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  1. I'm trying to make it so then when I shoot the enemy object, it respawns at a random part of the map in a different color. I got the color thing set, but I have one problem: Due to the way the playfield is set up, I can only have the player come out from four specified areas of the map. I have worked out some code using "rand", but it doesn't seem to be working. d = 0 [...] if collision(player0,missile1) then d = rand if rand < 4 then d = 4 if d = 1 then player0x = 80 : player0y = 10 if d = 2 then player0x = 140 : player0y = 50 if d = 3 then player0x = 85 : player0y = 90 if d = 4 then player0x = 10 : player0y = 50 The missile doesn't seem to even affect the enemy, it just goes right through it. Any idea on what I can do?
  2. I think in general we need a better tutorial series for the program. Even for it's time, it didn't show very much besides a basic shoot-the-enemy game.
  3. I just checked and it seems I'm using version 1.0 of BB from 2010. I was unaware there was a new version; that should probably be stickied or provided in your website. Just for clarification I did not use the Tinkernut installer. I can't remember where exactly I got it, but I think I got it from your website. The updated version you provided seems to work. Thanks!
  4. This error appears when I try to open the music/sound editor. I found this post from a few years ago mentioning the error, so I'm assuming it's a common error that isn't related to my code. That being said, none of the solutions I've found seem to work. Can anybody help?
  5. Say I wanted to make something like this: (This is just an example, I'd probably do much more then just this. How would I go about cloning an object and/or changing it's sprite before being cloned? I know this is possible through NUSIZ0 registers, but you don't have much control over where it's cloned, how big the gap is, or etc. How would one clone the sprites and control where it goes? I'm hoping to accomplish this through BASIC and not have to write Assembly code.
  6. Thanks, that seems to work! Would you mind telling me specifically what you changed, though? I see some differences in the last part but that doesn't seem to be exactly what's changed here.
  7. First off, I'm aware that I should be posting here less and figuring things out on my own. That being I've been racking my head trying to find out what I'm doing wrong here. I'm using the example from the stickied post to stop my character from moving through the playfield; this one, specifically. I'm using it how it was provided, only changing "player0" and "p_0" to "player1" and "p_1" respectively (the main character is player1). What's strange here is that it works in the program provided. But when I transfer it over to my own, it doesn't seem to work. I have no idea why. I've tried disabling the animation, removing some of the kernal options, resetting the playfield heights...but nothing seems to work here. The only thing that I haven't taken from the example are the player colors, since I have my own placed. I'm aware that my code is very messy. I'll probably comment it later, but for now I'm just setting up a basic prototype. default.bas default.bas.bin
  8. That works! Thank you. Just bookmarked, that will be very helpful in the future! Thank you!
  9. Thanks! Most of the code was created by the program itself so that's why it was so complicated. edit: "if SWCHA>0 then f=f+1" causes it to animate 24/7. I only want it to animate when it's moving.
  10. Apologies. I removed that from the code for reasons forgotten and I forgot to add it back in. Keep in mind the video was recorded with this code in. edit: I seem to be having more problems with the updated code so I know this probably isn't the code I used. Please stand by while I update it. edit 2: code updated, this time with more info
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaAhjlXgzH4 I've been getting into VirtualBB programming recently (ended up using the official docs as a guide) and I seem to have run into a problem. Whenever I move diagonally, or press two joystick buttons at once, there's a chance that the moving animation just freezes for a couple of seconds. I'm not sure what causes this problem. Can somebody help? a Here's the code. If this can be simplified I'd greatly appreciate it. rem Generated 4/12/2018 5:43:58 PM by Visual bB Version rem ********************************** rem *<filename> * rem *<description> * rem *<author> * rem *<contact info> * rem *<license> * rem ********************************** playfield: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX end f=0 set tv x=75 : y =75 main COLUP0 = $00 COLUP1 = $00 COLUBK = $0E player1x=x player1y=y if f=10 then player1: %00000000 %00011000 %00011000 %01111110 %01111110 %00011000 %00011000 %00000000 end if f=20 then player1: %00000000 %00110000 %00110110 %00011110 %01111000 %01101100 %00001100 %00000000 end if f=30 then player1: %00000000 %01100110 %01100110 %00011000 %00011000 %01100110 %01100110 %00000000 end if f=40 then player1: %00000000 %00001100 %01101100 %01111000 %00011110 %00110110 %00110000 %00000000 end if f=40 then f=0 drawscreen player1x=x : player1y=y if joy0right then x=x+1 if joy0right then f=f+1 if joy0left then x=x-1 if joy0left then f=f+1 if joy0up then y=y-1 if joy0up then f=f+1 if joy0down then y=y+1 if joy0down then f=f+1 goto main
  12. I've recently decided to make a joke Atari game in my free time. Problem is, I don't want to spend weeks or even months learning Assembly when chances are either A. I'm not going to finish the game B. It's going to be some joke game that lasts about 30 minutes. This is the most likely outcome as the working title for the game is "Epic Funny Meme Game". If that doesn't give you a clue as to how unfunny it's going to be I don't know what will. So I've done some digging and found "VirtualBB", a software that allows you to program Atari games through BASIC. So far I've found a few tutorials for it, and I can confirm that the software does indeed work. However, I can't find any complete tutorials for it, and from what I've heard the programming for Atari is much deeper then just displaying images and spawning missiles. Is there any tutorials that are actually complete that I can use? BASIC tutorials work fine but I'd prefer would that's specifically for the programming so I can follow along with it (I'm more of a visual learner.)
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