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  1. I have tried the game out Ed and beat it a few times already. I must say it is very impressive how you and your dev team have designed this game. I never had an actual Atari 2600 or other Atari consoles before, though I do have a Atari Flashback with 20 built in games. Unfortinatly it cannot play real cartriage games like the rest of the Atari Flashbacks. I need to save up money to get a Atari 2600 if I want to buy this game, but once I do this will be the first homebrew game I'll get. I want to buy a real copy because you deserve the support and my money. Good job Ed and to the rest of you dev team for an outstanding game.
  2. Okay. Thank you for clearing this up for me and for future players. I am looking foward to playing this.
  3. Okay. Thank you for clearing this up. I am looking forward to playing this game.
  4. Hi Ed. I heard of Halo 2600 and want to try this game out. Are you okay with anyone downloading the ROM from here for this game? I know emulation has been questioned whether or not it is legal, especialy when it comes to illegal roms of games distributed by illegal torrent sites that we don't legally own a copy of. I don't want to get into any legal trouble for illegally downloading the ROM if you are not okay with it.
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