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  1. Are the back issues (physical) available anywhere ? If not, are pdfs available ?
  2. Years ago I was very sick and thought I was having a heart attack. Turns out that fear gave me a panic attack. I had problems with fear and panic for months afterward. I had been given an anti-anxiety, but I had to stop taking that, as it f'd with my head something fierce (very scary random thoughts I won't go into). I stopped taking the meds and dealt with it as best I could. Eventually it did get better and I haven't had a panic attack in years. Hang in there, panic attacks suck. At least it sounds like the meds don't hijack your mind like the ones I tried did.
  3. awesome that someone who wants it was able to save it from potentially being scrapped at a point. I'd have probably grabbed it if you were closer.... though I'm not sure I should adopt too many more CRTs 🙂
  4. Also.... make sure your power supply is not the dreaded 'ingot'. Search for ingot power supply in the forums and you should find posts about it. If you have a multimeter check your power supply voltage. It should 5.0-5.2V ideally. While that won't stop the SIO from working, if the PIA has popped, you'll want to make sure it is not from a bad power supply sending too much voltage into the XL.... or you'll start blowing Sally, Antic, GTIA, Pokey, ram, etc.
  5. Could be the 6520 PIA chip. The SIO command line is driven by the 6520 PIA. Are the chips in your 800XL socketed ? Do you have another you can borrow the PIA from for testing ?
  6. cool. Another way to fix the 600XL is to us an SRAM module (Lotharek sells these). They allow you to do away with multiple components on the Atari mainboard... including the delay line.
  7. You'll have to navigate around, but pictures of box art and diskettes can be found on http://www.a8preservation.com
  8. eBay alchemy.... turning poop into gold 🙂
  9. There are multiple multi-cart solutions. I believe that some allow you to use the joystick for selection vs the keyboard. Atari computers have varying keyboards of different quality, feel, and durability. So, the ability to use any PS2 keyboard with an available adapter on the XEGS is cool. You can do the same on some(?) of the computers, but you have to open up the Atari to add in that ability. Just some more info you may not have been aware of (the keyboard adapter was previously mentioned)
  10. investing on speculation in any market will have winners and losers. When the speculator isn't getting their return, eventually they decide it isn't worth it, and dump the stuff to get out of that investment area.... if enough of these happen, the whole market comes crashing down as all the speculators get scared and start dumping before the prices crash. Can't say how big it could crash, or when it could, but sooner or later, there likely won't be as many people interested in this old stuff at some point in time.... thats when the supply/demand curves change. Baseball cards have had boom and bust cycle(s), etc... I haven't seen this happen in the old computer arena yet.... not sure it has happened to any great degree in console stuff either.... but that doesn't mean it can't happen 🙂 This stuff is a hobby for me. I enjoy the projects, fixing some things.... I need to get better at selling though..... as I've accumulated way too much computer stuff over the years 🙂
  11. I always laugh when you watch an item, it ends, it gets released, it ends, that might happen 1-2 more times, then it gets relisted for a higher price.... WTF.... if it didn't sell at X, it isn't going to sell at (1+something)*X ! Maybe eBay needs a feature than when an item doesn't sell it is automatically relisted at 10% more 🙂
  12. it has the weak sector.... it could employ a timing protection as well. Beyond the weak sector, I don't recall there being anything else from back in the day when I backed it up using Archiver and an alnico magnet 🙂
  13. It should just be a press fit. Though since it plugs into multiple sockets and looks like it is using square pins, it likely is a tight fit to begin with.... add time to the equation, and it will likely take a bit of effort. Try to reach under the board so any force you use is located close the where the sockets plug in and doesn't flex the PCB much.
  14. Long overdue response to @Nezgar... Superbunny uses a weak sector? .... there is a sector that reads back differently each time it is read. I actually duplicated the disk with an 810 Archiver years ago.... I would set the index hole on the target diskette, write the track with the random sector, then I believe I had a piece of paper where I made multiple lines based on a division of 360 degrees by the sector count with extra lines in between. I would then run a small alnico magnet from the desk center to the outside along one of those lines. I'd then read the track back in Archiver until I found the right sector and didn't damage the header/etc. I then duplicated the remainder of the disk. It worked great ! So, I'm unsure why @MrMartian's ROM on Indus GT doesn't load this game.... I don't know if would break the loading of all games with weak sectors, or if it is something to Superbunny (maybe the MrMartian firmware returns a different status back ? and the Superbunny protection checks that in addition to the random data ?)
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