapping the FDC and RIOT, no change. However, disks will not read. I'm studying the schematic to figure out the best points to trace the signal from the read head through to the FDC. Anyone seen a failure in the circuitry between the heads and the FDC ? (I'm guessing the issue is there, but that may not be so).
  13. You can find deals on eBay. But you have to be patient. Sometimes things aren't listed great. Sometimes there are a few items, and picture #1 is for a lesser cost item, and some people don't look past photo #1. Sometimes it is an as is, untested item. Many times I have done this and the item(s) are fine. $600 is high (IMNSHO) for a XEGS.... but I can't say I know the price of a boxed unused XEGS. If you're looking for deals, just need to keep looking, be patient, and don't be impulsive.
  14. Are the back issues (physical) available anywhere ? If not, are pdfs available ?
  15. Years ago I was very sick and thought I was having a heart attack. Turns out that fear gave me a panic attack. I had problems with fear and panic for months afterward. I had been given an anti-anxiety, but I had to stop taking that, as it f'd with my head something fierce (very scary random thoughts I won't go into). I stopped taking the meds and dealt with it as best I could. Eventually it did get better and I haven't had a panic attack in years. Hang in there, panic attacks suck. At least it sounds like the meds don't hijack your mind like the ones I tried did.
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