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  1. Not a bad idea at all. Hysterical, actually. LOL Maybe make it possible to shoot yourself with the drug, causing the screen to flash various colors and screw up the controllers for a brief moment.
  2. Thanks for the help. Sega Master Systems are pretty rare where I live, nevermind the accessories. I'll print this stuff and give it to my bro to figure out. If a Genesis controller doesn't work, I'll try an NES controller. I've got plenty of those in storage.
  3. Just an idea if anyone would like to execute it. Name of Hack: H.E.R.O.I.N.E. Original: H.E.R.O. Modifications: Change the H.E.R.O. character to be a female-type character. Change level colors to neon colors (in order: Magenta, Bright Orange, Neon Blue, Bright Cyan.) Change levels and make them much more difficult. Add scorpions from Pitfall as an additional monster. Storyline: The ex-wife of Roderick Hero becomes jealous of his accomplishments. She argues that the pompous baffoon is merely rescuing minors in the more simple mindshafts in attempt to draw popularity among the people. Yet, there are still more minors that await their impending doom on Mount Leone. In attempt to one-up on her ex, she steals R. Hero's equipment and splunks down the more dangerous mindshafts, in attempt prove that she is better than her ex in all aspects. Anyone wanna attempt a hack?
  4. While as Genesis controllers are compatable with most 2600 games, if you try to play a 7800 game, it will freeze, as if it were stuck in reset mode. I would like to modify one of my Genesis controllers to be compatable with 7800 games. I assume that it would mean removing and/or switching a few wires around. My bro is an expert at fixing and modifying stuff, but he would need a schematic to do it. Is there a link buried in these archives that leads to a schematic for a modified Genesis controller, or does somebody already know how, and would like to share some info? Anything would be appreciated, because I feel the 7800 controllers are a bit too awkward and tend to break easily if overused.
  5. Only one comes to mind for me: Crystal Castles. I miss the arcade version, and the 2600 version does it no justice!
  6. Thanks again for the organization. Makes it easier for late-comers like me to access them easier.
  7. Looks like I wasn't so late after all. Thanks for organizing the subjects and making them easier to access.
  8. Hi everyone. Looks like I'm extremely late on reading these guidelines to programming. LOL! I've taken a couple years of C++ in high school, and refreshed on it in College before grad. Is that gonna help me any with Atari 2600 programming or with anything related to 6502? I've always wanted to create simple video games, even tried to hack a couple but failed miserably. But I don't have the patience to create a highly sophistacated game. That's why I think the Atari 2600 is the best way to go. Glad to be here, and hopefully, I can learn from the stuff that's posted here and see if it will help me on my way to a working game.
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