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  1. I have a Rpi2 I'm using as an emulation console. I use Lakka for the OS instead of running RetroPie through Raspbian. I found it much easier to configure than RetroPie. At the moment I have it running emulators for the 2600, 7800, LYNX, Genesis, NES, SNES, GB/C, GBA, Virtual Boy, Vectrex, PC Engine, PS1, and PSP. All of which run at full speed or close enough to not bother me.
  2. If you have an old PC laying around and would be interested in a dedicated Emulation Station with a fantastic GUI and incredible compatibility, I would recommend Lakka: http://www.lakka.tv/ It comes with emulator cores pre-installed, All you have to do is give it BIOSes and ROMs. I've got it running on a Raspberry Pi 2 and am very very happy with it. Also, It grabs wired 360 controllers and PS3 controllers right "out of the box", no configuration necessary.
  3. I would recommend getting a Raspberry Pi 2 and installing Lakka on it. I've got it running Vectrex, 2600, 7800, Lynx, PC-Engine, GB/C, GBA, NES, SNES, Genesis/32X, PS1, and PSP. All of them are very playable! The N64 Emulator doesn't play games very well on the Rpi2; it's very laggy. But for less than $50, the Rpi2 is well worth it!
  4. noone sent me any offers.. i would have mucn rather sold it to someone here..
  5. Welp, I've listed my phoenix. #2 of 30. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 300837488365
  6. listed on ebay with pics. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 300837488365
  7. I accidentally posted this in auctions central earlier.. Oh well. Like the title says.. Ive got phoenix number 2, one of the early textured ones. I'm hoping to get at least $400 for it, but I'm willing to negotiate. Send me a pm with an offer and we can work something out!
  8. I have a FDS hooked up to a generation NEX right now. it seems to work flawlessly, I've played many a game of SMB2J on it (although if you can, I would recommend finding one of the famicom-colored japanese yobos to try it on, just for novelties sake!)
  9. If you're not opposed to it, I would strongly recommend buying Datel's Max Media Launcher and a Supercard SD. All together, It's about 80 bucks shipped. But it's well worth it for a DS Flash Cart/Development Kit!
  10. I've got an EZFA 128Mb, and that's plenty of room for quite a few nes roms, gb roms, and sms/gg roms. Only a couple small gba games though. VERY easy to use, great compatibility. I've also got an Ecube 1Gb cart, which can hold quite a few gba roms, but it's quite tricky to connect it to your computer, doesn't work well with emulators, and has no official support anymore. Oh yeah, it can't play DS roms. I also bought a Supercard SD for my NDS. It runs most NDS games no problem, although it's gba compatibility is spotty, i've found most of the games it won't play aren't ones I'd want to anyways. The gba has almost more garbage media than the 2600 does. Emulators work great, and it even has pocketnes, drsms, and I think goomba already installed into the firmware of the cart. Just drag and drop roms into the SD card, pop it in and play. SD cards are relatively cheap right now, as well as a supercard sd, in the right places. Out of all of them, a supercardSD/128MB SD card combo would probably be the cheapest route, and the easiest to use.
  11. Just sent my payment in as well!
  12. I have a four switch that had a cracked power jack. It still worked, but the spring had popped out. It's very simple to put that spring back in and glue the cracked bit back together as long as all the pieces are still there. Just hold it in place until the glue dries completely. I used super glue and some tweezers. Good as new.
  13. I play mostly on my Big Sexy, but I'll pull out my Phoenix (#2 textured) whenever my woman is using the television. (My Phoenix is still patiently awaiting a Kroko Kart!)
  14. I'm going to have to go with the DS as well. The PSP has nothing on it except a slightly prettier screen. With the purchase of a Play-Yan or GB movie player (or even some third-party adapter like the Supercard) you can play movies, mp3s and emulated games on your DS. (Not to mention the plus side of being able to play commercial roms off of the third-party adapters that in of itself could make the price of such an adapter pay for itself very quickly.)
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